Update from May 2012 Owners Meetings

Piping hot updates from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and Sports Business Journal’s Eric Fisher. First Rosenthal:


Now Fisher:

In sum, no news, they’re still working on it and it may take longer to get right.

Selig deserves a lot of criticism for not being more decisive on this matter, but he is absolutely right about the issue being very complicated. Then again, he gets paid $18 million a year to run baseball. It’s his job to deal with complicated issues.

Update 11:26 AM – The media AP is running with the “move out of Oakland” story.

Update 11:47 AM – For added context, a Jon Heyman article yesterday had Bill Neukom at the meetings this week. The fact that he’s still representing the Giants indicates that he’s still the lead for the team on the T-rights issue. Like it or not, he casts a shadow.

Update 2:44 PM – As predicted in the comments, Lew Wolff had to clean up Bud Selig’s mess.

“Number one, my only objective is to remain in the Bay Area,” A’s owner Lew Wolff said Thursday. “And based on all our studies, plus receiving no indication from the blue-ribbon committee that we missed anything, the only location we can find to build a ballpark that’s do-able is in downtown San Jose. I intend to do that. And we intend to invest half a billion dollars in private funds to do so.”

Cleaning up Selig’s mess. That’s what a fraternity brother is for.

77 Responses to Update from May 2012 Owners Meetings

  1. Sid says:

    Selig himself has overcomplicated this issue as the other 2-team markets (LA, NY, CHI) are all shared and this would not be an issue otherwise.

    The Giants value is higher because of the apparent 3/4 and 1/4 split between the teams territory wise regulating the A’s to a small market team that resides in a big market in reality.

    This is MLB’s fault 100% and it is Un-American to restrict the A’s or any business in the fashion the Giants have done.

    This is a two team market and in reality the A’s are in the wrong city and Selig knows it full well but he instead clings to back room rules that do not apply to any other business nor sport in the United States.

    It is lawsuit time for the City of San Jose, this cannot go on for 4 years…..It is not THAT complicated for it to take this long.

    T-rights are against the fundamentals that this country was built upon for all businesses and that includes sports.

  2. Briggs says:

    @DarkKnight007: This is how Twitter is useful.

  3. David says:

    that front-burner is on the “fritz”!

  4. LoneStranger says:

    This is kinda like when you see the dark clouds looming and some rain drops on the window, only to go outside and find out there is no trace of water on the ground.

  5. J Canseco says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. There is no problem in the world that is so complex a committee has to sit behind closed doors for OVER THREE YEARS solving it. And one day, said committee will emerge with The Perfect Solution in hand. What a load of bull.

    I am so tired of Selig and the Fisher ownership. The whole lot of them truly makes me sick inside.

  6. dan says:

    “People think it’s taken a long time but if you knew what what’s gone into it.”
    Well then enlighten us. Provide us with some information.

  7. Marine Layer says:

    It doesn’t appear that anyone asked Selig about the recent Oakland booster/PR effort.

  8. Briggs says:

    At very least, as courtesy to A’s fans, they should give a rough estimate of when a decision will be announced. That way, in the meantime, A’s fans are tearing each other apart over the issue. Sadly, fan consideration probably doesn’t even crack MLB’s top 10 priorities.

  9. GoA's says:

    @Jose- what the heck does LW have to do with MLB decision process- he feels it should have been made awhile ago also- how about Oaklands progress? 17 years and stil no agreed upon site- they make MLB look damn efficient!

  10. Larry E says:

    Well I’m preparing. If the A’s do relocate out of state, I think I’ll become a Padres fan. F the giants, F the Angels, F the dodgers.. By default, I gotta root for San Diego

  11. crister says:

    And so the subtle threat of moving out of the area has made an appearance once again. Sigh…

  12. Briggs says:

    AP reports:

    NEW YORK — Baseball commissioner Bud Selig says it’s up to Oakland owner Lew Wolff to decide whether to consider additional sites for a new ballpark for the Athletics, raising the possibility of a move from the Bay Area.

    Speaking Thursday after an owners’ meeting, Selig said there’s no timetable for resolving Oakland’s dispute with the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are preventing the A’s from building a ballpark in San Jose, which is part of the Giants’ territory.

    Asked whether he would approve a move by Oakland, Selig said “it just depends on where they’re moving to.”

    Baseball also announced the new one-game wild-card playoffs will be televised Oct. 5 by TBS and that two division series games will shift from TBS to the MLB Network.


    Now that’s really uncharacteristically sloppy writting from AP. “Baseball commissioner,” “Oakland owner,” “division series games;” as well as pure speculation on a wire story, which are nearly always sturdy matter-of-fact news bites.

  13. Nicosan says:

    @ML that is because I imagine that no owners take the Oakland proposals seriously other than the Giants, in so far as serious denotes, “stuck in neutral” which is best for them.

  14. Marine Layer says:

    Now Wolff will have to field calls denying that he wants to move out of the Bay Area, even though it only came up as a question to Selig.

  15. Nicosan says:

    What would be lovely would be for reports to ask Charles Johnson that very question.

  16. baycommuter says:

    Selig is good at doing the Eisenhower/Greenspan thing of being deliberately obtuse. Reading between the lines, he seems to be siding with the Giants… sigh. (If you ever want the classic example of deliberate obtuse, listen to Ike’s answer when he was asked if the U.S. would defend two small islands called Quemoy and Matsu that both Taiwan and China claimed).

  17. pjk says:

    Selig will continue to do nothing on this issue, hoping it solves itself when it clearly won’t. What leadership

  18. pjk says:

    We may soon find out for real which is the more likely scenario: A new ballpark in Oakland, built with no public funding, or a move out of the Bay Area. I fear it will be the latter

  19. crister says:

    Funny to look back when everyone was talking about how because Wolff and Selig shared some secret fratboy handshake that an SJ move would be quite nearly a formality.

  20. pjk says:

    I’d love to see Wolff re-up for a 15-year, ironclad lease extension at the Coliseum. We keep our team in the Bay Area and MLB gets to keep subsidizing the team for tens of millions of dollars each year to protect the Giants’ so-called “territorial rights,” instead of making money in San Jose. And MLB can continue to share a football stadium with the Raiders, in a city that has made it clear that baseball is the red-headed stepchild behind football and basketball.

  21. letsgoas says:

    f$#@ selig and those bastards from across the bay. karma is a bitch and sooner or later it’ll come back to bite each in the ass eventually.

  22. J Canseco says:

    I sense damage-control will be in full effect this afternoon.

  23. David says:

    @ML – Good point. None of these tweets says anything about the A’s moving “out of the Bay Area”.
    In the age of the blog, people need to separate opinion from actual facts.

  24. pjk says:

    Anyone else see the A’s impending lease expiration as perhaps Wolff’s biggest weapon here? Give him San Jose or MLB can have the wonderful Coliseum in all its glory – for many more decades. Or, MLB can go ahead with the embarrassment of contracting the team, and the goodwill that will build with the players union. Hopefully, MLB can in the not-too-distant future broadcast a World Series game featuring a brushed-out Raiders logo and yard line markers all over the field.

  25. daniel says:

    The A’s should announce that they are moving to SJ and dare MLB and the G’s to block them. Just hire a construction crew and start digging hard, real hard in SJ

  26. Marine Layer says:

    @all – I saw a Jon Heyman article yesterday that had Bill Neukom at the meetings. The fact that he’s still there indicates that he’s still the lead for the Giants on the T-rights issue.

  27. pjk says:

    Apparently, Selig sees Neukom and runs for cover, terrified. Any evidence that Selig will ever stand up to the Giants and do what’s best for MLB? Nope.

  28. GoA's says:

    @ML- are owners prohibited from holding press conferences- Be great to hear LW take- and didn’t LW bring n his own version of neukom- was he there? Finally, any insight into city of SJ filing suit near term?

  29. pjk says:

    I don’t think San Jose has the $$ to file a lawsuit like this. Not when the city dumps city tree-trimming responsibilities on property owners, since the city budget has no $$ for that. It would probably have to be an organization like baseballsanjose filing. But would such an organization have standing to file? And baseballsanjose’s funds to promote a vote, etc would then have to be spend on a drawn-out court battle.

  30. LoneStranger says:

    I don’t think it matters who files the lawsuit. SVLG could do it.
    And really, it doesn’t need to get that far. The threat of a lawsuit might be enough.

  31. Rayburn's Son says:

    An anti-trust suit this big, with the potential to rock MLB at its foundation, would be a case a big-time AT law firm would take on a contingency in a nano-second. The City of San Jose wouldn’t have to spend any money, but they might have to allow their legal staffers to help strategize with the AT firm.
    BTW, all the big-time AT firms know Neukom real well, including a couple of well placed firms on the peninsula. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Neukon is present – the sabre-rattling may have already begun behind the scenes already; wink wink nod nod say no more.

  32. daniel says:

    I don’t see movement unless SJ sues/challenges ATE

  33. @giantshatesj says:

    How can SJ get back at the giants? Kick out sj giants? Whats the info on SJ Giants playing here? I believe its time for war. We all know Selig wants the teams to work it out but that wont happen cuz the giants think there shit doesnt stink. So its up to SJ to step up.

  34. Briggs says:

    As long as the A’s are willingly participating in negotiations with MLB/Giants over SCCo, what groups does a lawsuit have?

  35. Briggs says:

    correction: what grounds does a lawsuit have?

  36. pjk says:

    Negotiations? What negotiations? All we’ve heard is the Giants refuse to negotiate at all.

  37. Mike says:

    Now Giants fans are running with A’s are moving away… *bangs head against wall*
    How stupid can people be and make stuff up about nothing. All Selig basically said when asked would the A’s move out of the bay if no SJ, he said I don’t know ask them. And that turns in to oh my gosh A’s are leaving!!!! So so stupid.

  38. Mike says:

    People on athletics nation are running with it and saying San Jose is dead…
    From there:
    Looks like SJ is option dead
    Doug Sovern ‏@SovernNation
    A’s-to-San Jose booster Larry Stone tells KCBS he interprets Selig’s comments to mean the A’s move to SJ is dead & no longer an option.

    Doug Sovern ‏@SovernNation
    Stone believes this means the A’s will now explore leaving the Bay Area, and aren’t likely to embrace any of the proposed Oakland sites

  39. simon94022 says:

    There is no basis for fretting that the A’s are leaving the Bay Area, since Wolff hasn’t expressed any interest in that (ever), and Selig was only answering a reporter’s question. But it sure would have been nice to hear Bud give an answer like, “the A’s have always said they want to stay in Northern California and we remain committed to finding a solution that works for everyone involved” or something along those lines.
    Instead the Commissioner said, “It just depends on where they’re moving to.” Doesn’t sound like anyone at MLB HQ will be jumping in front of the bus to prevent the A’s from leaving the Bay Area if or when it comes to that.

  40. pjk says:

    re: People on athletics nation are running with it and saying San Jose is dead…Stone believes this means the A’s will now explore leaving the Bay Area, and aren’t likely to embrace any of the proposed Oakland sites

    …So, San Jose losing doesn’t necessarily mean Oakland wins. Sounds familiar.

  41. I think the A’s should say they want to move to NYC. Get the Yankees and Mets mad at the Giants.

  42. daniel says:

    latest comment from Lew :


    “”Number one, my only objective is to remain in the Bay Area,” A’s owner Lew Wolff said Thursday. “And based on all our studies, plus receiving no indication from the blue-ribbon committee that we missed anything, the only location we can find to build a ballpark that’s do-able is in downtown San Jose. I intend to do that. And we intend to invest half a billion dollars in private funds to do so.”

    anyone can spare 1B ?

  43. eb says:

    So, the A’s are staying in the Bay Area and the Giants don’t seem to be budging on SJ. Same as it ever was. The meeting with Wolff and Knauss will be interesting.

  44. baycommuter says:

    Wolff could do what MLB thought (possibly erronously) the Piccinini group was going to do .. we’ll just stay and collect revenue sharing forever.

  45. pjk says:

    re: So, the A’s are staying in the Bay Area

    …if staying means staying forever in the Coliseum, don’t count on it…

  46. GoA's says:

    So LW says it is still San Jose- he was at the meetings too- bs shouldn’t be allowed to speak to the media- and larry stone has jumped the fun again

  47. Rayburn's Son says:

    Sorry to see that Larry Stone is “out of the loop.”
    Maybe he’s pissed that Lew doesn’t give him the inside scoop anymore.
    Va’giants are about to get theirs…
    Heard that Neukom said (double hearsay) that current va’giants ownership/management ie Baer, is telling their current investors, that Commissioner Mice Nuts isn’t going to pull the plug on their little party anytime soon…
    Then along came Jones (aka ATE Esq).

  48. Dan says:

    Giants must be loving this shit.

  49. Marine Layer says:

    Nice win A’s. Overcame the combined incompetence of Laz Diaz and Josh Donaldson.

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