Tight. Really Tight.

In light of the news emanating from San Jose’s Redevelopment Agency yesterday, I figured it was time to do another mockup. This time, the ballpark has a ENE orientation, almost the same angle as the Coliseum.

The yellowish area to the left is the PG&E substation parcel. Its irregular shape is caused by the easement that extends north to Cahill and W San Fernando Streets. The easement is undeveloped save for a power transmission pole which connects to the rest of downtown. Both this easement and the small Caltrain-owned parking lot to the west are probably going to be acquired by the city as part of an updated Diridon/Arena Area plan. I don’t necessary expect the land to be used for a planned high speed rail terminal. There’s more room north of the existing station for that.

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I expect the Cisco Field footprint to be even smaller than what I’ve posted because my model doesn’t employ long cantilevers or columns like the 360 model we saw previously. Going small comes in handy in this case.

Specs are still the same:

  • 32,000 seats plus
  • 1,000 or so standing room
  • 40 suites
  • 40 minisuites
  • Playing field 12 feet below street level

The 4 acres south of the ballpark have to be tantalizing as they’re a blank slate. Some parking will go there for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if the A’s/Sharks/SJRA figure out a way to stick a concert hall down there.

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