The difference between 1990 and 2012

Following along with the previous post, I wanted to point out how things progressed during the Lurie-Haas era, and compare that to the Magowan/Neukom/Baer-vs.-Wolff era.


  • In anticipation of a stadium referendum in Santa Clara County, Bob Lurie asks Wally Haas Jr. for consent to claim Santa Clara County.
  • Haas approves. Santa Clara County, which had not until that point belonged to either team, becomes part of the Giants’ domain.
  • 1990 – Santa Clara County measure goes down to defeat.
  • 1992 – San Jose votes down another utility tax plan to fund its own ballpark.

At no point did the Commissioner or League Presidents have to intervene or rule on behalf of either team.


  • The Giants have SF, San Mateo, Marin, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara Counties as their defined territory. The A’s have Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
  • 2009 – After striking out in Fremont, Wolff looks to San Jose. Giants object. Commissioner Selig convenes three-man panel to study issue. A’s are not allowed to make an official stadium deal (including referendum) with San Jose until T-rights issue is resolved.
  • …wait through rest of 2009…
  • …wait through 2010…
  • …wait through 2011…
  • Giants astroturf group Stand for San Jose sues City of San Jose over preliminary land deal terms for ballpark.
  • 2012 – Commissioner Selig claims that issue is now on “front burner”.
  • …waiting…


P.S. – Tim Kawakami has called Billy Beane the designated grown-up in their chat today, while Ray Ratto’s analogy wins the day.

58 Responses to The difference between 1990 and 2012

  1. Briggs says:

    It’d be neat to see the season ticket sales between the two teams since 1990. BTW, the Coliseum’s new Season Ticket Holder Entrance is awkward. A private entrance just for season ticket holders for avoid (sigh) the lines. If you’re arriving via BART, you’re walking around the outside of the Coliseum to get there. Out of curiosity, who here is a season ticket holder? I’m not. You’d except a year-round active A’s blog of obsessive fans to have a fair share of season ticket holders.

  2. erock says:

    Jeff do u have link to B jenkins article?

  3. LoneStranger says:

    I am a season ticket holder, however, if I bring a friend with me to sit in my seats, it looks like they don’t qualify to enter in that gate because they aren’t ‘credentialed.’ My wife is due with our second baby at the beginning of May, and I know I’m going to be bringing other family members to games. So really, it doesn’t seem like this is a big deal, both with the restrictions and also the fact that lines aren’t bad anyway. Kudos for trying though.

  4. Briggs says:

    @LS. Congrats on baby #2. The availability of A’s tickets for most games has always been one of my favorite things about the Coliseum/A’s. If a group/family decided to go to a game, they could do so affordably. (inb4 someone says that’s why the A’s are poor).

  5. Boonee says:

    @ Briggs: Though I don’t post often, I read this blog quite a bit. I’m a season ticket holder and yeah, the special entrance is rather odd (though a neat gesture).

  6. LoneStranger says:

    Of course, what the rules are on paper and how the rules are enforced are not always the same. Lots of times rule-setters make them more restricted to save their butts later in case people try to take advantage of them, but in practice they will probably be more lenient.

    @Briggs: Thanks! Looking forward to bringing her to her first game. My son’s first two games were at 6 weeks old, on back-to-back days. Oakland at night, and Sacramento the next afternoon. Gonna try to get this one to the games no later than 6 weeks. :)

  7. This whole issue about the Giants so-called territorial rights is ridiculous ! As a long time resident of Santa Clara whose father owned the only newspaper in town, I can’t understand why all the local media have neglected to mention that Santa Clara residents voted to help finance the Giants ballpark with a utility tax. Santa Clara was the only Bay Area city to agree to financially support the Giants and sell them a large parcel of land at a small fraction of its value. The vote in San Jose was close but failed, nevertheless Santa Clara, a city of approximately 120,000, passed the tax measure which in time would have helped the Giants immensely. Since it’s my understanding that the A’s only gave up their rights to the South Bay on the premise that the Giants would move to Santa Clara and the Giants turned down Santa Clara’s generous offer, the so-called t-rights should be null and void . Please don’t leave important facts like this out of your media coverage. If you don’t have the answers, please do the research. Thank You!

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