Now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe.

So the news today started off with this:


All of that – and Lew Wolff’s reaction to Selig’s statements – is in today’s Mark Purdy article. There’s also USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale’s reply to Mike Davie’s inquiry:

Sounds like things are moving along. As for an actual resolution? Who knows? Bud Selig’s extension was approved 29-1, the dissenting vote coming from outgoing Padres owner John Moores. Jeff Moorad’s takeover bid has not yet been approved. Why? My guess is money. Say, isn’t Bob Piccinini in that group? He should be able to pump it up lickety split.

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  1. Columbo says:

    Just having fun with you dude. Sarcasm. BTW, if this completely detracts from the issue at hand please refrain from further comments. I didn’t mean to sway the topic at hand.

  2. Columbo says:

    @ Singh – All is cool bro. No worries.

  3. Mossback says:

    The batteries in electric cars and hybrids are a major recycling problem unless the gnats can figure out a way to use the chemicals in them as PEDs.

    BTW, shouldn’t the MLB HOF have a “no convicted felons need apply” clause?

  4. A's Fan says:

    FWIW, Lithium Ion batteries are not considered hazardous waste unlike NiMH batteries. Lithium carbonate can also be recycled and reused, again unlike the chemicals found in NiMH. Most, if not all, plug-in electric vehicles are using Lithium Ion batteries while parallel hybrid cars like the Prius use NiMH.

  5. Mossback says:

    A closer look at the damage categories of the EI99 H/A
    indicates that the production of a Li-ion battery predomi-
    nantly causes damage to human health (44%) and resource
    quality (39%), whereas the quality of ecosystems is affected
    less (17%). Inorganic emissions affecting the respiratory
    system, such as PM 10 , SO 2 , NO x , etc., cause the highest impact,
    followed by the use of fossil fuels and minerals.
    The sensitivity of the LiMn 2 O 4 as an active material was
    tested (EI99 H/A) by comparing the environmental burden
    of LiMn 2 O 4 compared to the also widely used active
    material Li(Mn (1/3) Ni (1/3) Co (1/3) )O 2 and LiFeO 4 . While the
    scenario with the active material containing nickel and
    cobalt results in an increase in environmental burden of
    12.8% for the battery, LiFeO 4 as cathode material decreases
    the impact for 1.9%. The difference on the level of transport
    service is much smaller (Li(Mn (1/3) Ni (1/3) Co (1/3) )O 2 , +2.0%;
    LiFeO 4 , -0.30%).

  6. Rayburn's Son says:


    I agree with emphasis. Moreover, why do the Gnats embrace and celebrate criminals in their organization?

    Orlando Cepeda – Felonious drug dealer; Vida Blue – Felonious drug dealer; Juan Marichal – Assault & Battery; Kevin Mitchell – Felonious Assault & Battery on own dad; Barry Bonds – Felonious Obstruction of Justice; Angel Villalona – Felonious Murder; Barry Zito – Impersonating MLB pitcher.

  7. Mossback says:

    @Rayburn’s Son: That last one is by far the worst.

  8. hecanfoos says:

    @Rayburn: You forgot Bobby Bonds – drug addict/alcoholic/father of The Devil

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