News for 5/21/11 (Rapture Day)

KNBR update man Dan Dibley announced Friday that he was leaving the station for 95.7 Sports Radio, where it appears he will have similar (perhaps expanded) duties. He’s a quality guy who’s from the Bay Area and knows the local sports scene (including the Quakes), which for KBWF is half the battle.

Speaking of 95.7, does anyone know where Chris Townsend is? His Twitter feed has been silent for 24 hours. Maybe he’s just getting a day or weekend off. He has worked pretty much every day without a break since the station switched formats on Opening Day, so he deserves a rest. I hope everything’s alright otherwise.

Marcos Breton and Ann Killion both have profiles of the A’s as the team labors in in relative anonymity across the Bay from the World Champs. Such is life.

San Jose’s redevelopment king, Harry Mavrogenes, announced that he’s stepping down in a month. SJRA has been cutting staff and running on fumes for a year now, making Mavrogenes’ departure more symbolic than anything. The agency has been dying for a while, and for better or worse, will never be the same. With land acquisition and development powers transferred to the San Jose Diridon Development Authority (of which Mavrogenes was a signatory), his capacity as SJRA head was no longer needed to finish the ballpark work.

Did you know that the headquarters of Family Radio (whose leader Harold Camping is predicting The Rapture on Saturday) is on Hegenberger, just across the Nimitz from the Coliseum? There is a tangential relation to the A’s besides proximity. Family Radio bought KFRC-610 from CBS in 2005, creating a very uncomfortable combination of God talk and A’s talk/games during the 2005 season.

SFGate/Chronicle blogger Peter Hartlaub has a couple of great posts showing what BART could’ve been like if vision didn’t give way to politics and construction photos including the Transbay Tube.

Jamie McCourt wants an immediate sale of the Dodgers so that she can cash out while she can. Which would be awesome for Dodgers fans who want to turn the page, A’s fans who want the team taken off the backburner, and pretty much everyone else except for Angels and Giants fans who are experiencing some deep schadenfreude.

The athletic facilities at Stanford are going to turn into one gigantic WiFi hotspot, thanks to AT&T. You know, it’d be nice if Verizon did the same for the Coliseum, seeing as they’re the telecom sponsor there.

Added 5/21 9:30 AM- John Fisher has to be taking it in the shorts this weekend as the GAP dove 17% in trading yesterday after it reset annual earnings expectations down 22%.

21 thoughts on “News for 5/21/11 (Rapture Day)

  1. Dibs is cool, was the only A’s fan on KNBR and definetley a solid addition to the station. Just get Rick Tittle, and my dial will be stuck on 95.7 permanently.

  2. townsend said thursday during the a’s post game that he wouldn’t be on air fri for his show in the afternoon and on any of the pre/post games for this bay bridge series. don’t know why he’s gone for the weekend, hope everything is okay with him.

    as for dibley, was he an a’s fan? i think he a fan of both sf teams here locally although out of the knbr talent pool, he’s been one of the least anti a’s personaltiest on that station for the years he’s been on air. i am too surprised that tittle wasn’t the first “local guy” hired. hopefully that news happens soon too.

  3. The sense I get is that 95.7 wants to be somewhat broad based in their sports talk. Because they are the flagship station for the A’s, they will certainly devote more time in talking about the A’s, but I don’t expect them to do the same for the Raiders. This is why I don’t expect them to pick up Tittle. Tittle is a little too much east bay sports, and that may not be the direction the station wants to take. Wouldn’t mind seeing them pick up Roxy or Papa though.

  4. as i’ve said before it’d be nice to have an actul a’s fan as a host of one of their shows. none not even townsend fits that bill and the only guy in the market that does and is willing at this time from what we know to go to 95.7 is tittle.

    imo it makes too much sense to hire him to host a show on the station. why wouldn’t you want a host who you know can take at least 3 hours of phone calls a day as tittle show he can do on 860 for almost a year. something really other than townsend has been doing thru the first month of the all sports format.

  5. That’s good news, I’ve been hoping the new station would throw money at him to get him to move over. He’s an east-bay guy, hilariouse and does his job real well. Heck I wouldn’t mind if they did the same with Radnich, how will he do without Dibbs, the man he made?

  6. The worst thing about the game yesterday? Getting heckled by the Giants supermajority on the BART train back to the East Bay last night. 84% Giants fans on those trains. How do I know? I counted.
    BTW, if you’re next question is do you have a life, the answer is yes, but I neglect those I love.

  7. Bring in Tittle. I’ve met Rick and Dibbs and I think they are equally (east bay) guys. Nothing wrong with a little (hometown) passion is there?

    re: rapture – there was supposed to be an earthquake rolling across the globe, headed our way …

  8. @letsgoas – No doubt Tittle is a huge A’s and Raiders fan. But again, I don’t think the station wants to create an east bay version of KNBR. Their goal is to try and appeal to all Bay Area sports fans, which is why Dibley emphisized “Entire” in his tweet. Tittle has about as much interest in the Giants and Niners as Barbieri has in the A’s and Raiders. Though he is passionate, he may not be a good fit for what they’re after.

  9. tittle talks a hell of a lot more sf sports than most on knbr. heck he even says that he’ll take phone calls from any fans here locally on 860 as i’ve heard him take calls from both sfg and niners fans thru the past year he’s been on air which you can’t say about the competition. he has the knowledge to talk about any teams here locally on tv as we’ve seen when he’s on chron live in recent months.

    he even has his friend whos a sf fan whos name escape me, think his first name is carl on a few times a month. i do think 95.7 doesn’t want to be all a’s/raiders or east bay sports all the time, but you can have a couple of hosts who are.

    why wouldn’t the a’s FLAGSHIP radio station wouldn’t want at least a few guys like tittle who could specifically can talk about the a’s in general which tittle probably has more knowledge about the team than anybody in this region in the media, certainly in the sports media. and more importantly he grew up an a’s fan which is why i think a’s fans continue to listen and call into his show on 860 even though the station isn’t the flagship while the guy in that same time slot for 95.7 whos more of the “all bay area” host even though he isn’t from here locally rarely takes calls thru out his show from 10-1.

  10. edit in my last post, tittle takes a lot more calls about the sf sports teams here than those on knbr does with east bay sports teams specifically the a’s and raiders.

  11. least we know 95.7 has been talking with knbr talent recently. doubt all of a sudden dibley’s signing came in the last few days and not the two sides talking with each other for a while.

    with bruce’s deal with knbr also near the end, according to what i’ve read in recent weeks, maybe 95.7 has talked with him too and also tittle.

  12. @letsgoas – Seriously? You don’t think CT is an A’s fan? He’s been an A’s fan ever since he went to school at SJSU. Yes, he was/is a Padres fan too (which contributed to his decision to follow the A’s over the Giants). Even if he wasn’t an A’s fan before he got the job last year, he’s definitely one now.

  13. well that’s just like saying bruce is a sf fan since he roots for those teams now. heck a quote that blew my mind last year was that he said if he has to choose between who he’d pick to win the ws, sf or his beloved cubs who he grew up as a fan of, he’d pick the former. hey even the first time he was here in the bay area as an intern for knbr back in the early 2000s, he’s said he was more of an a’s fan or related to an a’s fan more so than sf.

    i want a true blue a’s fan from birth. sorry that’s just how i feel and tittle fits that bill and imo should’ve been a hire from the very start. hopefully it happens soon. we need more serious a’s talk on 95.7 other than townsend.

  14. I agree, I think Tittle would be a great hire for 95.7, but I think your “A’s fan from birth” requirement is dumb.

  15. why is it dumb? is it dumb to have a host on your FLAGSHIP station that actually grew up and rooted for the team since they were basically a kid and somebody who you can relate to in a way for the past few decades, both during the good and bad moments of the team’s history while also having really good knowledge about the team’s history here.

    i’m sure EVERY sports radio station in the country has at least one host and probably the majority of their hosts on ones’ flagship that grew up a fan of the team they broadcast for.

  16. Have just found your guys website. I want the team to stay in Oakland but I like the civil tone of your discussions. I don’t “fan since birth” is a requirement for a radio guy, but it can’t hurt! I e-mailed dwalker@entercom a month ago and gave my support for Rick. He said he would let the fans pick the shows, so I would write him if you like somebody. Rick is my first choice but I know there are others. In the end, I just hope we can avoid the rent-a-hosts like Monte in the future. And one more thing…fire Geren! Thanks.

  17. that’s good news if the “fans pick the show” since if you go onto the facebook page for the station there is huge support for bringing in tittle, he’s the most mentioned name in terms of a guy the station should bring in. also guess the emails sent to whoever is in charge would also have strong tittle support.

  18. Hey Guys… I am i Baltimore/DC for business and I went to the game yesterday in Baltimore… That has to be the finest stadium ever built. Truly and amazing place to watch a game. Me wants one for us.

  19. @Trais, I couldn’t agree more, bring in Tittle now and I have no reason to change the station.

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