29 thoughts on “This is not an ad

  1. Won’t help the movie much to have the A’s in last place during the premier. If this film could serve as a shot in the arm to get a new ballpark done anywhere in the Bay Area, great. But we all know it is likely to mean absolutely nothing in that regard.

  2. FWIW, Billy Beane becomes the second person I’ve ever met (that I know of) to have been portrayed in a movie.

  3. pjk– OK, I’ll bite, who was the first?
    I knew/know Templeton Peck and Duffy Jennings, who were made into minor characters in “Zodiac.” I interviewed John Glenn once (portrayed in “The Right Stuff”) and was star-struck.

  4. @pjk and the first ?

  5. BC, daveinsm: I don’t think I want to mention who the first one was so let’s leave it at that. Somebody I used to communicate with for business reasons. Let’s just leave it at that. Beane, I talked to during the FanFest once for a few seconds.

  6. @pjk–is it Mark Zuckerberg?

  7. No, not Zuckerberg. FWIW, the number for me is actually much higher than two, now that I think about it.

  8. “Almost a decade later, the game remains unfair.” – I used to relish the underdog role, but not so much these days. Just tired of the same tired crap of us in perpetual purgatory whether it is on the stadium, free agents, or injuries. If something doesn’t get done/announced by the end of the year (whether it is the BRC, VC EIR, a blockbuster trade, or a stadium ballot), I think I’m done with baseball altogether. =/

  9. Anon: Yes, A’s fans have been left in limbo for several years on this. Maybe that is necessary in case MLB decides Oakland is done. “We tried for several years to make it work in Oakland,” they can say when facing the inevitable firestorm of criticism they would get for leaving the place.

  10. I know everyone hates the Coliseum, but you have to admit that Clay Wood keeps the field looking as good as any in MLB. I like this non-advertisement.

  11. …field always looks great until football season.

  12. @pjk I’ve met Beane once before as well, it was spring training 2007. Conversed with him for about a min and even got an autograph. Pretty cool guy.

  13. Or an U2 concert. Then last series there were soccer lines all over the field. Clay must get frustrated with his job.

  14. @David The subtitle for this movie poster could be “BTW, Clay Wood kicks ass”

  15. @ML/others–SJ Mayor’s Chuck Reed was on KGO’s Ronn Owens show today at 10am (seems like he’s on every week). Most of the talk was about the budget problems, union pensions, city cutbacks, RDA’s, and a little on Bart and HSR. There was a 3 min. blurb at the 20 min. mark about the A’s. Ronn asked him if he had any inside info on what’s going on, and Reed said not really but that Selig’s afraid to take on the Giants apparently. Also, at the 49 min mark there’s a smaller blurb on getting an NBA team in SJ, that the operators of HP Pavillion are pursuing it.
    Here’s the link to the podcast.

  16. Ooops, correction: @22.20 min into it to 25.00 they talk about the A’s. Sorry.

  17. That’s a cool looking poster. I really hope this movie is a hit and is entertaining. It really could be a huge jolt of electricity for A’s fans. Plus, it would be nice to have our team get some positive attention and not have to share it with that Halloweeney -Tampa Bay team, whatever their name is.

    @pjk Was it Ron Jeremy? 🙂

  18. a lot of fields have soccer and football. AT&T is going to host CAL football for two seasons. They have a college bowl game every year. Concerts @ AT&T. Monster truck show are presented there as well.

  19. @David,
    Then how come AT&T Parks field doesn’t look like crap during the regular season? Its one thing to have other events at your yard.
    Its another to have a complete overlap of another sport/league that makes the field God-awful for both teams.
    I cringe when SeaBass tries the long field goals from the dirt infield.

  20. @pjk–was it John Holmes?
    Val Kilmer played him in the 2003 movie “Wonderland.”

  21. @Tony – the problem in Oakland is the weight of the temporary bleachers used for football. i’m not sure if they use those @ AT&T.

  22. They only use the temporary seats at AT&T during the off season during the baseball season they go without them for any other sporting events. It’s not only the weight of the bleachers that kills the a’s field but leaving them on there for a week or two letting the field underneath get no sun.

  23. It is not really “unfair” if the Athletics signed their own death warrant . . . which they did.

  24. So you’re calling Walter Haas stupid for being civic minded, unlike the current bunch of Giants owners?

  25. I’m wondering if this pic is real or digitally created? The foul territory looks a little less spacious than it actually is. Here’s a similar pic i dug up online, taken further away than the movie poster, so maybe this appears to have less foul territory at that closer angle.

  26. Notice how the light/dark is not symmetrical near home plate. I think you’re seeing the shadow of the top of the Coliseum as it begins to creep up the field.

  27. Moneyball will for sure bring up the small market problems the A’s have playing 10 miles away from the Giants.

    One has to believe this as this movie is based on the economics the A’s are forced to play with on a yearly basis.

    Brad Pitt is a pretty damn big name and my hope is that this movie brings more fans to the internet to blogs like this one to see what is really going on out here in the Bay Area.

    The ballpark in San Jose I doubt gets mentioned or the A’s struggles trying to get to the South Bay as well. I think the movie will revolve around Beane’s equations and analysis more than anything.

    It would be a nice low blow to Selig if they mention the ballpark debacle but I think that deters from the plot itself and why this movie was made in the first place.

    But in the end…..Any publicity around the A’s is good publicity and this should help their cause.

  28. AT&T has soccer lines right now (apparently from some international game). Hey, if lines from another sport can drive yuppie fans away from any stadium (I refuse to call anything over 20,000 seats a “ballpark”), I’ll take it.

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