Raiders look to Dublin + Santa Clara moves forward

How does “Dublin Raiders” sound?

No? Try “California Raiders.”

Maybe not. In any case, according to the SF Business Times, the Raiders have expressed interest in the Army-owned Camp Parks site in Dublin. So far, Dublin mayor Janet Lockhart isn’t a proponent, saying, “My personal opinion is it would destroy the city of Dublin if we even considered it.”

One interesting nugget about Camp Parks is at the end of the article, which states that the Army isn’t allowed to sell land. They are able to exchange land for construction of additional structures, but my guess is that an $800 million football palace isn’t all that well suited for reserve training purposes. There was no mention of how a stadium on the site would be paid for, nor what the plan would look like.

Is it a stalking horse or something more concrete? What about negotiations with the Coliseum Commission? We’ll find out soon enough.

Down in the valley, Santa Clara city staff have recommended the city start negotiating in earnest with the 49ers for their new digs. I’m still wary of a 100,000-person city taking on over $100 million in financial risk even if it’s largely redevelopment money. The biggest obstacle, Cedar Fair, remains in opposition to the plan. Efforts to placate the theme park operator may eventually sink the plan. We’ll know by the end of the year, one way or another.

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