Welcome to the Fabulous Forum

As I mentioned in the last post, we now have a forum/bulletin board on site. The forum can be found at newballpark.org/forum. Four main categories have been created, with others possible as needed. Categories are as follows:

  • Ballpark Sites – Discussion of any and all potential homes for the A’s.
  • TV/Radio – Coverage of media deals and channel availability.
  • The Business Side – Discuss salary cap, personnel, draft, revenue, marketing, collective bargaining – that other off the field stuff.
  • Architecture and Design – Features, façades, field dimensions. You know, the cool stuff.

Now to the poll question. Some blogs are formatted to have comments either directly underneath each post, or in a designated forum, or both. How would like to enter comments? Vote in the poll on the right.

So check out the forum, register, and start your own topics. The more, the merrier.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fabulous Forum

  1. I think comments under the topic are best. Its easier to navagate to, rather than plowing through the forum. The forum should be for user posted news and discussion. Leave the comments about the story at hand with the story at hand..

  2. On a side note about the Poll, it needs to be fixed so that after you’ve voted, you cant vote again and again (or at least, so that it shows what the results are always after you vote).

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