Congrats to the 2010 AL Champs Rangers, NL Champs Giants

I know the A’s played these guys tough throughout the year. Whatever happens in the World Series, and whatever form the Rangers take next season, our team will have something to shoot for. These Rangers are talented and are good stories individually and as a team. Wash may be the best story of all. Collectively, they have proven themselves every step of their journey. Good luck to them the rest of the way, and we’ll see them next year.

Congrats are also in order for the NL Champion Giants. They may be baseball’s version of the Island of Misfit Toys, and that’s just how Giants fans love them. Somehow this playoff run feels more special than 2002, at least to this outsider. Good luck to them, and while I can’t exactly root in a full-throated manner for the G-men, I can at least support them just so that my long suffering uncle Larry can be happy.

29 thoughts on “Congrats to the 2010 AL Champs Rangers, NL Champs Giants

  1. I’m happy!!
    Texas Vs. Philly will work for me. Go Philly!! (I got family in the area). If the Giant’s do make it, they’ll get hammered in 5 games, and will lose to all AL West teams their last 3 WS:A’s, Angel’s, Rangers.

  2. Yes! Thank you Rangers for beating the Yankees. Congratulations Wash!

  3. Go Rangers or Phillies…

  4. Rangers bats vs Giants pitching? Does Bengie Molina give the Rangers an edge over the Giants?
    Imagine Bengie beating the Giants twice in a WS (02 Angels). Hopefully Philly completes a three game winning streak and we don’t have to contemplate any of this.
    Thought “Giants Playoff Fever!” was bad; imagine WORLD SERIES FEVER…AHHH!

  5. I’m happy for Wash.

  6. ALCS turned out right, now we just need Philly to sweep at home and the World Series will be great.

  7. The Rangers definitely had an interesting story on and off the field this season. I’m happy for them and their fans.

    As for the NLCS, I’m pulling for Philly for the admittedly lame reason that my MLB The Show RTTS has been a Phillie for the past 11 season. Right on.

    I’m absolutely cool if the Giants make the World Series. They would’ve earned it: Homegrown, kickass pitching staff; patchwork offense with a rookie phenom centerpiece.

    If it came down to Texas vs. San Francisco, I’m pulling for my hometown San Francisco Giants.

  8. I’ll say this: the Giants were a lot easier to root against when they had Bonds and Kent.

  9. Happy for Wash.
    Reasons to cheer for the Giant.

    1) I like Possey. 2) I’d also like to see Zito, Huff and Rowand get a ring.
    Reasons to root against the Giants
    1)Neukom, Baer and Krukow. 2)We have to listen to a whole year of the Giants being WS Champs on KNBR, especially Ralph. 3) There are a lot of Giant fans that I’d like to see enjoy the joy of being part of something special. One the other hand, there are a lot of Giants fans that are somewhat dismissive of the A’s and their fans, this dispite the fact that the A’s have been just as competitive on the field. For these fans, I hope the Giants choke in Philly.

  10. Best of luck to Ron Washington! One of the best ex A’s we have ever produced!

  11. Briggs and FC,
    From a pure baseball perspective, I’m also OK with the Giants going all the way and even winning the WS.
    My “problem” is the intense media hype and Bandwagon-ism that’s going on currently. A jack o lantern tracing of Tim Lincecum?
    Give me a break! In this mornings Merc by the way. When the A’s make it back to the post season they better get the same treatment!
    FYI, the hard core Giants fans I know like the A’s and would be rooting for them if they were in the playoffs.
    It’s the bandwagons that are annoying and who are most likely dismissive of the A’s.

  12. @tonyd–agree with you on most of your post, but I still kind of want them to lose, but with no Bonds, a win won’t hurt too bad.. I have a co-worker(an old timer around 60 y/o) who’s a die-hard G’s fan going back to the mid 60’s and he’s seen them at their worst in front of sad crowds of 1200 fans back in the mid 70’s. He doesn’t see as many games like before because of the ticket prices and the yuppie, wine-sipping bandwagon phonies who attend the games (his own words). He would like to see a WS win before he dies, so I kind of feel for him.

  13. Wow, Jk-usa. Is that…. perspective? Right on. Rock on.

  14. @Briggs–
    Hey kid, rock and roll
    Rock On, ooh, my soul
    Rock On…by David Essex, 1973, one my all time favorite songs growing up.

  15. Congrats to the Giants and their TRUE fans. Can’t wait for us ballpark backers to bathe in champagne and down some cold ones this Nov/Dec.

  16. :Let’s go Rangers!!!

  17. Screw the Giants, Go Rangers!

  18. It’s hard to pick a team. I don;t wanna root for Texas since they finished in front of us, but the Bay Area media just loves the Giants too much for too few reasons. Go Rangers.


  19. Go Rangers.

    Also, does this mean that Bengie Molina gets a ring regardless of who wins?

  20. Yes it does. Both teams will get rings – either league championship rings or World Series rings. Zito will get one along with his buyout check.

  21. @Zonis

    Yeah. He’s getting a Worlds Series championship ring regardless of who wins.



    You’re right, both the NL and AL Championship teams get rings but since Bengie Molina played a significant amount of the season with Giants, he’ll also be receiving a World Series championship ring from the Giants if they win it.

  22. Wouldn’t that be up to the discretion of the Giants? (Hopefully, he’ll get the World Series ring from the Rangers and that’ll be it.). There’s no entitlement to a ring for players no longer on the roster.

    The disastrous Zito signing apparently means he gets a ring but will never actually play in the World Series. $20 mill-a-year benchwarmer.

  23. the red sux gave nomar a ring in 2004.

  24. A ring for winning a World Series when you didn’t actually win. OK. FWIW, I saw an A’s ticket sales lady wearing a 1990 ALCS ring the team gave her. Team Web site designers, trainers, etc get these rings in the different sports.

    The Blackhawks just gave a ring to their former GM, who was no longer on the team payroll when they won the Stanley Cup. But he got a ring anyway.

  25. I believe I read that Finley gave them to some of the reporters that followed the team.

  26. @pjk–do you think they should put Zito on the WS roster?
    Bochy knew what he was doing by leaving him off in the previous 2 rounds. One more loss in there could of turned everything for the worse. He would be just as shaky as a reliever. The best chance of getting Zito that WS ring is to leave him off again. Kind of messed up, but who ever said life was fair.

  27. Zito has been a failure since the second half of the season and what the Giants have done in the playoffs so far obviously has worked. Why gamble and put Zito on the mound now? He chokes under pressure. The Rangers would love to see him on the mound.

  28. The best thing for the Giants is to leave Zito off the roster. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved. I think the bigger question is whether to start Sanchez or Bumgarner in Game 3.

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