KTRB broadcast deal in jeopardy

Apparently, playing hardball extends to the board room when you’re the A’s. They started the offseason haggling with Hisashi Iwakuma, now they end it haggling over a radio station. BANG’s Joe Stiglich reports tonight that the A’s and Comerica Bank are still duking it out over the final price to buy KTRB. The bank, which owns the station as part of bankruptcy and receivership proceedings, may be pulling A’s broadcasts off the air as a negotiating tactic.

According to the source, the receiver is looking for a higher bid than the A’s are willing to offer, and might be threatening to pull games off the air as leverage.

But it’s also possible that one of the sides budges and a compromise is struck to continue airing games before next Friday’s opener.

I was afraid that this would hold up the sale. Lew Wolff and Ken Pries have a week to prevent this from being a disaster. Do the right thing. Git er done.

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  1. gojohn10 says:

    Please join me in supporting Children’s Hospital Oakland by attending an A’s game. I am organizing a fundraiser for the Aug 13th game vs Texas. This is Ray Fosse Bobblehead day and will likely be an important game that will propel the A’s toward the AL West Crown. Tickets are in the Plaza level and are $20 (regularly $24). $8 from every sale gets donated toward the hospital.
    If you are unable to attend the game, please consider purchasing a ticket or two anyhow, and donating them. We will be working with various departments in the hospital to identify patient families in need and we will donate as many tickets as possible so that the kids and their families can be present at the game too!
    Tickets sales have to go through us and are on sale at the hospital. Since this is inconvenient for most of you, I can purchase the tickets for you if you paypal me. For more information contact me at the email I’ve set up for the event: ballgame@mail.cho.org.

    I want to sell as many tickets as possible so I am willing to split up the seating so pro-Oaklanders and pro-SJers can enjoy the game in peace ;)


  2. LoneStranger says:

    According to Susan Slusser’s twitter account, the A’s will be on KFRC for the Bay Bridge Series.

  3. letsgoas says:

    is this a negoiating tactic by the a’s.

    well whatever happens this looks really bad to not have a concrete radio home during the week of opening day.

    really pathetic.

  4. pvb100 says:

    What a sad day. 1550 cannot be heard in the East Bay( over the hill from Oakland) or South Bay( No San Jose radio). Lew Wolff you suck as a Businessman. Congrats to the fans in Modesto they will be able to listen to the A’s.

  5. letsgoas says:

    also anybody going to the a’s tailgate before the game tomorrow?

    really? this tailgate party is replacing fanfest? how many can actually attend this thing? with it being on a tue during the afternoon, how many people will actually try to get off work and be there not to mention the a good # of kids won’t be able to go unless they can get their parents to drive them and again are people with kids gonna get off work during 2 or 3 in the afternoon to go home, pick up the kids, drive them to the coliseum and wait in line? remember when fanfest had 20k easy in attendance and now we as a’s fans get this sad sack of an event.

  6. Gojohn10 says:

    Arrgh! Wrong email address for the fundraiser. I guess you know what is on my mind. The correct email address is ballgame@mail.cho.org.

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