Sorry Sin City, You’re Not Good Enough

Can we officially stop the FUD regarding Las Vegas? From the Las Vegas Sun:

Goodman, who has spoken about efforts to land a pro baseball team for the last three weeks at his press conferences, was up front about why the team, which he declined to name, turned down Las Vegas.

“We heard from one team that I was very interested in pursuing that our market is not big enough, our media market is not big enough and our economy is in such a state that they’re not interested in considering us at this time,” Goodman said.

It’s very simple. Oscar Goodman is Ahab. Major pro sports is his white whale. Can’t fault him for pursuing it, since landing a team would give him, his legacy, and his city a kind of legitimacy that isn’t achievable any other way. Remember that he’s the one pursuing teams, not the other way around. For now, it’s over. And there’s no telling when Vegas will have the kind of economic viability to support a team, especially a MLB team.

Game. Set. Match.

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