For Oakland fans with solutions

Okay, Oakland-first partisans. Here’s your chance. By virtue of the comments at today’s SFGate article, many of you think staying in Oakland is the cheapest and most reasonable choice. Instead of just spouting off a comment (you know who you are), lay out your plan. Here’s the handy-dandy drawing from a few days ago. Take it and redraw it in the manner you think would work best. I’ll even accept the Coliseum option from the HOK study, if you can fulfill the requirements below.

The fun doesn’t end there. Next, you have to explain how much it’s going to cost and how it’ll be funded. It’s perfectly okay to say it’ll be privately funded if you can say what the private instruments are. I’m not requiring a pro forma spreadsheet showing all of the sources, just show you can pencil it out.

Finally, set us in motion. Give a timeline showing when certain key milestones can be reached.

Submit your plan to I’ll put up a post next week containing your solutions, with attribution and a distilled explanation for each. I will not print diatribes about A’s ownership, Bud Selig, Al Davis, politicians, or anything else not germane to your concept. You have until the end of Wednesday.

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