News from the last several days

Most of these articles are about the sale of the A’s from Steve Schott and Ken Hoffman to the group led by Lewis Wolff and John Fisher.

Wolff: A’s ballpark already in works

A’s sale clears next-to-last hurdle 3/12

Wolff: Athletics’ ‘focus’ is in Oakland 3/12

New A’s owner says he will control planning of ballpark 3/11

A’s suitor requests reins for new park 3/11

Group resurfaces for A’s ballpark bid 3/8

From the latest (top) article:

“Here’s a major quid pro quo,” Wolff said. “I promise you, we will not write a check to the Giants. I can tell you that we are not planning to buy out the Giants’ rights.”

This is important because it is one of the main arguments for San Jose baseball proponents. Since Peter Magowan of the Giants is not willing to name a price for territorial rights and Lew Wolff isn’t willing to pay for them regardless, it would appear that a move to San Jose is a non-starter at this point. Still, the Baseball San Jose group continues its efforts just in case the Oakland efforts fail to produce a mutually agreeable ballpark plan.

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