Green and gold? Canary and blue? Or…

Okay, I can’t help it. This post is wildly off topic. I’ve been waiting for the alternate jersey design to be revealed, and today it was revealed at A’s Media Day. By now you’ve seen the initial pic from Jane Lee, which frankly, looked somewhat underwhelming. Billy Beane described the jersey’s color as “canary yellow,” which seemed to be backed up by more photos, but other photos showed a richer gold instead of muted canary. The A’s web site has now been updated to include a gallery which includes this closeup:

Does that solve anything? I don’t know that it does. In cloudy or night games, the color may look more muted. On bright sunny days, gold may prevail. The stripe has also alternated between green and blue depending on the picture, so it seems that lighting has everything to do with how the uni looks.

Then again, that stripe has a teal-ish tinge to it… We’ll be able to judge for ourselves in a few weeks when the alternate jerseys start showing up in stores. ESPN’s Paul Lukas mentioned the A’s last summer after a throwback game involving the Pirates. This season, Uni Watch may have its first two-face uniform article.

One thing’s for certain: the black alternate is out. Which makes gold/canary the new black I suppose. What will Gio choose when he takes the Coliseum mound?

P.S. Shortly after the post went up I was sent a few more shots by CSN producer Casey Pratt (danke). Judge for yourself.

24 thoughts on “Green and gold? Canary and blue? Or…

  1. They’re more plain than I thought they’d be but they’ve quickly grown on me this evening. The louder, the better.

  2. Watching Harden on Chron live right now. When asked about the alt. jersey that he is wearing, his smile gave his opinion away… he hates them. I love ’em though. I’m happy.

  3. Yea they’re brighter than some cameras make them out to be. I think they’re awesome.

  4. gold unis>>>>>black unis.

    sorry gio.

  5. Yes! Gold!! Good!! The Giants wear black, the A’s wear Gold. This is the way it should be.

  6. Are the black uniforms that disliked by fans? I like them and hope they’re revisited again someday. A black, gold and green motif is still uniquely A’s.

  7. I like the gold better, but I didn’t mind the black tops as much as most people. Does the green and gold were wearing black makes any sense? No, but it changed things up and wasn’t an eyesore. I suspect it even made the team even slightly more popular, and I’m in favor of anything that does that.

  8. The question now is whether the starting pitchers will embrace the yellow. Of the expected starting 5, who would choose the yellow? If it was my decision, I’d keep the black and feature the yellow on Sunday home games to ensure that it’s worn a few times throughout the season.

  9. BTW, I’m trusting that the yellow is as vibrant as it appears on the A’s official site. The pictures where the yellow appears muted looks like they were taken on an iPhone.

  10. The gold is a definite improvement over the black and has displaced it, but that’s not saying much. But for that reason alone I’m ok with the gold, it’s one of our team colors unlike those black abominations. However I’d rather the team just have dumped the black and stuck with the green for home AND away alt. It’s a much classier looking jersey that this new gold one.

  11. And yes Briggs, the black jersey was that hated by fans. Giants and Raiders (my two most hated teams on the planet) wear black, NOT the A’s.

  12. like it although strikes me as somewhat copying the concept of what the gints did with that bright orange jersey that they wore on Fridays–personally think that orange was ugly as hell—but they did a whole marketing play on it that was pretty successful I believe

  13. I liked the Pirates red vested uniforms from a few years ago. It added to the black & yellow well. I think there’s a place for black in the A’s color motif. On another note, these new yellow unis are the first unis not to feature the “Athletics/Oakland” script in… wow, it’s been that long… decades.

  14. Rather have the vests from the late sixties

  15. I’d prefer pullovers rather than the button up. It’d play to the A’s raffish charm.

  16. Love it. Never hated the black, but I do prefer the gold.

  17. Just give me the uniforms the A’s started to wear back in 1972 with the gold , green , and white (The all white uniforms were worn on Sunday home games) tops with white pants. Best baseball uniforms ever! Finley always hated that teams wore what he considered “prison grey” road uniforms and wanted to be different. The A’s in the 1970’s were quite unique in many ways and the “Kelly Green” , “California Gold”, and “Monnlight White” team colors they wore made them unique from the other MLB clubs back then. I wish they would go back and wear those uniforms on a regular basis again.

  18. i mentioned it months back when there was news that they may go to a gold uni top and that the a’s are the only team in mlb now that uses green as one of their primary colors. most every other team uses variation of blue, black, or red.

    it’s nice to be unique in a way to be the only team using green in your color scheme although don’t know why other teams don’t use green at all.

    the black unis would’ve looked much better had they worn a gold undershirt underneath instead of green. still green and especially gold should be used more often by the a’s org. wouldn’t mind if they went to a blue/white scheme ocassionally to promote their years in philly.

  19. Glad the black is gone. IMHO, the A’s should use the green jerseys with gold lettering for home, and these new gold with green lettering for away. And get rid of the drab white and grey jerseys.

  20. Weren’t the 70’s colors Kelly Green, Fort Knox Gold, and Wedding Gown White?

    @Briggs, 1983 was the last time “A’s” was on the jerseys as opposed to the script.

  21. I like the gold a lot. Always have from way back when. Was okay with the black, but won’t really miss it. The A’s rich, colorful history in Oakland with different color uni’s than the norm and with the white shoes makes me proud to be an Oakland Athletics fan since 1971.

  22. ML has been on FIRE!
    You all know I love the gold. I’d have preferred a sleeveless number with the elephant logo where the “A’s” is, but when you combine gold jerseys with the history heavy promo schedule it is clear the A’s are learning about how to market this team. I LOVE it.

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