America’s Cup Draft EIR available


This view where Harrison Street ends at The Embarcadero could be blocked by huge yachts or a marina if the project is developed as planned.

In fact, not only is the America’s Cup environmental impact report out, the initial 45-day comment period is almost over (last day for comments: Thursday). Somehow I missed this among all of the other stuff going on. Thanks to Chronicle architecture writer John King’s article in protest of some of the waterfront changes, I finally got a look at it. I’ll have more to write about it later.

The EIR was made available on July 11, only 7 months after the deal was made between the America’s Cup and the City of San Francisco. It goes to show what can happen when there’s a real deadline and a real partnership in place. Contrast that to what’s happening with the Victory Court EIR, which is at least for now, nothing publicly. The America’s Cup project is leaps and bounds more expansive and impactful than Victory Court, covering huge swaths of SF waterfront with the potential to significantly reshape the area much the same way post-Loma Prieta planning did 20+ years ago.

So why isn’t there anything yet about Victory Court? Maybe Oakland no longer feels it’s in a rush. Maybe Oakland isn’t prioritizing the project at the moment. Maybe Oakland doesn’t want to have that big discussion with its citizens just yet. No one can say that it’s a matter of due diligence, since the scope of the America’s Cup project is so much more vast. Victory Court has impacts beyond the 12-block project area, but everyone knew that going in. All I can give to the VC project right now is a big shrug.

8 thoughts on “America’s Cup Draft EIR available

  1. Can Victory Court even be termed as a “project” at this point? More of an idea on a map if you ask me.

  2. That marina is supposed to be temporary, isn’t it? If so, I can live with it. But if there’s some loophole to make it permanent, yuck. I’m looking forward to the America’s Cup though. There are several great spots to watch up here in Marin. Not having to cross a bridge to see a major sporting event will be a nice change (not into auto racing, so Sears Point does nothing for me).

  3. Too bad Larry Ellison wasn’t into baseball like he is into this America’s Cup thing or basaketball for that matter. At least he doesn’t have a problem putting his compnay name on an Oakland sports facility. I prefer a non-high tech eastbay company but can live with Oracle Park at Vicory Ct., but it ain’t happening 😦

  4. Speaking of Oracle RM; if they buy out HP as rumored, what happens to The Tank? Oracle Pavilion? Two Oracle arenas in the Bay Area? Say it ain’t so!

  5. @ Tony – I can see Oracle buying the naming rights at the Tank, just so Ellison and Hurd can give a big F you back to HP. As for Coliseum Arena….can’t think of a East Bay company that would sponsor it offhand…..or if the W’s will even stay there at all.

  6. Yea, I can’t see either of the names Oracle or Larry Ellison not being on some building in the Bay Area come 2017. Either an arena, stadium or boating facility.

  7. Two weeks of big boat sailing on SF Bay? This might be as big as Fleet Week if they can get the Blue Angels to show up!

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