Juicy MLB team financials leaked

Deadspin received some very interesting, detailed financial statements from recent years for the Pirates, Mariners, Rays, Angels, and Marlins. As usual, Maury Brown already has an analysis up. Take a look at the docs if you have time, I’ll chime in shortly. Note: There is one team remaining to have its numbers leaked. Will it be the A’s?

I’ve taken the individual scans and put them into PDF format.

On a sad note, the great former KPIX anchor Dave McElhatton died earlier today from stroke-related illness. His jovial, normal guy nature was very different from the Tab Hunter-styled anchors we’re used to seeing. Condolences to his family.

9 thoughts on “Juicy MLB team financials leaked

  1. RIP Dave McElhatton. Thankfully, the lord has spared us Wendy Tokuda.
    Those financial statements are like an early Christmas present. I’d love to see the Yankees be the last team, but that would be too good to be true. I wonder who leaked all this? It must be an MLB exec, else how would they have access to the statements from different teams?

  2. wow, i’m totally bummed about mcelhatton. haven’t lived in the bay area for a few years now, so i guess it’s easy to forget that people you see every day growing up on tv get old and pass on. back in the day, wayne walker, pete wilson, dennis richmond what’s her face that quit ktvu for a tv career and so on. i feel so old…

    it’s easy to forget sometimes that all these sports owners and ownership groups are wealthy beyond imagination and to even get in position to buy a team that means they’ve been incredibly successful at everything they’ve done. fisher and co certainly aren’t hurting that’s for sure. it’s no wonder that commish bud and gang fight tooth and nail not to have to disclose any sort of financial information about their clubs.

  3. I really felt bad when Pete Wilson died. He was great! I really enjoyed his radio show on kgo

  4. Unfortunately, Mark Ibanez and Steve Physioc are alive and well.

  5. R.M.,
    Help me out here. I’m failing to see how this revelation is a huge story. If MLB knows, and now the public, that certain clubs are making a “profit” from revenue sharing, what happens now? I mean, people can express their disbelief and “anger” at this setup, but when all is said and done, if MLB wants it this way, then it will stay this way (am I making sense?). As for the A’s, we’ve now known for a long time that they’ve been “profiting” from revenue sharing. If the clubs that pay into revenue sharing (Yankees, Giants, etc.) don’t like this arrangement, than encourage scenarios where clubs are taken off of “welfare” and become contributors to the pot (i.e. allowing the A’s to relocate to San Jose and building a new revenue-generating ballpark). Again, hope this thought made sense.

    • @Tony D.- As the dust settles, the real story is not that the teams are pocketing revenue sharing. The real story is that the docs were leaked in the first place. Maury already has a follow-up speculating on who did it, and really, any number of parties could have an axe to grind. As long as players and big money teams don’t want a salary cap and the poor teams don’t want a salary floor, this will continue to happen. Status quo.

  6. So, I was wearing a tinfoil hat yesterday.
    Listening to Dave Fleming chat it up with Ralph and Tom on KNBR (hey, it’s baseball and I listen to that over just about anything).
    They started ripping on the Marlins and then the A’s. They “pocket their revenue sharing money” was the complaint.
    I thought I knew right away that Bill Neukom was behind this horsecrap. Then, I thought, “How ridiculous is it that Ralph and Tom are ripping on the A’s for revenue sharing when the Giants are standing in the way of a plan that could ween them off revenue sharing?”
    Such is life.

  7. Excellent thought Jeffrey! Those drones over at KNBR are pathetic.

  8. Dump the Razor and bring back Dave Newhouse!!
    Did you guys know that the A’s in their early years were on KNBR? They’ve bounced around stations ever since, including a 10 watt station out of Cal Berkeley in the late 70’s?

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