It’s That Time Again

Bill King is the greatest broadcaster I have ever listened to. The National Baseball Hall of Fame gives out an award to the best of the best every year and fan voting (to add 3 candidates to an eventual list of 10 that past Ford C. Frick Award winners and a specially appointed panel will use to select the next winner) begins on facebook tomorrow.

It stuns me that we still have to push for him to be posthumously honored with the Ford C. Frick Award. But we do. And we should. I can’t believe the A’s aren’t and haven’t. On this, all of us should agree: Bill King deserves this recognition.

This article says the we can “influence” the outcome. I sort of chuckle and roll my eyes at that. We have made Bill the top fan vote earner on multiple occasions and a lot of good that did us. We need to crash the gates people. My plea to all of you:

  • If you don’t have a facebook account, please get one. You can delete it after the month. All fan voting will be conducted on the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s facebook profile. You can even friend me!
  • Everyday when you vote, post a facebook status that says “I voted for Bill King for the Ford C. Frick Award and you should to.” Or something.
  • Rinse and repeat daily, starting tomorrow and concluding the last day of September.

We fight all the time on this here blog about where the A’s should play. I think we all agree that Bill King deserves this recognition. Let’s unite and form some kind of Voltron thing and make the Hall of Fame’s appointed panel pick him.

And one last reminder of how awesome Bill King is, was and always will be (at about 1:39 in the below video, full disclosure I wrote the song, recorded it and made the crappy video):

Go A’s, Go Bill and thanks for listening to my rant.

2 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. long live the king.

    i’m not going to lie. i got all teary-eyed the day that he past away. my german wife who has absolutely no clue or interest in american sports probably thought i was crazy for getting all emotional, but she was kind enough not to say anything about it.

    i still miss king’s voice on the radio.

  2. I have that same bobblehead doll of Bill King and listen to it often. He was THE VOICE of eastbay sports and is missed dearly by my family and I.

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