Update from May 2012 Owners Meetings

Piping hot updates from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and Sports Business Journal’s Eric Fisher. First Rosenthal:


Now Fisher:

In sum, no news, they’re still working on it and it may take longer to get right.

Selig deserves a lot of criticism for not being more decisive on this matter, but he is absolutely right about the issue being very complicated. Then again, he gets paid $18 million a year to run baseball. It’s his job to deal with complicated issues.

Update 11:26 AM – The media AP is running with the “move out of Oakland” story.

Update 11:47 AM – For added context, a Jon Heyman article yesterday had Bill Neukom at the meetings this week. The fact that he’s still representing the Giants indicates that he’s still the lead for the team on the T-rights issue. Like it or not, he casts a shadow.

Update 2:44 PM – As predicted in the comments, Lew Wolff had to clean up Bud Selig’s mess.

“Number one, my only objective is to remain in the Bay Area,” A’s owner Lew Wolff said Thursday. “And based on all our studies, plus receiving no indication from the blue-ribbon committee that we missed anything, the only location we can find to build a ballpark that’s do-able is in downtown San Jose. I intend to do that. And we intend to invest half a billion dollars in private funds to do so.”

Cleaning up Selig’s mess. That’s what a fraternity brother is for.

77 Responses to Update from May 2012 Owners Meetings

  1. jeff-athletic says:

    This A’s team is really really gutsy. Fights until the end and always believes they can pull it off. And they just did, against Texas, one of the best teams in baseball, in their yard. Credit Bob Melvin for instilling this fighting spirit. Friggin’ awesome.
    And yes, Donaldson is probably going back to Sac just as soon as one of the other guys comes off the DL.

  2. crister says:

    Oakland SJ drama aside, Cool to see Oakland hanging around the 500 mark considering how crappy a lot of people thought they would be after the latest yard sale. If they keep it up, I wonder how they’ll spin trying to dump guys like Balfour and Fuentes , Colon etc. If they in fact go that rout.
    Naturally watch them nose dive in ten days or so and it won’t really matter.

  3. pjk says:

    And we have Manny Ramirez coming aboard in a few weex. It’s clear this is not the 90-100-loss team the so-called experts envisioned.

  4. dan says:

    i’m not getting optimistic that we’ll stay at .500 for the season just yet.

  5. jeff-athletic says:

    Me neither. But I’m enjoying it while I can, and taking it day by day.

  6. crister says:

    Sometimes, you just have to enjoy it for what it is. Your team surpassing expectations. Even if you know reality is most likely rearing its ugly head in the not so distant future. That’s why we’re fans and why we care.

  7. Bauce says:

    A’s will be competitive all season…trust that. All the experts will be eating their words and Wollf/Beane will look like even bigger punks if they try and sabotage a possible playoff push. Watch this summer and fall….gonna be some great crowds a coming and we will beat SF this weekend……Bauce!

  8. eb says:

    I still have emotional scars from Juan and Pudge smacking out HRs in that stadium followed by the stupid Natural song. I hate that stadium, Ranger fans and their goddamn fireworks. Good win.

  9. crister says:

    The only thing missing from todays’ game was Bill King sounding all craggy and complaining about Texas and how much he hates the place.

  10. pjk says:

    I saw a game once in that middle-of-nowhere stadium. They should call it Humidity Field.

  11. RC says:

    Great win! But God I hate the Giants now. My second favorite team is whoever the Giants are playing. I will never set foot in their f*cking ballpark, they can kiss my a**, and I hope the A’s sweep them this weekend! I hope the Gnats remain sub .500 for the next decade and that phone company park empties out faster than a school yard on the last day of class. Karma is a bitch.

  12. GoA's says:

    Gotta love it Bauche- beginning of season a bunch of the Oakland only crowd were claiming LW was intentionally putting a shitty team on the field for this year- now your saying they will demolish what amounts to a decent team- you guys are amazing- stick wit your story right or wrong… Be great to celebrate a good win without trying to throw the owner under the bus who is willing to spend 500M of his own money to put our team in a new ballpark-

  13. dknight007 says:

    A’s are NOT leaving the Bay Area……period!

    All of that talk is non sense. Wolff will sell before that happens!

  14. dknight007 says:

    Remember this article? Selig basically admits, the territorial rights the Giants received should have been revoked once they did not build a ballpark in the South Bay back in late 80′s/early 90′s


  15. dknight007 says:

    This A’s team can scrap this year and I like how Melvin is handling this team and teaching them to scrap out wins!

  16. pjk says:

    …yes, Wolff will sell rather than leaving the Bay Area. Then, the next owner runs into the same roadblocks Wolff ran into in Oakland and then the team leaves in a few years.. Oakland’s issues (no public $$, no site) aren’t going away…

  17. pjk says:

    The Sporting News weighs in. Basically tells us what we already know – Selig couldn’t care less about the A’s. http://aol.sportingnews.com/mlb/story/2012-05-17/bud-selig-oakland-athletics-possible-relocation-san-jose

  18. Bauce says:

    GoA’s….shut up…SJ doesn’t deserve a pro team at all. SJ is a cowtown. A’s need and will stay in oakland

  19. Bauce says:

    Real a’s fans don’t wanna go to lame ass DUI central San Jose. Damn the garbage stadium with those lames in the 408. The few folks,like myself,who stay going to A’s games have more soul and personality than anyone in SJ can dream of. Lew Wolff and company aren’t happy at all with the first 39 games for damn sure. When MLB upholds SF territory stuff San Jose will focus on getting Sharks an updated arena

  20. GoA's says:

    we have a new troll—welcome Bauce

  21. RC says:

    @dk7- It doesn’t matter as long as the commissioner of baseball is totally gutless! He’s too chicken sh*t to take a stand one way or another! Mediate a solution already Bud! He’s trying to make everyone happy, but the truth is, someone has to lose- and he just wants it to go away. MLB has already admitted that the Coliseum site isn’t viable, but Bud won’t put on his big boy pants and do what’s right because he’s afraid of upsetting the Giants because he’s a huge p*ssy! And yet he knows that the A’s are desperate- the mayor recently said that Victory Court is off the table. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of options. So finally, Oakland can reveal their mystery investor who will buy the team and build Coliseum City? What a let down. I can’t believe we are going to try and compete with the Giants with that. Even the Clorox guy doesn’t want to build there- it’s a joke! And yet now it’s our only hope of keeping the A’s in the Bay Area…I feel ill. Thanks Bud.

  22. pjk says:

    Bud Selig views the loss of us as fans as acceptable collateral damage.

  23. RC says:

    @Bauce- You’ve made some very good points backed by some new data that I wasn’t aware of. I see things much differently now. Thank You

  24. Rayburn's Son says:

    Welcome and thank you for your inane commentary. We are all better for it. Looking forward to more of your enlightened analysis in the days and weeks ahead. Keep ‘em coming.

  25. Dan says:

    Purdy basically said the complete opposite. All the reporters are basically taking their personal views and projecting them on to these comments by Selig. Which means by the end of the day that Selig really said nothing but that the media are using it as an excuse to reiterate their chosen positions.

  26. Charles says:

    I would just like to point out to the gentleman, GoA’s, that his beloved Mr. Wolff will indeed put 500m of his $ into a park, but not in The East Bay. 500m in private funding in the East Bay, would = a park in the East Bay I imagine. If efforts were being made. That is all I’m saying. Sorry…longtime lurker, who just wants the A’s to be OK either way. I think a new owner might help that cause actually. Time will tell.

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