First astroturf, now push polls!

Thanks to A’s Fan for picking up the link.

Over at Watch Dog Silicon Valley, a good San Jose voter passed along notes taken while he/she was surveyed by an obviously Giants-backed firm. Here’s the subject matter captured by the surveyee:

Major topic areas:
– Economy
– Greedy team owners
– No promises for mitigation for impacts
– Giving away land

Take a look at the blog post to get the rest of the scoop. This quite obvious push poll – not a real survey – is thoroughly astounding, reminiscent of dirty campaign tactics used during the ’08 presidential campaign.

To paraphrase Joseph Welch, “Have you no sense of decency, Giants, at long last?”

This year, I resolve to have extra glee in angry Giants fans calling in to KNBR, complaining that the team’s front office can’t won’t pony up for a bat. Those on King Street can have their push polls, I’ll have schadenfreude.

Quick postscript: In many stadium efforts, the pro-stadium campaign usually overwhelms the anti-stadium forces thanks to fundraising, the backing of the business community, and better media links. In this case, it’s possible that campaign spending will be fairly close on both sides thanks to that SF ballclub and its proxies. I know that the San Jose boosters have been quietly raising money for some time, including a sort of war chest for future endeavors. Sounds like they’ll need every penny of it and then some.

20 thoughts on “First astroturf, now push polls!

  1. The giants must be pissing their pants about the A’s move to SJ.

  2. One has to wonder why the Giants would go through all the time and expense on this “defeat San Jose” campaign if the panel hasn’t submitted their report to Selig. Plus, the issue still has to be voted on by the owners.

  3. I am suprised that Selig hasn’t stepped in on the gints—I am assuming that the powers to be at the A’s and gints know that MLB has made a decision to allow the A’s to negotiate with SJ which is why the gints and city of SF are doing their dirty work. But Selig could put a quick stop to it…by linking any future compensation to the gints to the level of meddling in other teams affairs. I have a hard time believing that this plays well at the lodge

    • Are you saying that the fix is in and this is a conspiracy between Selig, Wolff and San Jose interests? After all, we still haven’t heard from the commission sent to Oakland to explore sites in the city. So you think the fix is in? I do to. MLB will have much more to worry about than what the Giants think when this is all said and done.

      • Stop turning every thread into this crap. I’m warning you.

      • Yes, after all the A’s are an MLB franchise owned by a guy who is a real part of the San Jose community. The Giants know the panel and the owners are going to be 100% pro-San Jose. The fix is in, but it’s none of your business if it’s in or not.

    • Good points GoA’s,
      As I recall, MLB is one big happy family; hence individual teams can’t sue each other and/or MLB because in essence they would be suing themselves. When it’s decided by the committee and MLB ownership that, in the best interest of the ENTIRE LEAGUE (not just the Giants), the A’s should relocate to San Jose, then I’d imagine Selig will step in and tell Neukom and Baer enough is enough. I’m pretty sure before Neukom took over as owner, he was given the low down on how the league works and what’s expected from each team.

      As for the B.S. survey, isn’t it amazing: a privately-financed ballpark in San Francisco was the best thing since sliced bread for that city, yet a privately-financed ballpark in San Jose would bring hell on Earth for SJ citizens and their services. Hypocrisy at its finest?!

      In terms of a public vote in SJ for ballpark: beating the dead horse badly, if you go strictly by the SJ Muni Code re: using taxpayer monies for a sports venue, a vote WON’T BE NECESSARY if San Jose sells the Diridon plot or leases it to the A’s at market rates AND if redevelopment monies are used only for surrounding infrastructure improvements (parking structures, Autumn Pkwy. extension); especially since the improvements are already planned for the area, ballpark or no ballpark. I know SJ leaders are hell bent on putting this to the voters, but again, it’s technically not necessary.

      R.M., at a later date, can you do a thread on the SJ Muni Code or reference your previous one?

      • Tony- while it may not be technically required holding a vote is a positive step in that it is transparent to city residents and removes the potential for some challenges to the project going forward. The citizens of SJ approved the arena including a tax payer subsidy and you won’t find anyone around who will admit that they didn’t vote for it. Also, I would suspect that the proposed deal in SJ would be very similiar to what the gints did in China Basin—sweetheart deal for the land lease—and that passed with more than 2/3rd’s majority—ironically what the gints are saying with their obstruction tactics in SJ is that the deal they have in SF is horrible for the city of SF—-bottom line this is a good deal for SJ to get $500M of private investment, construction job and hospitality job creation, additoinal entertainment options that add to the culture and appeal of the community on and on….you have the support of the mayor, entire city council, supervisors from SCC, SVLG, ex-mayors (one of which opposed the arena and now says it was one of the best thing that happened to SJ)–do the vote and put to rest any naysayers who might claim that the residents of SJ didn’t have a say–

  4. ML,

    Has a January announcement been confirmed by anyone OTHER than Oakland officials? Seems like a lot of people are expecting an announcement any second now but do we have any solid indications that’s the case?

  5. ML, Navigator won’t stop now, he’s hoping the Giants will start paying him.

  6. Wow. I am open to the idea that Bud Selig is a decent leader. He has championed some initiatives that have proven to boost MLB’s revenues to the point where the league is passing the NFL in dollars.

    Right now, though, I have to question his leadership.

    There is “taking your time for due diligence” and then there is “neglect.” The idea that 15 years after Mt. Davis the A’s stadium situation is what it is and he has yet to step in and tell all parties to shut the hell up is mind boggling.

    I have a feeling that it won’t be long before we start hearing about how “Microsoft’s strong arm tactics are back! Only this time, they are in San Francisco.”

    I don’t think Bud wants to see a mud slinging match, but it is headed there with a bullet. And it is sad. This doesn’t have to be like this.

  7. There was an article, that I can’t find anymore, that detailed the fight over the Braves move from Milwaukee to Atlanta in the 60s. It was fascinating all the boosterism and shenanigans that went on. Bug Selig was one of the guys trying hard to keep the Braves in Milwaukee, and it was suggested the loss of the team was devastating to him, and has driven him with a take no prisoners attitude ever since then.
    Looks like another rollicking story is shaping up here.

    • TPS,
      I think we can both agree that the Braves moving from Milwaukee to Atlanta in the 60’s is a lot different than the A’s moving 35 miles south within the same metro area.

      Jeffrey and NT are right: the sooner Selig, MLB and the commitee get the A’s and Giants together, the sooner all of this astroturf nonsense will end.

      As for the “rollicking story,” it should end just the way the Expos/Nationals/Orioles saga ended.

  8. One quick note on R.M.’s “quick postscript”: while both campaigns may theoretically be close in terms of money spent, a quick read on other various blogs indicates that the citizens of SJ will have none of this nonsense coming out of the Giants. So they can spend, spend, spend on lies, lies lies…we will simply not buy it! Especially with the privately-financed AT&T Park doing so well up in Frisco.

  9. Good thing the voter that took notes wasn’t a blogger or related to one.

  10. McCarthy? Seriously? Sheesh…

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