SJ Bizjournal articles

I’ve had a chance to read the articles (thanks to all who have helped) so I can now give me take on them:

  • The NUMMI article introduces a new factor that I hadn’t been aware of – the building of a hybrid car plant. If Toyota’s smart they’ll move forward with the hybrid plant, despite the high costs of doing business here. The fact that a Prius or Highlander hybrid is actually built here in California is pure PR gold for Toyota and should increase sales volumes, especially within the state. They’d also finally be able to do something constructive with the land without worrying about encroaching development. If NUMMI is still concerned about residential development next to the plant, having another plant running 24/7 next door should eliminate the threat. Whatever their plans are, a plant sounds better than having a parts distribution center, which was under consideration when I called NUMMI last year.
  • Still, the NUMMI site has to look attractive just for the potential to a future BART, even if there’s no timeframe for BART to come to Warm Springs right now. As I understand it, Santa Clara County leaders are redoing their plan to scale the Santa Clara extension back to Milpitas or Berryessa. That would impact ridership estimates, but at least this time they could look realistic. Since VTA’s light rail ridership is up and should continue to rise, it might be a good time to explore and emphasize a LRT-to-BART link at the Great Mall. Fremont Mayor Wasserman seems to have his preference of sites – Pacific Commons.
  • Some of you have asked me if there’s a possible that both sites (or portions thereof) could be used – one for the ballpark and village (NUMMI) and the other for housing (PacCom). I suppose it could be done, but it would require two new and completely different environmental impact reports, marketing changes and new infrastructure requirements. I won’t rule it out, but it looks prohibitively expensive unless someone can figure out a way to divvy up the land appropriately.
  • As for Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone, he’s always been the head cheerleader. As one of the leaders of Baseball San Jose he’s always been out in front, despite the political machinations that have occurred within. Notice that he stops short of outright slamming Fremont, other than to say that downtown (San Jose, that is) is preferable to suburban. There’s a reason why…

As I am not a print subscriber, I don’t have access to the new articles from today’s edition of the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. And considering the fact that I am nearly 7,500 miles away from a local newstand or vending machine that carries the paper, I’m pretty much S.O.L. on the articles. In fact, last week I was asked if they could use one of my overhead graphics. Alas, I was “in the bush” so to speak. If one of you gentle readers would be nice enough to recap the articles and send me your thoughts, it would be much appreciated.

Here are the links:

Absent the actual text, I’ll refrain from commenting on the articles, except that the headlines are rather salacious.

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