Coliseum Authority raids scoreboard funds for Raiders study

I wasn’t able to attend this morning’s Coliseum Authority meeting. Thankfully for everyone, Steven Tavares of the East Bay Citizen was. And the story he got coming out of there was quite a doozy. The JPA approved a $1 million contract for additional studies on Coliseum City, which we figured would happen given the new pro-development makeup of the JPA board. What we didn’t see coming was just how the study would be paid for.

How the Authority will pay the $1 million in total costs for the two studies also rankled some commissioners. According to Alameda County Auditor-Controller Pat O’Connell, the Authority will “short” a $3.5 million capital improvements fund previously earmarked for a new scoreboard at Coliseum. The Oakland Athletics and the Authority have been in negotiations to replace the out-of-date scoreboards, said Goodwin, and Friday’s decision may negatively impact relations with the A’s, also in search of a new ballpark.

“What’s the message we’re sending to the A’s?” Goodwin asked. According to staff, the A’s estimate the costs of the scoreboards to be $4 million. “Well, it better cost closer to $2.5 million, if we do what we’re about to do,” countered Haggerty. The alternative, said O’Connell, would be to ask the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and Oakland City Council for addition funds, a move likely unpopular on both fronts.

Maybe the shortfall will force the JPA to buy used. Whether that’s enough to get improvements or not, it’s a clear indicator that the East Bay is going forward on Coliseum City, cost uncertainty and other tenant issues be damned.

Worse, the retractable roof concept appears to have gained traction, even though it will surely inflate the project’s price tag. Assistant City Administrator Fred Blackwell was careful to note that all three current tenants would get new venues under the plan, though as usual, how that would all come together was not articulated. Even the Raiders are not a given in terms of paying for their part of the study, as the NFL and team are fashioning their own – for a stadium only with little ancillary development.

Doesn’t this seem like a lot of flailing right now? This is despite having the project under consideration for the better part of three years. Many in Oakland are quite convinced that this is the vision for the city’s future. What of the teams? Aren’t they supposed to be partners in this? Aren’t they paying the freight? Apparently that doesn’t matter, not as long as one great redevelopment plan remains out there for someone to stake their political career to.

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  1. daniel says:

    btw, it is also a lesson for the oakland defenders. The SC mayor at the time did her job. She gathered all the resources available to her, showed the NFL commish that SC could build a world class FB stadium. Brown and Ron Dellums basically ignored the A’s

  2. 510 Savage says:

    Some of y’all read what you wanna read lol….scroll up ladies and see where I said Oakland needs to step it up! Show me where I said SJ sucks! Now Lew Wolff does suck and there ain’t no way around it.

    BayMetro spare me….go all over the internet and people from sJ have trashed east bay with the typical “ghetto” nonsense. What is so wrong with saying a SJ stadium wouldn’t have same vibe and it would be different? I mean hello its a different place! I said SJ would have a style unique to themselves.

    I hold Oakland to higher standards…I’m at meetings and all sorts of stuff for this area all the time so please stop. What if I told you someone with private bucks would fund a JLS stadium and Lew Wolff ignorantly doesn’t wanna accept his calls? The SJ people would flip out because they know a waterfront ballpark down there would trump anything downtown SJ could build.

  3. 510 Savage says:

    Duffer…a Giants fan? Those are fighting words my friend. I don’t like SF sports or their fans. I also will never root for Warriors in non basketball loving SF. You can call me other names but a SF fan is where I draw the line!

  4. Marine Layer says:

    @510 Savage – I’ve heard the story about Lew Wolff not accepting calls before. It’s simple. Got a brilliant plan? Publicize it! Oakland’s great at holding press conferences. The great thing about saying you have a plan and not explaining what it is, is that it never has to come under scrutiny. Lay the cards down and let’s see what these mystery rich people have.

  5. pjk says:

    510: Does Oakland have a plan for the A’s besides keeping them in a half-century-old, obsolete multipurpose stadium until some billionaire comes along who is ready to build a new ballpark in Oakland with his/her own money, without regard to the return on the investment?

  6. pjk says:

    re: What if I told you someone with private bucks would fund a JLS stadium and Lew Wolff ignorantly doesn’t wanna accept his calls?

    …Surely, this person could go public and/or contact Bud Selig. If this person wants to build privately in Oakland with his own money and can get it done, Selig’s long nightmare is over. But I suspect this is nothing more than someone in we’ll-take-a-look a it, under-no-obligation, don’t-disclose-my-name mode rather than someone who is serious.

  7. daniel says:

    Mayor Quan can bypass LW and the A’s. All Quan has to do is invite Buddy Selig and his rich buddies to Oakland, show them the proposed site and of course show them how she can get 1B, I can almost guarantee that LW aint going to SJ or anywhere else. LW will be told to stay in Oakland, end of discussion. If LW refuses, he will be forced to sell.

    So easy.

  8. pjk says:

    …If Oakland had a doable plan, Wolff would be told to follow it or sell. But there is no viable plan so Wolff holds on to the franchise; no one has disproven his assertion that all options in Oakland have been exhausted. And pro-Oakland parties have had many years to do so.

  9. pjk says:

    re: Mayor Quan can bypass LW and the A’s. All Quan has to do is invite Buddy Selig and his rich buddies

    …hey, Quan only needs to go to her buddies at AT&T Park and have them relay to Selig the news of a doable, viable ballpark plan for Oakland. But we haven’t seen that, either.

  10. Anon says:

    @ Berry – As a lifelong SB Niners fan, “SF 49ers” sounds fine to me.

    @ Savage – Greg Papa, is that you?! :X

    @ Daniel – MLB can tell LW where he can’t build, but not where he will build. Lest you also forget that LW is BS’s “rich buddy”. I don’t think MLB was protesting much when he had the Fremont plan underway…

  11. daniel says:

    Anon: you are wrong, at this stage of the ball game, LW has to listen to Selig and MLB. If Quan can show them the money, LW has to stay in oakland or sell the team.

    It is up to the mayor of oakland. Tom McEnery did it to get the Sharks to SJ. Patricia Mahan convinced Roger Goodell and NFL that SC could do it. KJ is trying like heck up in Sacto.

    What has Brown, Dellums and now Quan done so far? NADA.

  12. pjk says:

    re: What has Brown, Dellums and now Quan done so far? NADA.

    Brown: Fired Robert Bobb for pushing an Uptown ballpark site.
    Dellums – Zip, zilch.
    Quan – Hold press conferences and hand out A’s and Raiders signs.

  13. berry says:

    Hey 510 savage let’s focus on keeping the Raiders bro…the only thing we can hope is if the SF Giants greed in controlling both San Jose and Pier 30/32…funny and weird how the giants are helping the city of Oakland

  14. Anon says:

    @ Daniel – How am I wrong? BS was in attendance at the press conference for Cisco Field Fremont and fully supported the effort because it was in the A’s Contra Costa country TR. Why would MLB change on that stance, say if the they wanted to move to (hypothetically) Dublin, instead of Oakland? You’re confusing with a inter-territorial move to SJ vs. intra-territorial move.

  15. pjk says:

    The Cisco Field press conference was 6+ years ago. Since then, it has become obvious the A’s cannot get a new ballpark anywhere in their current territory. And Fremont is in Alameda, not Contra Costa, county.

  16. Anon says:

    @ pjk – re:alameda county. thanks for the correction. BTW> I was at Pacific Commons over the weekend. Wow, I hadn’t been there in a few years and its really expanded. Too bad, they couldn’t get a ball park there. :(

  17. daniel says:

    Anon: the situation has changed. Selig wants to get the A’s problem out of the way before he retires. The Dudgers are set. SJ is ready if Selig can stop kissing Larry Baer’s behind. Mayor Reed is waiting for a damned phone call. Quan is inept. The chance to build a new park in SJ is now. Oakland? you can fuggedaboutit

  18. duffer says:

    Concur – Oakland’s best bet is likely a new NFL stadium for the Raiders. The Raiders likely aren’t interested in moving to Santa Clara. Besides, they now have the north bay for themselves. They’ve been there and done that with LA – and probably don’t wish to repeat that. It’s interesting that Oakland city officials are exploring a new Raiders stadium, not the A’s – they must also know that the A’s know the way to SJ.

  19. berry says:

    If Oakland is successful in getting a new stadium, and with the 49ers moving down south bay.. it will change the demographics of the sports teams… for example most ppl in north bay will be SF Giants/ Oak Raider fans… and in the south bay you with have SF/SC 49ers and SJ A’s.. with basketball being in S.F (neutral)

  20. Mark says:

    The 49ers moving South won’t hurt their fan base. Relatively few people actually go to games of either team (as compared to those watching them on TV,) and those who are inclined to go will go wherever it’s played. It’s 10-12 games a year, most on the weekend. Hell, I fly 4000 miles r/t 3-4 times a year to see my fave NFL team; 49ers fans aren’t going to abandon them because the drive from Santa Rosa or Fairfield is too long.

    By your logic, the Raiders should be more popular than the 49ers now, since their current location is better.

  21. berry says:

    Well if they get a new stadium yes it does help their market with the 49ers moving 40 miles away…uuummm….still if the A’s and Raiders want to reclaim the bay area , they need to win asap

  22. Jeffrey says:

    I can’t remember where the article I read on the subject was, but there are two professional sports leagues that draw significant portions of ticket buyers from a distance of over 100 miles (away from the stadium). NASCAR and the NFL. It is due to the infrequency of events. In other words, the average NFL ticket buyer hails from much farther away than the average MLB ticket buyer. That makes the stadium site less important from a “market domination” perspective.

  23. Anon says:

    @ Daniel – you’re being ambiguous by stating “things changed”. There has not been on league source that has stated it’s SJ or bust. Only the Oakland pundits have opined that if LW doesn’t build in Oakland, he should sell the team.

    @ Berry – One of the Bay Area teams is going to this thing called the Super Bowl. I don’t think it’s the Raiders either. :x

    PS – Sports illustrated has an interesting article on The Marlins new home and how the public got fleeced on the deal.

  24. berry says:

    Quan needs to consider her staff and Oakland that new stadium= Superbowl site in east bay…just to let her know

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