Matier & Ross unveil Oakland sites

We’ve been told Oakland’s going to release some information this week in conjunction with a renewed show of support from the City of Oakland, business leaders, and fans. Matier & Ross have the sites, two of which are completely new.

  • The current Oakland Coliseum site.
  • Oak and Third streets, just south of Jack London Square. [OFD Training]
  • The old Howard Street terminal on the waterfront, a bit north of the Coliseum and on the other side of the Nimitz Freeway.
  • Howard Street on the northeast side of the Embarcadero.

The fascinating thing is that while many – including myself – thought Howard Terminal would be one of the sites, the group is focusing instead on two sites along Howard Street, near High Street and 880. The area is in the vicinity of the site pitched by Chris Kidd, called Jingletown.

The ballpark in the picture would be shifted towards the upper left corner, on the other side of Home Depot.

I’m looking forward to the official unveiling. Chris Kidd, you may claim your prize at the concierge.

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  1. thisplanetsux says:

    Looks like the ‘reply’ link is a little wonky. Well, let’s play whack-a-mole with these numbers then. This dense population at the heart is itself the primary weighting factor. For instance, if you hypothesize the population centerline of latitude to an actual spot, further south than, oh, JLS, to let’s say, Oakland International Airport, you’ll see that due west you’re staring at the northern tip of San Mateo County. The entire city of San Francisco IS north of this spot. And every soul in Contra Costa County is north of this spot. As are all of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, etc. So, in addition to the 3+ million I noted before, let’s add the roughly 600,000 from Alameda County that are clearly north of here, and estimate the “North of OAK” figure to roughly 3.6 million and the South of OAK figure to roughly 3.4 million. I think we can safefy say there very definitely are more people north of Oakland International than south of it, and a move from anywhere in Oakland to anywhere in San Jose is a huge departure from the “Bay Area’s center of population” as I said.

  2. MaineA'sguy says:

    Where are the A’s going to go, if not somewhere in the Bay Area? MLB has tapped out
    all the reasonable markets, and then some. Portland, San Antonio, Sacramento? Too
    small. Las Vegas? Gambling and a huge real estate bust right now. Northern NJ?
    The Yankees wouldn’t have it, and besides, what owner wants to go up against the Yanks in their own market? What’s sad is that the A’s play in the 5th largest market in the country, but
    they are forced to act like a small market team because of their stadium. Look accross
    the Bay- the Giants suck because they spend their money unwisely, but they HAVE
    money to spend, and they play in the same market as the A’s. The difference?
    The ballpark. Imagine Billy Bean with the Gaints payroll! Realistically, the A’s aren’t
    leaving the Bay Area any time soon- the choice is between building a new stadium
    in Oakland/San Jose/Fremont/anywhere else in the Bay Area, or wasting away at the
    Coliseum for ever and ever until we eventually become the Kansas City A’s redux.

  3. plrraz says:

    Read a bit more closely; I am talking about a move by the Raiders (and Niners) a bit further south than San Jose; Southern California – City Of Industry.

  4. Nam Turk says:

    The inner ring of the bay, south of Oakland, would be about 3.1 million people. That’s Daly City, San Leandro and south. The point is not that Oakland/San Francisco is not a dense core in itself, but that there are many more people currently going to the Coliseum from the south than the north. The pull is greater, thus shifting the weighted population center to probably somewhere around Hayward or Union City. Think of it as an ellipse, not a circle.

  5. hamachi says:

    hahaha! best response ever.

  6. thisplanetsux says:

    “there are many more people currently going to the Coliseum from the south than the north.”

    Again, incorrect. According to the A’s own ticket sales data (economic report for the Fremont plan), the counties entirely north of OAK accounted for 40.3% of all A’s ticket sales in 2005. San Mateo and Santa Clara County accounted for 13.8%. Alameda County is of course split north and south, but the A’s provided sample by-city numbers for the county that show Oakland, Berkely, Albany, and Alameda, to the north of OAK, accounted for 14.1%, leaving 13.2% from the rest of Alameda County. That comes to 54.4% north of OAK vs. 27.0% south of OAK (with 18.6% listed as outside the Bay Area, presumably a blend of Sacto, Santa Cruz, San Joaquin, as well as visiting teams travelling fans).

    Considering the population distribution, the biggest problem for the A’s attendance is the complete lack of per-capita or commensurate support from the south. From Daly City and San Leandro southward, as you put it. One obvious reason for this is the significantly higher fan support for the Giants in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. It’s just not clear to me how attempting to wrest _that_ support from the Giants by distancing themselves from their stronger central and northern fanbase will be the overwhelming cure all for their attendance problems that San Jose supporters assume.

  7. navigator says:

    Marine Layer, I’ve communicated my feelings to the Warriors many times about that silly “Golden State” moniker. It’s wrong, they play in Oakland and therefore should be called the Oakland Warriors. What would be even worse is if they played in Oakland and were called the “San Francisco Warriors.” At least Oakland held out for a little self-respect. That’s basically what will happen to San Jose with the San Francisco Forty Niners playing just across the border in Santa Clara. I’m just pointing out a fact which I’m sure bothers many civic minded people in San Jose. I know that it would bother me. Do you think that maybe San Jose would allow the A’s to also keep their Oakland moniker? I think that’s part of the reason you see such an uproar from Oakland A’s fans and very little opposition from San Francisco Forty Niner fans. Well, that’s not going to happen because the Oakland A’s are going to stay in Oakland where their fans want them to remain.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If the A’s relocated to San Jose for the financial benefit of the team and kept the name the “Oakland A’s” just like the 9ers would do, I guess I would have no problem with that…but we all know that San Jose residents would not be trying to hear that…or would they??
    And yes…I am an Oakland native for life and would want nothing more than for them to stay at home.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Being an Oakland resident, I think a compromise to call the Warriors the “Bay Area Warriors” would be OK with practically everyone!

  10. GoA's says:

    Nav- the ’9ers are proposing to move to Santa Clara–city of about 100,000 people–SJ is providing nothing to this effort—but recognizes the benefits regardless of the team name–if it was to be located in SJ the name would be an issue. I don’t understand why this would bother anyway in SJ to have the SF 49′ers 40 miles closer to the SJ border and located in the city of SC rather than south SF–people I interact with are excited about the proposal–

    If the A’s move to SJ you are moving from a city of 400,000 people to the 10th largest city in the US–population of more than 1M–so why would you keep the Oakland city name?

  11. navigator says:

    Having the Forty Niners playing next to San Jose and still taking the moniker “San Francisco” will only reinforce San Jose’s inferiority complex. Isn’t San Jose always fighting to get away from San Francisco’s shadow? Now we’ll have shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline while the San Francisco team is a stones throw away from a city of one million people. A city which is actually bigger than San Francisco. Now I get it. This is the part where Oakland is suppose to lose its team and have it called the San Jose A’s. It’s not going to happen. The fans are speaking loud and clear with nearly 22,000 fans supporting keeping the team in Oakland. If the pro San Jose site had 22,000 supporters many of you would be ecstatic and would be trumpeting this as proof that the A’s belong in San Jose. This would be sent to MLB to verify the incredible interest in the A’s in San Jose. The fact of the matter is that the passion and interest for this team is for them to remain the Oakland A’s and to remain in Oakland.

  12. GoA's says:

    Nav–your definitely a piece of work–BRC is so impressed with the face book deal that they have made a few visits to SJ–remember—SJ wasn’t in their original scope!!! Keep on riding the facebook joke—that has been the problem with Oakland all along–no actions–just alot of meaningless BS–

    now what would be meaningful to the BRC would be a deposit of $1000/season tix for each of these folks showing their commitment to a new ballpark in Oakland–but no—we have a meaningless face book total that may mean something to you…but it doesn’t mean jack to MLB, the BRC or LW–

    When the deal is done in SJ and the ballpark is open you can come down and I will take you to a game–which I am sure will be sold out—

  13. Dan says:

    How so? The Niners won’t be playing in San Jose. They’ll be playing in Santa Clara a stones throw from Sunnyvale. Not in San Jose.

  14. navigator says:

    Go A’s,

    I’ll take you to the new ballpark near Jack London Square. BTW, I like the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Earthquakes. San Jose is lucky to have two of the most exciting sports in the World. It would be nice if we would just respect each other’s towns and be happy with what we each have. Don’t you think?

  15. GoA's says:

    Nav–you know its useless to play this victim card as both the A;s and Warriors and more recently Raiders came from other cities/states—I have nothing against Oakland,,,I wish that they had done the deal…lord knows they had the time and the team but couldn’t deliever…but I am done with the lack of movement on a new ballpark and in all honesty–frustrated by the “territorial” attitude such as yours. I firmly believe that if it doesn’t happen in SJ than the A’s wont be in the Bay Area for much longer–which would be a crime for those of us that are A’s fans regardless of where they are in the Bay Area

  16. Anonymous says:

    Because like many people state, they’re not moving far away, just “down the block.” Well if that’s the case then they should remain the Oakland A’s and keep the name they’ve had for 40 years since they would still remain in the Bay Area. But obviously San Jose residents would have a problem with the Oakland moniker. It appears that it is in fact all in the name after all.

  17. GoA's says:

    Sorry Anon–your logic doesn;t work for me—I want a new ballpark so that we can compete on and off the field–the fact that they stay in the bay area and become the San Jose A’s is just fine by me—they are still the A’s and they are still in the Bay Area!!

  18. Nam Turk says:

    You keep making this assumption that San Jose is gunning for other people’s teams, like a bully on the playground. It is the obligation of SJ pols to look out for the best interests of their city. If a downtown baseball stadium can become reality without public funds for construction and still aid local business in the neighborhood, you better believe they’re going to be open to such an opportunity.

    Chuck Reed, as a person, has remained relatively mum on the matter. He is doing his job as mayor to play the game and see how things work out. There is no coveting or bitterness involved in this. Conversely, Jerry Brown did his duty as mayor to opt for housing in uptown Oakland over a potential stadium. That doesn’t mean he wants the A’s to leave Oakland anymore than Reed does. It’s just the business side of things.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @GoA’s, I hope you know the Raiders Organization history. They started in Oakland in 1960. They DID NOT come from another city/state.

    San Jose is a nice place don’t get me wrong, but a population of 1 million or more does not guarantee a sold out stadium for Cisco Fields. You have no idea how bad it feels for a team to leave it’s city, especially when your a resident of that city. For the Warriors, they may have not chosen Oakland as their moniker, but they at the very least have shown some respect for Oakland. If you watch the Warriors, and follow their recent activities. Than you can agree with me on that. Oakland has been improving a lot, and keeping their current professional sports team with new stadiums would be a catalyst for Oakland in finally changing it’s image around for the better. Just because Oakland hasn’t shown much evidence of interest towards keeping the A’s in Oakland, doesn’t mean nothing is happening. You will just have to wait and see when the BRC will release it’s studies.

  20. Nam Turk says:

    - Even if the stadium is voted into reality, said venue will not be in San Jose. Teams actually in San Jose will still carry the appropriate moniker. Boundaries are still pretty clear.

    - The stadium vote likely won’t pass. Just my opinion, but I notice that I’m not alone.

    - The San Francisco 49ers are a noted brand. The letters S and F are tied to the identity via the logo on the helmets. That’s a lot more to ditch than the wordmark on an away jersey for the A’s. If there were an expansion team proposed to take root in Santa Clara, I doubt they’d be called “San Francisco.”

    - This is all talk before the matter. I don’t think they’d suggest both a move and a name-change at once. There have been enough tears shed as is.

  21. Vincent says:

    Ok This is my first comment. I’ve been reading this Blog for about four years and always enjoyed it and never really had the urge of leaving a post but after over 100 comments saying the same old shit over and over and over and over again I thought well hey if you guys can beat to death the same old ramblings about how the A’s are selling out “Oakland” Then I guess I can leave a reply Myself.

    Nav, & OAKLAND. is it really just love of the name before the game? You care more about the name of OAKLAND then the A’s themselves. I mean why would you CAP Oakland and not the Athletics shouldn’t be the other way around?
    I grew up in San Jose all my life but guess what I still loved the A’s and always will! what ever name is on the front San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Whatever because when you really think about what are we watching when we watch Baseball? We are watching a Baseball game we’re not watching people form San Jose VS Oakland to see who’s shit smells better, You realizes that don’t you?
    (Well Probably not but lets pretend that you do High Five!)
    To me honestly I would love the A’s to come to San Jose,
    1: Better Stadium
    2: Better Free Agents,
    ( And please don’t tell me that Type A free agents do want to come to Oakland, I know it is sad very sad but it is true. Look at the Warriors the best five players of the last 20 years all either came from trades or the draft and guess what they all left as soon as it was possible. No one but no one thinks it a dream come true to play in Oak-Town I am sorry once again but it is true I mean I wish they did I am tired of losing lol But it doesn’t help when the Oakland Riots happened BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL I can see if it was after when the Raiders tanked but before the game is pretty ruff do you see my point? No Type A free agents wants to bring there families to a home game, And when you’re a pro ball player seeing them at the game is about all the time when you do get to see them when you’re playing 162 games a year)
    3: I am a homer and would love to see them with SAN JOSE on the front of there Jerseys but my gosh even I know if they had to be called the San Francisco A’s to be a better team have better attendance a more marketable team I would have to say ok.

    It is sad that you don’t care about the team and it will be a shame to lose you
    but what you do not realizes is if they don’t go to San Jose they will be out of the whole Bay Area. I don’t think Bart go’s to Sacramento or Portland or anywhere else our of the Bay Area.

    But you know what bothers me the most is that you blame the low attendance because they might move away well that is just a Bandwagon Bitch you leave your team because they “might” move?
    Before the Year started we had a pretty good team on paper but was the fans there? No they wasn’t. You put all your blame on Wolf, Bean, and even Holliday ( I wonder if he would have been a little more enthusiastic playing here if there was more then 10 people in the stands well it seems like it when he went to the Cardinals) you would have had a better chance of keeping them if you actually showed the MLB that you gave a shit . I wonder if the 49ers fans said they will stop going to games now and never go to another game because they might go to Santa Clara I wonder?

    That’s all I have to say Fans of the “OAKLAND A’s” where was you?

  22. GoA's says:

    Anon–you don’t need to give me a freaking Raiders lesson–I grew up in the Bay Area–the fact is they move to LA and were lured back to Oakland with a revamp of the Colisieum that ultimately doomed the A;s–you and the other posters here that are hung up on names in the Bay Area are a joke–of course the Warriors should be Oakland–and of course the A’s should be SJ if they move there—who gives a flying f___I don’t use the name Oakland or Golden State when I refer to either–I talk about the A’s and the Warriors–they are Bay Area teams–

  23. Vincent says:

    And please dont say well who knows if people will go to a game in San Jose or be guarantee a sold out stadium (Because Besides from the Yanks The Red Soxs and the Cubs no one is guaranteed)
    San Jose has one of the best attendance records in the NHL so please stop wasting your time.
    San Jose will have even more of the casual fan then San Fran( Of course they will all be wearing khakis and botton down shirts from the GAP but thats just San Jose

  24. Anonymous says:

    GoA’s – I wouldn’t had to give you that fact if you hadn’t listed the Raiders amongst other teams that came from another city. We’re up in arms with this relocating thing, because the A’s have history with Oakland. You strongly support the team as a Bay Area team, but you seem to only support San Jose in their endeavor to get the A’s which makes Oakland the city that can’t keep the team in the Bay Area? Oakland has the same chances of keeping the team in Oakland, not just San Jose. So don’t leave Oakland out of the picture.

  25. Nam Turk says:

    How much respect is being shown to Oakland with these “The City” jerseys tonight?

  26. Nam Turk says:

    Yikes, nevermind. Their jerseys explicitly read “San Francisco!” Yeah, that’s some respect….

  27. OAKLANDathletics says:

    Vincent, you seem a little pissed off by trying to call me out cuz of my frickin’ name??? Yes I capped OAKLAND because I was born and raised here and have lived here my entire life and absolutely love it. Don’t get me wrong, but I also love the Athletics too…more so than any other franchise in the Bay Area by far, but I will always love the city I am from more so than any baseball, football or basketball team. Understand???
    And secondly, are you seriously trying to compare the Warriors to the A’s when it comes to where they want to play?? They (Warriors) didn’t leave because they hated the city or the fans. They left due to shitty ownership. Do you even watch basketball or even follow the Warriors?? They left because of Cohan and company basically dismantled such a great team we had in almost a year. We had probably the best attendance in the league when we had Baron, Jax, J Rich, and so on and so on. The Oracle Arena was rockin’ every single night! Baron didn’t leave cuz he didn’t like the city you fool….he left because are stupid basketball owners strategically had Mullin fired and didn’t want to give baron the extension he was looking for which then caused a chain reaction of having our star players sign with other teams such as the Clippers. If you knew anything, everyone wanted to play for the Warriors when we were putting together a good team on the floor and were in playoff contention. Athletes want to play for a team that can compete and has good ownership….and yes also great fan support. The Warriors had all that until Cohan ruined the party. With the A’s it goes the same frickin’ way. We only don’t have the fan support because everyone knows that Lew Wolff is a carpetbagger who cares only about money and nothing else.
    Look at the Raiders right now. Fans are starting to boycott and attendance is starting to hit all time lows because of Al Davis and the on-field performance. The same exact thing can be said about the A’s and the Warriors. Yes I understand the A’s attendance sucks, but can you blame them with the owner who wants nothing to do with Oakland and wants to move out of the city? You kept your mouth shut for 4 years, maybe it’s time you continue to do so until you learn some facts about where player would like to play and why. If you think it’s because the city, then you are seriously trippin’. It might be Oakland, but it’s still part of the Bay Area which most people around the entire country would love to live in and be a part of.

  28. Vincent says:

    Oak Thxs buddy for making my point for me! You said- but I also love the Athletics too…- Well high five lil buddy! You love the A’s too! but just as long as they stay in Oakland? What would happen if lets say they went to Concord? or Pleasanton/Dublin? or Walnut Creek? I guess you would stop loving the A’s then right? So you love them too but just as long as they stay where they are at you love them too. Wow you don’t even know what love is my friend.

    And as for the Warriors I am not trying to make this a pissing contest but listen to me I love the Warriors more then…. Anyteam now that I think about it and guess what you can’t blame everything on ownership and coaching ( I know that have a lot of blame but its more 50-50) for not landing a big free agent in the last 20 via signing him no trades. Think about that there has been a lot of players in that time that has made a lot of bad decisions about joining teams why wasnt we that bad decision

    We have the best fans in the league.
    but why don’t free agents come?
    todays day and age everything is about endorsements above winning why do you think no one joined the party in the 2007/2008 year after we knocked out Dallas when we was one of the hottest teams and won 48 games because when Baron was hitting game winning 3′s what time do think we would show up on ESPNs Sportscenter about mid way thru the show and 2nd or last of the days NBA highlights.(And don’t give me that (PST) BS because The Suns The Lakers and Spurs The Nuggets The Mavricks and even the Clippers would show up first and we would have better highlights. Thats why Baron left if he really wanted to stay he would have he just thought that was as far he could go as being a public figure if he stayed with us. That why Elton didnt come either but that kind if worked out for us( No not really Fucking Corey Maggette )

    PS the clippers have worst Ownership amd management

  29. GoA's says:

    Anon—not going to go around in circles with you–this is not an open ended relationship with Oakland–Raiders returned in 1995–15 years in a non-baseball stadium with no viable plan in place–and by viable I mean land acquired, EIR complete, on and on and on—I was all for Oakland building a new ballpark…when it was obvious that they couldn’t do it I was all for Fremont…with this falling apart–all for San Jose now—because it will keep the A’s in the Bay Area-

    Lets be honest here–the city of Oakland…with all of its problems—is going to build a new stadium for the Raiders ($1B) and at minimum acquire the land and pay for infrastructure improvements for the A’s (minimum of $100M) while still paying $20M a year for the horrible remodel on the Coli?

    A logical individual would agree that both can’t happen….and in fact…just doing the $100M investment to keep the A’s is going to be a challenge—-I prefer to look at facts rather than emotion—-because that’s what is going to get a ballpark built to keep the A’s in the Bay Area

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