Santa Clara Council approves plan 5-2

It’s 11 PM, which means the Santa Clara City Council session is cutting into my Daily Show/Colbert Report time. Not cool.

Truth be told, I haven’t been watching it for very long. It’s been going long thanks to a very extended comments session. There’ll be an update when something actually happens.

11:43 PM – All comments in. Mayor Patricia Mahan just called for a brief break. Video feed now has Celine Dion music. Kill me now…

1:30 AM – After more comments by the Council and City Manager, the plan was approved 5-2. In favor were Mayor Mahan and Councilmembers Dominic Caserta, Joe Kornder, Jamie Matthews, and Kevin Moore. The dissenters were Councilmembers Will Kennedy and Jamie McLeod. I didn’t hear a word about the Stadium Authority’s role from anyone on the Council. Am I missing something here? Even if it had been brought up earlier during the session’s public comment period, it’s seems remiss not to mention it. Your move, Santa Clara citizens.

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