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  1. Kissing ass of the person or persons you’re trying to get something from never hurts 😉

  2. It’s just the right thing to do:
    — Congratulations on getting that promotion, I wanted it but I know you’ll do a fine job.
    — Congraulations on your engagement, I’m sorry it didn’t work out between you and me but I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.
    — Congratulations to the world champion San Francisco Giants.

    • It’s just the right thing to do:— Congratulations on getting that promotion, I wanted it but I know you’ll do a fine job.— Congraulations on your engagement, I’m sorry it didn’t work out between you and me but I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.— Congratulations to the world champion San Francisco Giants.

      I agree with this. It’s just the right thing to do. The A’s also couldn’t have sat there and did/said nothing (though that is something typical of the organization.) Also, the A’s needed to literally remind people that there is another baseball team in the Bay Area. Though I don’t know anybody younger than 50 who reads a physical newspaper.

  3. I think this is a classy move, but I really, really, really love the design.

    On one hand, in general, it’s just great to see a piece that’s not over-designed and cluttered (most sports organizations, I’m looking at you. Warriors I’m STARING at you.)

    But on the other hand to me the design communicates more than just a congratulations. It’s a stiff-lipped “good job.” It’s a firm handshake with just a bit more grip than necessary.

    I actually think it’s a bit of an F-you!

  4. The A’s are such Giants bandwagon fans.


    I kid. Classy.

  5. I also think its a bit of an “F-you”…total sarcasm if you ask me. I love it.

  6. wonder if it was the other way around, would this take place.

  7. classy move by the a’s. doubt the giants would ever do the same.

  8. According to Briggs in the previous thread, they did in ’89. Pretty big of them. Of course, after the quake we were all feeling rather brotherly. Carmen Policy and Al Davis may have even hugged once back then.

  9. The Giants aren’t evil, just assholes.

  10. I’m totally stunned that the Oakland logo was used. I’m sure LW has the San Jose Athletics logo ready to present to the press if he gets his way.

  11. jk-usa, no doubt. I can’t wait to see it. It’s probably the current one with “San Jose” where the “Oakland” is so as not to be too jarring.

    • jk-usa, no doubt. I can’t wait to see it. It’s probably the current one with “San Jose” where the “Oakland” is so as not to be too jarring.

      I hope that if/when the A’s move to San Jose, the team re-brands themselves. This includes some of the logos and the uniforms.

  12. i hope they go back wearing ocassionally the vested unis. A color switch back to the kelly green wouldn’t be all that bad either.

  13. Guess I’m of the opposite opinion. I hope the only thing they change is the name. Keep the unis the way they are with the exception of obviously taking Oakland off the away unis and just put Athletics or San Jose on them. And if they must put SJ on the cap, but I’d prefer they keep the A’s on it. That’s been their signature for most of the last century.

  14. how about going back to have just the “A” on the cap and getting rid of the “apostrophe” and “s”.

    but agreed that a “SJ” will be implemented if they move down to sj. don’t know if it’ll be the primary cap though. the a’s will still be the cap worn the most.

  15. @letsgoas

    Dropping the apostrophe S from the logo might be cool. I’m down with anything if it’s executed well. Though, I’m guessing of all things “Athletics,” the primary logo is the only identifier the club won’t alter if they move to San Jose. The apostrophe S indicates that they’re the “A’s” and they’re the only MLB that uses their nickname so interchangeably with their actual name. Also, just for aesthetic reasons, I like how the apostrophe S off-sets the A. Think of the Apple Computers logo without the bite on the right side.

  16. Looks like a Chipotle ad.

  17. @chris
    I’m curious what you think they should look like, or look more like.
    The A’s “A”, hat, colors, uniforms, combine to make one of the most recognizable brands with THE most unique colorway (the only team to not use blue, black, or red in it’s core palette) in MLB.

  18. I’d like to see mostly all the same branding, replacing Oakland with San Jose, and I’d rather see a vest option than the horrific black set they’re rocking right now.

    Also, I’d like to see a better treatment of the gray set. I think playing up the yellow with a more unique shade of gray could be an interesting direction. Yellow socks with the away unis?

  19. They are the Oakland A’s and they should stay the Oakland A’s.. even if they move to San Jose.
    The 49ers are not going to be the Santa Clara 49ers.
    The Cowboys are not the Arlington Cowboys.
    The New York Giants and New York Jets play in Jersey.

    They are forever the Oakland A’s and they should stay that way.
    If you’re a real fan there is NO other option.

  20. @ LovetheA’s- that would make perfect sense if SJ was a suburb of Oakland. Unfortunately it’s not. And why the hell should the A’s pay any tribute to the city of Oakland by keeping the Oakland name? What the hell has Oakland done for the team lately? Have they picked a site yet? Renders? And I don’t mean a photoshoped PNC park. Please explain your logic. Hopefully it’s not based on emotion

  21. @larry e

    lew wolff paid for the drawings not city of sj.

  22. @ wha- Sj has bought land … Has Oakland?

  23. @LarryE–Yep, SJ is not a suburb of Oakland, just a drab suburb all by itself. And they haven’t acquired all of the land. SJ is so damn broke they can’t buy the last 2 parcels, and Lew Wolff will have to bail them out. He wouldn’t buy a square inch of land in Oakland, the city he hates so much.
    And speaking of crappy owners, the 49ers want to raise ticket prices 10-20% in the upper price levels.
    They just don’t get it. Lousy team, lousy stadium, bad economy–lets squeeze some more out of our fans!!

  24. It’s still more land than oakland has acquired. Listen, I have nothing against Oakland. It’s a great city and at this point I really don’t care where the team plays as long as it’s in the Bay. All this Giants popularity freaks me out.My fear is that MLB shoots down SJ, Lew doesn’t work something out with Oakland, and the team simply bails. At this point we shouldn’t be attacking eachother. We should rally around SJ and if that doesn’t work out, we should then rally around Oakland. There doesn’t seem to be many A’s fans these days. We need to preserve the fan base before the Giants swallow the whole region!

  25. Jk, Lew Wolff at one time offered to buy land in Oakland. It was for the Coliseum North plan. He wanted to buy industrial zoned parcels and have them rezoned for mixed use. Then he would have developed the parcels, or sold the development rights, to fund stadium construction.

  26. Lovethea’s, the most tired thing on the Internet is people saying “you aren’t a real fan unless…” save it for the sfgate.com message boards.

  27. According to the US census bureau, Oakland is a suburb and San Jose is not. What an unfortunate truth, whiners.

  28. San Jose is 1.1 million people while Oakland is 400,000 people.

    Part of San Jose’s ballpark guidelines is that San Jose must be used in the name if they were to pitch in RDA funds for a new ballpark.

    Oakland’s political well is too “poisoned” beyond return at this point as ML points out. They have chose to work with the Raiders and they are content to let the A’s go.

    It is San Jose or bust.

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