State Budget Talks Collapse

The word from the Capitol tonight is that budget talks have broken down. Governor Brown took to YouTube to explain his side of things, laying blame on the Republicans for holding out for more cuts.

Brown says he’s not given up on the process, but it sounds more and more like the Democrats are going to try to do this on their own. What that means is highly uncertain at this point. It could mean Draconian cuts, it could mean getting concessions from public employees unions – just about anything is up for grabs at this point. That anything includes redevelopment. Safe again for the time being, redevelopment was supported by the Republicans in a smaller, compromise plan. It remains to be seen whether some (or many) Dems will start supporting redevelopment again or if they stay unified behind the Governor.

One thing’s absolutely certain: This isn’t getting resolved anytime soon.

7 thoughts on “State Budget Talks Collapse

  1. So is RDA on life support?

  2. Seems more like Brown’s grandiose plans to railroad his budget plans through are on life support…

  3. @Sid – That’s quite comprehensive, at least from a South Bay standpoint. Well done, Josh Koehn.

  4. Agree that this is well done and touches on all relevant points in a comprehensive but focused manner–only item that I dont agree with is that I thought the city sold to the Earthquakes (or at least the option to purchase) the property for their stadium rather than the city owning it and leasing it to the Earthquakes–relevant only in that one technically forces a vote while the later avoids the need to vote–

  5. So anyone actually ever listen to KBWF? before?

    I’m a Gameday Audio listener so I guess this has no real impact on me, but man, no wonder Oakland’s never able to gain traction on the radio…

  6. I’m not big into country, but my wife listens to that station from time to time. I don’t remember there ever being any reception problems in Fremont/SJ.

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