Bay Bridge Doubleheader By The Numbers

If you didn’t get a chance to take in today’s Bay Bridge Doubleheader (Mariners @ Athletics in the afternoon, Padres @ Giants at night), fear not! You’ll have one more shot on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, September 3 to be precise. On that day, the schedule will kickoff again with the Mariners visiting the A’s, this time a 1:05 PM game. The nightcap will be the D-backs invading the Giants, hopefully with both teams in the full throes of a pennant race. It’s also possible that the following day, the Giants game will be moved from a 1:05 start to 5:05 to accommodate ESPN’s Sunday Night telecast. Note: I was thinking that the NFL’s labor situation may have an impact, but that weekend is scheduled to be the final exhibition weekend and customarily no games are played on that Sunday. However, a compressed schedule may require games on that Sunday. Back to the original topic.

Today’s double dip was truly unforgettable, and unbeknownst to me 14 hours ago, truly epic. Here’s a breakdown of what I experienced/endured today:

  • Combined time of both games – 6:04 (A’s – 2:12, Giants – 3:52)
  • Total attendance – 61,407 (A’s – 19,491, Giants – 41,916)
  • Innings – 23
  • Pitches thrown – 612
  • Home runs – 3 (bookends – Scott Sizemore to start scoring and win the game for the A’s in 1st, Nate Schierholtz to win the game for the Giants in 14th, also Schierholtz also in 4th with two on)
  • Total cost of tickets – $28 (A’s – $12 value deck, Giants – $16 SRO)
  • Total cost of public transit – $12.15 on BART
  • Total cost of parking – $0 at Hayward station
  • Total cost of gas – Approximately $10
  • Miles driven – 68.4
  • Food/beverage cost – $18.14 (A’s $3.60 out of pocket plus $6 value in ticket for popcorn chicken and soda, Giants – $0, Red’s Java House – $12.25 for Double Cheeseburger + Fries + Anchor Steam, Bayside Market – $2.29 for 1L bottle of Diet Pepsi)
  • Time I left home – 11:00 AM
  • Time I arrived home – 12:35 AM
  • Time my phone ran out of juice – 9:30 PM

Speaking of bookends, the games were the last ones I’ll have attended until the big doubleheader on the 16th. Should we do a meetup? Tailgate? Anyone perhaps interested in the 9/3 Bay Bridge doubleheader? Despite the long day, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

P.S. – While I was walking around I noticed a number of newly painted lines on some parts of the arcade and behind the bleachers at AT&T Park. It turns out that there are now designated areas for standing and circulation. This was mandated by the fire marshal after an inspection brought up uneasiness about the large, difficult to disperse crowds on the arcade. In retrospect, you have to wonder why it took over a decade for that action to take place. I spoke with an usher about it and he said that the number of standing room tickets had to be reduced due to the lower amount of space available for SRO.

Update 11:52 AM – I emailed A’s Stadium Ops czar David Rinetti to inquire about any special fan rules for the doubleheader. Here is his response:

We are conducting our double-header like every other game, with the following exceptions:

  • fans will be able to enter the stadium from 11:05am until around the 7th inning of the 2nd game
  • the second game will start 35 minutes after the conclusion of the first game
  • alcohol sales will continue all the way through the 5th inning of the 2nd game

Like all regular games, there will not be in and out privileges.


14 thoughts on “Bay Bridge Doubleheader By The Numbers

  1. Schierholtz also homered in the fourth, but that was so long ago that it’s easy to forget.

  2. Wow, what a marathon. I don’t think I’d enjoy it, would get too tired.
    Maybe the SF fire marshal acted after the Super Bowl seat-adding incident in Dallas brought publicity to overcrowded venues.

  3. In on the 16th… Where to meet and what to bring?

  4. Sorry the Pads let you down ML. That must’ve been a shitty way to end an otherwise fine day.

  5. The weather for Bay Area day baseball is the best. Living in So Cal now and having gone to a few day Angels games and Dodgers games… man, it is not comfortable sitting under that terribly hot sun.

  6. Before AT&T, who would of ever thought they’d be selling SRO for any bay area baseball game for a mid-week, non-Dodgers/Yanks, non-playoff game?

    Okay, how’s this:The year is 1999, the G’s last year at the Stick, on July 21st, also a Wednesday, against the Padres, the Giants are in first place by 1.5 games and are 9 games over .500. Guess what the attendance was? I know they weren’t defending champs, but how bout 19,616. Actualy not bad for the Stick. Back in the mid 70’s, they’d often get 3-5,000 mid week, and some games as low as 1000.

  7. The two outdoor baseball only stadiums that he showed near China Basin and 7th St looked a lot like Kaufmann Stadium and Angel Stadium respectively.

  8. Glenn Dickey says the same thing about the A’s but in reverse now… Go figure.

  9. RIP D.W. Now that, after five decades of failure, SF has their gem of a ballpark, they and their owners have the audacity to think they can prevent San Jose from realizing its Major League dreams.
    Thankfully for us, they are wrong and in the end won’t be successful. This “Freedom Fighter” thanks you Mr. Wolff; our war is almost over.
    Off to SoCal and the land of Mickey Mouse. Will wear my A’s hat with pride on Katella!

  10. I would also be willing to meet at the double header…I’m definitely going either way.

  11. I went to both games too. I sat in my typical seat in RF Bleachers for the A’s game (so fast!) and sat in 331 with a friend at the Giants game. My A’s ticket was a season ticket so $9 per ticket (if I bought individually it would’ve been $12 or 13). My Giants ticket pair that I bought before the A’s-Giants series in SF were only $10 at that time. I left after the 11th becuase it was getting late and I had a ride waiting for me in the East Bay.

    Doubleheader A’s-Giants games are fun. You usually get 1-2 chances per year. I’ve done it a few times, but this was a first in over three years for me.

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