Preliminary 2011 Schedule Out

I’ve had a chance to study next year’s schedule, and one thing’s pretty clear: it’s awful. The Red Sox and Yankees both make only one visit each, and the home opponents for interleague play (aside from the Giants) are Arizona and Florida. It almost seems like MLB ordered the schedule makers to relegate the A’s to a sort of non-priority status, with few premier games and very limited revenue generating opportunities. If, record-wise, the A’s were on a .500 pace next year as they are this year, they probably wouldn’t surpass this year’s attendance pace – which is just slightly better than last year’s. Needless to say, I’m disappointed.

Aside from the terrible list of opponents, you’ll notice that the schedule is a little more compact and runs earlier than in previous years. This is due to MLB’s desire to keep the World Series from going deep into November. Leaguewise, that’s an excellent move. While it won’t get fans any closer to getting the natural doubleheader date (thanks, MLBPA), it makes the schedule a good deal less sprawling.

If you’re looking to get your fill of California baseball, take a couple of PTO days after July 4th. During that span, both Bay Area and both LA teams will be at home, plus there’s the one possibility all year of a A’s-Giants day-night doubleheader on July 6th. We won’t know for sure until times are released early next year, but it’s a good bet. And if, like me, you like planning these trips well in advance, I’ve got a little side project that might pique your interest. More on that tomorrow.

For now, click on the pic for a larger version or go to this link to view the schedule in Google Docs. Note: the N and D denote likely night or day games.

14 thoughts on “Preliminary 2011 Schedule Out

  1. September will be an interdivision-heavy month. If it’s a tight race, it could be pretty exciting. This post is a nice break from the usual urban planning-oriented posts.

  2. Schedule won’t matter much if the A’s spend money wisely this off season. They’ll draw better anyways.

  3. That Giants/A’s double header on 7/16/2010 sound like a great idea. Been wanting to do that for a long time – just to say I did it.

  4. Seattle to Tampa Bay to Toronto with a 10 consecutive-day game homestand as soon as you get home. That’s pretty brutal.

  5. and the montrealization of oakland baseball continues.

  6. Zuko, some random dudes thought’s on the sitch are hardly important. I think a lot of folks agree with him, but when you read his analysis there are some glaring holes.
    Like, he says San Jose will have to fund a stadium totally on the public dole, potentially. We all know that is horse crap. Nothing will happen in Oakland, Sacramento or San Jose that is 100% publicly funded.
    He seems to think Raley Field can easily be converted into an MLB stadium, which it can’t. He thinks that San Jose Muni is a potential temporary home (Really?).
    I agree Charlotte is probably the best real relocation market. And for the same reasons he calls out, but most of that piece is just educated guessing and the guesses are only partially educated.

  7. I said “interesting reading” not “important reading”. Obviously the piece lacks the depth of knowledge that is exhibited here on a daily basis. It is a good high level look at the overall MLB relocation/expansion situation though, and does make some interesting points about contending cities and why most of them are not realistic alternatives. Also, I hadn’t seen any analysis of Montreal, Nashville, Indianapolis or (God forbid) another NYC team as options.

  8. Charlotte’s behind both Sacramento and Portland in terms of media market size (though not by much). Really if the A’s (deity of your choice forbid) move to the east coast, a 3rd team in NYC makes more sense to me than Charlotte.

  9. Yeah, the landscape for a move or expansion isn’t all that inviting. 3 NYC teams? No way it would happen. Though, for all of the “free market” crap Yankees fans spout, they should be willing to you know, trust a free market.
    To me, there are three things that every market has to have to be successful for MLB… Corporate Support, a relatively large Media Market and a relatively big Metro Population. Each of the potential relocation markets (that aren’t already MLB markets) in that story has a challenge in at least one of those areas.

  10. Not the most inspiring schedule is it… Almost seems like MLB wants to create even more justification for the A’s leaving Oakland than they already have if you’re a conspiracy theorist or just cynical now (hell I’m not sure you even have to be cynical after looking at the lameness that is this schedule). Suppose it could be worse, we could be starting the year in Japan or Mexico losing 2 home games again like last season.

  11. Zuko, it may be interesting, but he also didn’t research all that well. He’s got stadiums listed that are no longer available, teams listed that don’t exist, etc… hard to take anything he says seriously.

  12. Just heard on the broadcast the A’s will have 5 (5!) firework shows next year, which runs counter to the attendance conspiracy theory.

  13. Road Trip Time – Mets & Philliies. Already scheduled the PTO.

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