Diridon Walking Tour

Here in front of Diridon Station. Jeffrey, fc and Sam are on hand, along with Dennis Korabiak and Kip Harkness from City. Michael Mulcahy as well. 40-50 in total.

Someone just asked when the ballpark would open. Korabiak replied, “2015.” More on that as it comes.

Korabiak just said that the renderings will be officially released by City tomorrow.

Harkness mentioned that the water table is 14 feet below the street.

Mulcahy finished off the tour with a brief speech about supporting the plan.

At least two people asked about what happens if baseball doesn’t come. It’s way off in the distance, say Harkness and Korabiak. Developers won’t make a move until they know baseball and BART are coming.

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  1. Marine Layer says:

    @jk-usa – Yeah, I wrote about that last week. That’s beside the point. The fact is Reggie was perfectly willing to broadcast his Vegas intentions back then. He was ready to have Oscar Goodman crown him. As great as he was, his greatest loyalty was to himself. Not Oakland. To think otherwise would be foolish.

    It’s also interesting that the Piccinini bid was rejected shortly after Reggie was a brought on board.

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