Dellums, IDLF, Reid meet with MLB committee

The first of what promises to be several meetings between the City of Oakland and MLB’s “Blue Ribbon” committee took place earlier today. On hand for the City were Mayor Ron Dellums and City Council members Ignacio De La Fuente and Larry Reid. Their counterparts were Bob Starkey, Corey Busch and Irwin Raij.

“It was an excellent meeting,” Dellums said afterward. “We’ve begun an excellent dialogue. We’ve agreed to meet on a regular basis and our hope is that we will come to some fruition at some point down the line. … Obviously, on our side, we want to keep the Oakland A’s.”

Obviously, it’s premature to expect anything truly substantive to come out of an opening session. Recriminations have to happen first, I suppose. What struck me was this:

Dellums has not yet finalized the local A’s stadium committee, said Paul Rose, the mayor’s spokesman.

I’m not sure how to react to this.

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