Noll gives a number for T-rights

The Trib’s Kelly Rayburn sets the table for what should be the forthcoming report to the commish this week.

The commissioner’s committee is expected to discuss the ballpark sites, the cities’ abilities to make infrastructure improvements, market and corporate vitality, and the politics surrounding a possible move, numerous sources said.

Nearly lost among the posturing among all of the cities and booster groups is noted Stanford sports economist Roger Noll’s opinion:

Roger Noll, an authority on the business of professional sports, does not see the territorial rights issue as a death knell for the A’s designs on San Jose. He believes the matter can be settled for the right price: $20 million or $30 million.

“My expectation is eventually they will move. How long it will take to move, I don’t know,” Noll said. “Among all the options the most likely is San Jose.”

I’m not sure where Noll gets the number from, and I think that whatever compensation is made won’t be a simple $25 million lump sum payment. However, it’s a more realistic number than what many have been calling for: $100-300 million.

29 thoughts on “Noll gives a number for T-rights

  1. The Pareto optimal allocation would be for the A’s to move to SJ and compensate the Giants in a way that would make both teams better off than in the current situation. I worry, though, that Newkom will set the price so high that it’s no longer economical for the A’s, because the alternative (the A’s being contracted or leaving the Bay Area) is so much better for the Giants than the status quo. So MLB may have to step in.

  2. Give the Giants what they paid for the t-rights. That would be $0. How about if the A’s let the Giants fly one of the A’s many World Series Championship flags? Give the fans at PacBell Park a chance to see what one looks like.

  3. Who gives a sh$t what Noll thinks?

  4. I’m not sure where Noll gets the number from, and I think that whatever compensation is made won’t be a simple $25 million lump sum payment. However, it’s a more realistic number than what many have been calling for: $100-300 million.
    It might be interesting to put up a poll on what people here think would constitute a fair or realistic valuation of T-rights.

    • $0, the price the Giants paid the A’s for them in the early 90’s and then never used them.

    • realistically, it’s not worth zero– like it or not Haas gave those rights to the Giants, probably for the same reason he bought the A’s– he thought he was preserving a resource for the people of the Bay Area. The minimum it can be is enough to guarantee that their stadium bonds are paid off, otherwise the bondholders can say they were deceived. Not sure how much that is, $20 million sounds reasonable. My idea is the A’s can cover some of it by moving into AT&T during construction and paying the Giants rent.

  5. I just don’t get it why people hate Fremont. Fremont is changing. But former mayor has done a bad job turning Fremont into a boring city and a finance trouble. I’m glad that current mayor Bob Wasserman done a great job turning this city into a better city that bring the A’s to Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman wants the A’s in Fremont, build a water park, and open a nice upscale restaurants to Fremont. Mayor said, “Whether you like it or not, Fremont is going to see high-rises.” Current city administration done a great turning Fremont into a urban city in 30 years. I don’t believe Noll really care about Fremont or doesn’t know about Fremont. I think the Giants territorial rights cost more than $250 millions. This will be impossible for the A’ s move San Jose unless residents will pay. It think Oakland will never happened. Oakland has poor leadership, no land use, and major landowners opposed the A’s move to JLS. It will be impossible for me that Oakland is better than Fremont. Fremont plan has enough parking that met Major League Baseball requirement, a lot of empty lot can be develop as a mixed-use, and attract both Alameda County, Silicon Valley, and Tri-valley. This is a great investment for Fremont, A’s, and major league Baseball. If A’s and Major League Baseball does choose Fremont, I hope people will support the move.

  6. San Jose officials eye new taxes

    The city would cut 550 of its 6,520 jobs, most from layoffs.
    Police would lose 140 sworn positions, 91 in patrol. Police and fire department staffs would be cut 7 percent.
    88 full-time library jobs would be cut; branch hours would be cut by nearly half.

    Can San Jose be the future of San Jose and afford a ballpark? No San Jose can’t afford a ballpark. With a a mixed-use development and housing, how will Lew Wolff pay for the ballpark? San Jose

    Guess Fremont or Las Vegas is the only option. Oakland maybe.

  7. San Jose wouldn’t pay for the ballpark anymore than Fremont or Oakland. The city has asked unions to take pay cuts, like the rest of us, but there has been no response. So now there will be layoffs.

  8. My guess is $50 million will be the final number to complete the deal. Fisher and Wolf have the cash and will make the buy if given the chance. As much as I want the A’s to stay in Oakland, my guess is they will find the way to San Jose.

    • im with you … i just wish we could finally know where they will be building a park and be done with this saga… i would love for it to be in oakland but i believe it is becoming more apparent that will never happen

  9. FremontA’s

    Most of the time, it’s very hard to tell what your posts are trying to say.
    Are they originally written in a foreigh langusge, and then run through a translation program?

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