A’s change Twitter name from @OaklandAs to @Athletics

I’m not sure if I ever explained this before, so forgive me if I’m being repetitive. When I set about moving this blog from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress installation, I looked far and wide for a unique, succinct domain name. The obvious choice, newballpark.com, was already registered to MLB. The reason? It was purchased well over a decade ago by the Red Sox, who at the time were run by John Harrington. Harrington was in the throes of a campaign to replace Fenway Park with a newer, more modern version of the yard next door. After the Montreal Expos were contracted and reborn as the Washington Nationals, Harrington and the Yawkey Trust were out and John Henry, who had until then owned the Florida Marlins, took over the Sox. Henry chose to renovate instead of replace Fenway, and the rest is history. Ironically, the domain newballpark.com remains with the Sox despite the 180-degree turn. I could have chosen newballpark.net (which is available to my knowledge) or newballpark.org. Since I wanted to run the blog as a clearly non-commercial entity, I chose the latter. And here we are. So it’s with some amusement that I found out that the A’s changed their official Twitter feed from @OaklandAs to @Athletics. Immediately there was some worry that this was yet another slight of Oakland, and that the change was an indicator that they were out the door. Athletics After Dark‘s Dale Tafoya got the word from straight from the A’s. twitter-tafoya-rose

It makes sense. The A’s were always going to be in this awkward situation regarding naming, especially on social media. Should they use OaklandAs, OaklandAthletics, Athletics, or OaklandAs? Isn’t “Athletics” synonymous with what Americans call “track and field?” Not having the apostrophe available on Twitter might lead to misinterpretation. In the end, when A’s fans posted on Twitter, they customarily used the hashtag #Athletics, so naturally the team might want to pursue the name. The baseball Giants weren’t first to claim either the domain name or Twitter account named “Giants” with both going to the New York Football Giants instead. The domain name athletics.com belongs to Selliquest, a purveyor of web-based sales and marketing tools for the pharmaceutical industry. The product in question is called Net Athletics, though the second word is emphasized. Selliquest owns both athletics.com and netathletics.com. Would they be willing to part with athletics.com for the right price? If it goes according to form, the company will probably ask too much for the domain if the A’s come calling. One more thing: #FIREGERENNOW

15 thoughts on “A’s change Twitter name from @OaklandAs to @Athletics

  1. Fuentes ripped into Geren tonight

  2. Not defending Garen, but we should be looking to fire Fuentes too.

  3. Green must go. Hiring friends, usually, doesn’t work out.

  4. I can’t get any more frustrated.
    Okay, here’s the deal that will work: Geren, Fuentes and Wolff to the Dodgers for a bat boy to be names later.

  5. jk- Why do you always have to bring Wolff into unrelated things? You…are…so…bitter.

  6. Wolff retained Beane who won’t get rid of (his buddy) Geren.

  7. What are the other MLB teams “twitter handle”s? If they’re simply (for example) @yankees, @angels, @padres, etc. then yes, it’s MLB’s media direction. If not…did Bob Rose’s nose lengthen after that quote?

  8. @Tony D. – By and large that is the case.

  9. IMO Geren won’t be fired anytime soon. To do so would make it appear as though the inmates are running the prison. Unfortunately we’ll have to endure more losses, and more questionable moves before a change is considered. If Beane wants to retain any amount of respect among the A’s fanbase, he will have to do the difficult thing and fire his friend. Not doing so would call into question his judgment.

  10. @LS–LW apologists like yourself have…no…sense…of…humor.

    @fc–agree with your last post. I wish it was sooner than later canning BG before we fall totally out of the race. Could you imagine if we just had average hitting, defense and bull pen? We’d be 12 games up. But if we had just average starting pitiching, we’d be about 18 games behind..lol

  11. Wolff + Geren = true love

  12. Selig+Wolff=failure
    Beane+Geren=more failure

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