Metrodome roof collapses

I don’t know if it’s divine intervention for Brett Favre or symmetry with the Minnesota Vikings’ season. Either way, this video of the Metrodome’s roof collapsing is awesome.

The game has been rescheduled for Monday night at Detroit’s Ford Field. The teams could’ve played at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota, but the smaller capacity stadium (50,000 vs. 64,000 for the Metrodome) would’ve caused ticketing problems and the visiting Giants had not brought any cold weather gear (of course not, they were going to play in dome). Still, they should’ve played at TCF, if only to give Vikings fans a taste of what it was like to watch a game outdoors, as they did at the Met for 20 years.

12 thoughts on “Metrodome roof collapses

  1. TCF is reportedly closed for the winter. There is no way they could have played at that stadium on such short notice. Nor would anyone in their right mind want to watch a MNF game in sub-zero temperatures that they’re going to have their tomorrow night.

    Makes me glad I moved to San Diego part time. It’s 80 degrees outside, I’m considering going to the beach.

  2. In unrelated news, looks like SJ and LW are still renegotiating to build the Quakes stadium, which will be the only one fully privately financed in MLS. . Curious, if they would sell the land to LW for the proposed $89million, would that money go back to the RDA fund, and in turn used to buy whatever parcel is needed for the a’s stadium?

  3. sorry ML – please delete my post…did not see it.

  4. ST, you are incorrect anyway. Several stadiums in MLS have been built 100% private already in Columbus, LA and New York (and New England if you consider the Patriots stadium the Revolution’s as well).

  5. Dan – this was cited from the article and LW, who said, “The economy is certainly a huge factor here,” Wolff said. “We’re the only soccer facility in the MLS that has to do it totally private, so we have to make sure we have the best option to move that along.”. So, I’m not sure if its true or not. Maybe he meant as the only MLS, soccer specific stadium (non shared) to be built?

  6. No he was just blowing smoke or speaking PR (not that there’s a difference). There have been several MLS Soccer Specific stadiums built with 100% private funding. Columbus was the first by the Hunt family, LA by AEG and now New York via Red Bull have followed the 100% private model.

  7. The University of Minnesota had already winterized TCF Stadium – It involves shutting off water to the concourses, etc rather than heating areas that won’t be used all winter. It will take a few days to re-open the place if needed for the Vikings-Bears game next Monday night.

    This has happened a few times before, but in the early eighties, before the kinks were worked out. BC Place stadium in Vancouver (Metrodome 2.0) deflated a couple years ago as well.

  8. I wonder if Vikings ownership was secretly jumping for joy while repeating the phrase… “LA Vikings! LA Vikings! LA Vikings!”

  9. They’ll get a new stadium here. The dome paid for itself, they can figure out how to make a new building do the same

  10. Mike, do you have link to the article, any article, that explains the “paying for itself?”

  11. Aren’t they being a little hasty in trying to tear down that place? 😉

    Seriously, this can’t be good for either side. I don’t know if they can get that roof fixed for the rest of the season.

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