San Francisco chosen for 2013 America’s Cup

Congratulations are in order for Gavin Newsom and the SF Board of Supervisors, who held firm and didn’t give away the farm in their winning America’s Cup bid. The City beat out stalking horse Newport, RI, who did not actually get its 2013 bid out in time, despite having the experience of holding the event throughout much of the 20th century.

72-foot catamarans will be the vessel of choice, and the races themselves will be held at the Golden Gate, with excellent views from North Beach, the Marina, and the Marin Headlands.

The upshot of this is that we’ve now gotten two glimpses into how Larry Ellison makes deals when it comes to his sporting interests. He plays hardball (America’s Cup). He doesn’t overbid (Warriors). And now that he and his partners will be investing $150 million on SF’s waterfront with the idea of ensuring that the event will continue to be held here every three years into the distant future, it seems unlikely that he’ll turn his attention to other potential sports endeavors, namely the A’s. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the sixth richest person in the world has, as part of his day job, gone double-barreled at HP and has also set his sights on just about every other enterprise heavyweight in the tech industry. So for those who want to keep thinking that Ellison will simply head over the bridge and become Oakland’s knight in shining armor, get real. He has other things on his mind.

6 thoughts on “San Francisco chosen for 2013 America’s Cup

  1. BUT! Maybe he’ll get lost in East Oakland, get hit on the head, and want to build there!

  2. Ellison’s next expression of interest in buying the A’s would be his very first. There is no Knight in Shining Armor ready to buy the A’s and build them a privately funded ballpark in Oakland.

  3. Any word yet in how much wine and cheese will be consumed?

  4. @ML–FWIW, Ellison was the highest bidder for the Warriors, but was still denied. Kind of reminds me when the Piccinini/Dolich group overbid for the A’s but were denied. I’m not a big Ellison fan and really don’t want him to be our shinning night. With Piccinini’s wealth increasing big time the last decade, I’m wondering if he’d be interested again, even though he was really pissed when MLB gave him the middle finger.

    • @jk-usa – Do you not remember how this went down? Ellison put in his “highest” bid after the deadline. Piccinini’s had multiple opportunities to be the lead partner for three franchises and has chosen to be a minority partner. Seems like he wants to be involved but not be the man.

  5. @ML–okay, that’s how it went down with LE. Thanks. I wish Piccinini would want to be the main man for the A’s now.
    From the Mod Bee article last Januray:
    Would Piccinini, who will be 68 next week, try again to buy the A’s?
    “As I sit here right now, I would say probably not,” he said. “However, never say never. I’ve had other … I won’t say opportunities, but people have said such and such a franchise is available. They were franchises that were Kansas City or whatever. Part of the reason I was excited about the A’s was that it was local.”
    Eleven years later, we can only fantasize about Piccinini’s owning the A’s. He surely would have restored the revered Haas family’s team-community lovefest.
    Piccinini had the wealth — and he’s even wealthier now — to lead the charge for a privately built ballpark.

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