News for 4/28/11

It would appear that new Coliseum naming rights holder is the snake to current signage/broadcast sponsor and hedge fund Kingsford Capital’s mongoose. Or vice-versa. Weird.

The 49ers made two big announcements yesterday. They brought in mega-agency CAA to handle its naming rights search. That comes after Santa Clara authorized the team to start selling said naming rights. The 49ers also hired former Facebook and YouTube CFO Gideon Yu to become its Chief Strategy Officer. Yu may have been bored working at venture capital firm Khosla Ventures. You know how in the past I wrote wondering how the 49ers were going to finance the Santa Clara stadium? Well, this hiring proves that there’s some truth to it, and Tim Kawakami agrees. The Yorks are having to search far and wide, looking into perhaps novel or unexplored revenue streams to pay for the stadium. For Santa Clara taxpayers’ sakes, I hope they hit a vein of gold (preferably not on their uniforms).

It’s a bad time for online security. Sony’s PlayStation Network was severely breached last week and is still down for rebuilding. Now according to Deadspin, the New York Yankees accidentally leaked a file containing the names of 20,000 season ticket and plan holders. No credit card info was in the file, but plenty of personal information was. It didn’t get everyone, though. The suiteholders and high rollers in the really expensive (and often empty) club seats were not affected. It’s good to be the king. Also, the number of tickets sold (2.1 million) and revenue pulled in just for the non-premium sections ($131 million) are absolutely staggering.

Speaking of staggering, Frank McCourt visited New York to lobby Bud Selig to approve his own personal TARP bailout by Fox. The plan, which would have included $300 million upfront that would have gone straight into team equity, was not approved by the commissioner. That prompted McCourt to hold a 30-minute press conference in which he railed on Selig, calling his actions “un-American.” Listen to the audio. There are some serious theatre of the absurd elements. I thought it was all quite entertaining until I realized that the slow legal process that will tie up MLB and the Dodgers for the next two years will cause Selig to extend his term yet again, probably through 2013-14. I was instantly depressed.

Escondido’s AAA ballpark plan for the Padres may turn into a tech business park if Mayor Sam Abed has his way. Now that was quick.

Doctors are trying to reduce medication to Bryan Stow so that he can emerge out of his coma. #rootingforhim

Two different visions for old deflated domes:

  • The H.H.H. Metrodome is quickly getting its roof repaired. The new roof by Birdair won’t end Zygi Wilf’s quest for a new Vikings Stadium. It will be there in time for the Vikings’ 2011 season, assuming that the league starts on time. The replacement is being paid for by the stadium’s insurance, so there’s no new public cost.
  • B.C. Place in Vancouver is getting a unique cable-supported retractable roof built on top of the existing stadium, replacing the original roof. Construction of the roof and related improvements started shortly after last year’s Winter Olympics, with the price tag rising from $350 million to $458 million and now $563 million. The remodeled, reroofed venue will be home to both the B.C. Lions CFL team and the Vancouver Whitecaps MLS team.

Google Earth rendering of the new B.C. Place. Next to it is Rogers Arena.

More news today as it gets reported.

Added 11:40 AM – BART is workshopping different types of seats for its trains. The agency was prompted in response to rising cleaning costs for the fabric covers on the existing seats. They’re also playing around with narrower seats with less legroom, which I’m sure is a crowd pleaser. This change follows a switch from carpeted floors to rubberized floors, which is ongoing. Personally, I think wide and tall vinyl seats, such as those used on Caltrain’s Baby Bullet cars, would work well.

8 thoughts on “News for 4/28/11

  1. 1)If this McCourt Thing drags on longer you can bet the A’s situation will be place on the burner and dragged on longer.
    2)HHH and BC Palace are clones of each other. Its too bad Zigi Wilf doesn’t look closer at retrofitting the Metrodom ALA Bc Palace. If its good enough for the Olympics its good enough for the NFL
    3) Isn’t Zigi Wilf the name of the bad guy from Fifth Element played by Gary Oldman?

  2. I think there is a case to be made that the A’s situation is a lot simpler than the Dodgers situation. It may get “fast tracked” at this point.
    Yeah, I am joking about the fast track thing.

  3. God hates us A’s fans!

  4. Sounds like the little Padres stay in Tuscon will be considerably longer than 2 years. Can’t say it’s a bad thing. God knows the big Padres don’t need the in market competition for the baseball dollar with how pitiful the team is right now.

  5. @D.Jr – No, that’s Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.
    “Four stones, four crates. Zero stones… ZERO CRATES!!!”

  6. Wonder if the first people the 49ers will call about naming rights will be Cisco,if they haven’t called already, since Selig and MLB don’t seem to want Cisco’s money? Cisco has had a deal on the table for 4+ years and Selig refuses to do anything.

  7. Bud Selig thinks he is a king to take control of the Dodgers without sitting down with McCourt first.

    He is ducking him much like he is ducking Lew Wolff and the City of San Jose.

    McCourt needs to sue MLB and erode their Anti-Trust exemption not as part of the Dodgers but as a single individual. The courts will hear his case and that would not only pave the way for himself but indirectly the City of San Jose and the A’s.

    Selig needs to be ruined for all the bad he has done and all the public handouts he forced from the taxpayers of this country over the years. He is a coward and deserves to go down in shame.

    I am a Giants fan too! I hate the Dodgers more than any other team by far….

    @ML- I am depressed to that Selig may stay on until 2014. This is such BS for some many reasons.

  8. Amen to everything Sid said – until he starts talking about being a Giants fan.

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