Warm Springs now 1A, Pacific Commons 1B

Matthew Artz at the Argus/Tri-City Beat blog confirmed something I had heard last week: Warm Springs is now the preferred Fremont option. Pacific Commons is now the “alternative.” This has to be due to the continued lack of progress on the Catellus/big box front.

Update: New article here.

Let’s be clear about what Warm Springs brings to the table. Its only real advantage over Pacific Commons is its proximity to the future BART extension. That’s it. Pacific Commons is better as an integrated project. It’s less expensive because it doesn’t require additional land acquisitions. We can debate all day whether who’s the more difficult party to win over, the big box stores or Warm Springs residents. It’s not an enviable position for the A’s to be in, which is why the commish is giving the green light for Wolff to explore elsewhere.

For those who believe Sacramento is that elsewhere, here’s a preemptive no.

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