Opening Day or Night?

I put out a couple of questions on Twitter, and I figured I should have the conversation here as well.


The way the schedule is currently formatted, with the season starting on Wed-Fri and ending on Wed, it’s practically impossible to schedule a Sunday opener. This format is fairly new, so if MLB were to go back to starting on Sun-Tue and ending on Sun, there might be an opportunity for a day opener. Cincinnati used to always have the first game of the season, sometimes on a Sunday, almost always a day game before everyone else as a nod to Cincy being the most senior of senior league franchises.

Lone Stranger replied to my second question, saying, “Anything earlier than 6pm or so would need to be near people who can leave work early and still see first pitch. i.e. Downtown.” Other responses to the two questions were mixed, some citing favorable weather for day games, others wanting a night game as a better chance for a sellout.

FWIW, The Giants have done day openers going back to their days at the ‘Stick.

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  1. Briggs says:

    The A’s barely sell out evening openers. You could still buy walk-up tickets last season– and that was a season full of postseason hope. A day opener could only work on a Saturday or Sunday, and maybe not even then. The A’s Sunday ALDS games didn’t even sell out.


    During the Candlestick days, the only team to have more day games were the Cubs. Then again, the Giants also had awful attendance.

  2. Briggs says:

    Though, if you ignore work/commute considerations, I’d definitely prefer a day game at the Coliseum.

  3. Tony says:

    @ML-The Giants had night openers from ’88-92. I think they did it because they were trying to promote their ppv channel”GiantsVision”. I went to a few of those night openers at the ‘Stick as well as night openers at the Coliseum. I never liked it. It just doesn’t have the feel of a day opener. I hope when Cisco Field opens, the A’s would consider day openers.

  4. Bill says:

    Selfishly speaking, I prefer a night opener. I don’t have to take a day off fork to attend a night game.

  5. Tony D. says:

    If you’re in a kick ass ballpark located in a downtown, I say Opening DAY all the way. If not, then opening you don’t have to really see what’s around you. (Back to Vegas…)

  6. eb says:

    Opening day has a traditional, laid back vibe, but nighttime offers a more dramatic atmosphere. Either way is fine with me.
    Some state of the A’s lamenting,

  7. Brian says:

    We have working fans, not yuppie scum, so I choose night when people don’t have to work.

    Here’s the downside of Opening Day:

  8. Briggs says:

    I’m at the Coliseum. Hopefully not the only night where there’s a buzz here. Anyone else here?

  9. Nicosan says:

    I dont prefer specific day. I have been to opening DAY games at Dodger stadium, they have a vibe, exciting but as you all may assume, also very rough. But being on the east coast, I would prefer day.

  10. Briggs says:

    I’m sitting three rows back from the A’s dug out and after 6+ innings, it’s clear that these empty seats will not be filled. Let’s get this team to San Jose!

  11. Columbo says:

    @ Briggs – I’m just curious. Are you saying where you’re sitting it’s mostly empty and has been since the first inning? I watched highlights and even saw pictures that were taken and it looked full. The game was announced a sellout. Or are you saying that it was full and then by the 6th people in that area left?

  12. LoneStranger says:

    People definitely started leaving in the 6th. We left the Coliseum right after the last out in the 9th to dump some things off in the car before going to the post-game tailgate, and there were no major lines, if any lines at all, of cars trying to get out. Seems like half the place had already left. Going down early to the Mariners will do that, I suppose.

  13. dan says:

    Not firsthand knowledge, but I heard it was 2/3rds empty by the end. Will probably be that way for the entire season…

  14. ACV says:

    opening day should definitely be a night game but the game the next day should always be a day game. im going to tonights game (saturday) and i dont get at all why theyre doing an evening game instead of a day game

  15. Marine Layer says:

    @ACV – Pretty sure the only reason it’s a night game is to avoid the FOX national TV blackout.

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