Fremont EIR work halted

Matt Artz again has the scoop on the Fremont process. Take a look at the comments below the blog blurb, especially the last one by FCN founder Deepak Alur. It appears that post the Warm Springs NOP, work can’t move forward because the A’s haven’t dropped off a check to underwrite the work (which they’ve done on all other occasions). Money talks, right? The in-progress EIR has been rendered useless, and any new work requires the A’s willingness to spend the money and time required to see the new NOP through. I would suggest that if the A’s aren’t going to foot the bill, that’s their message to Fremont to “let me down easy.”

Noticed one other thing while rummaging through some stuff in the attic.

The word “Fremont” is nowhere on the ball.

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