Adventures in re-signing

If you weren’t convinced the A’s “stadium or die” stance regarding re-signing Josh Willingham was real, get ready for confirmation. Now it’s Coco Crisp’s agent, Steve Comte, who’s breaking the bad news thanks to tonight’s Susan Slusser article:

Comte… said he also believes the A’s spending will depend on the speed and the outcome of a stadium decision. Last week, Josh Willingham’s agent, Matt Sosnick, told The Chronicle that he’d gone to the A’s with proposals for a multi-year deal but was told the team is in wait-and-see mode while Major League Baseball continues to examine territorial rights issues that affect where a potential new stadium would be built – currently two and a half years of deliberations and counting.

Comte said that he hasn’t spoken to Oakland general manager Billy Beane recently, but he said, “The reality is that we knew in spring training that the situation with the stadium could impact their long-term spending.”

Slusser goes on to describe the Giants as Crisp’s #1 suitor. Crisp projects as a Type B free agent, meaning he’s worth a supplemental first round pick (a.k.a. “sandwich pick”) if he is offered arbitration, declines (as would be expected), and signs elsewhere.

Again, I have to say that I think we’re talking about the difference between a $50 million payroll and a $70 million payroll, not a gutting of the young talent (at least not right away). I can’t say that it’s a good idea to involve players and agents in this stadium business, but as long as everyone’s aware of the factor(s), I suppose it’s better to be above board than to couch everything in euphemisms.

At least the A’s made one key re-signing today: Ken Korach has been extended through the 2014 season.

Update 9/27 12:00 AM – Another down note – the deal between the A’s and the City of Phoenix for improvements to Phoenix Municipal Stadium is apparently dead, with the A’s probably on the move after their lease expires in 2014. That is, unless something miraculous happens to bring the A’s and City back to the table. The A’s aren’t alone in abandoning Phoenix, as the Brewers are prepared to leave Maryvale even sooner (2012). 

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  1. In the latest rankings from MLBTradeRumors, he’s about 1 percent under the threshold and with his .630 OPS play since that ranking, it looks like he will not be a compensation-eligible free agent.
    Don’t you think that 70 million would be doable, from an Ownership/Revenue perspective, if they wanted to sign them? I get this feeling that they want to force the issue by telling all of the agents they need a decision regardless of trying to field a winner.

  2. @Genaro – Sure if they could get more than 4 WAR combined out of them. What would make me really happy is if Billy turned around during the offseason and said to fans, “We’re hiring a bunch of geeks to help the one guy in personnel.”

  3. so the a’s could have as much as 5 first round/com picks? 1st or 2nd rounder along with a sandwich pick for willingham. and comp picks for both coco and dejesus? not to mention their own possible top ten pick.
    not the 7 first round/comp picks they had in the moneyball draft but a good amount of picks to rebuild the system especially considering a couple of highly thought of prospects in green and choice could be up in the next season or two.

  4. “…not the 7 first round/comp picks they had in the moneyball draft but a good amount of picks to rebuild the system”

    Let’s hope for better this time around. None of that Jeremy Brown BS.

  5. the a’s drafting has been pretty good as of late at least with their first round picks. taking out simmons in 07 the other picks are looking really good in weeks, green, choice and gray. if the a’s do end up with 4 or 5 picks before round 2 i’d love the a’s to get a couple of high risk but potentially high ceiling type high schoolers possibly especially with those comp/sanwich picks that they could land if they get picks for dejesus and crisp.
    although i’d personally love to see coco come back for another year or maybe two as best case green who did very well in his short callup at aaa especially in the playoffs could challenge for the cf job by the start of 2013 but you’ll never know what will happen.

    as for phx muni isn’t it considered one of the worst venues in the cactus league now? especially considering these new huge complexes that have been built in az in recent years like the one col just began using. why is it that the a’s can’t’ get a state of the art venue and have lived with playing in subpar when compared to the rest of venues both during st and in the bigs. for a org that has as much history as any team in mlb other than the nyy, the a’s should be one of the most model franchises and a franchise mlb cares about but just doesn’t look that’ll happen, at least not until a new park is built and they finally can get on some equal footing with the majority of mlb.

  6. bringing agents into this… to stir the pot and continue with the “we’re so poor” drama, is so transparent. Beane and Wolff are bad for Oakland Athletics Baseball!

    Thankfully, anyone with half a brain can see what’s going on. This ploy worked in Montreal, but it won’t in Oakland. This is a lot posturing, nothing more.

  7. it’s still the oldest and one of the worst venues in az spring training imo compared to the newer parks built. just one of these days i hope the a’s can play in a brand new state of the art park. hopefully cisco park is that venue in 3 years. would the a’s think about sharing one of the many new complexes built in az in recent years?

  8. You’re hilarious David! (Thanks for making me spit out my coffee with that one brah)

  9. @Tony – I regularly (laugh out loud) at your comments too!

  10. Regarding free agent signings/stadium issue:

    So how would one explain that plenty of free agents have come in recent years – since the stadium was renovated and as some believe ‘ruined’ for baseball – to the Coliseum? (Halliday, DeJesus, Willingham, Crisp and plenty before that).

    The Montreal Exposation of the A’s continues.

    It would indeed be laughable but one when one repeats things over and over and over they become reality. And many people believe this false mantra.

    (We all agree that the Coliseum is not ideal for baseball but the A’s can’t sign anybody because of it? Give me a break).

    What’s next? Reports of alligators living in the tidal sloughs next to the Coliseum?

    A’s observer

  11. @TonyD–i’m with David on the LOL at your crazy ass comments. You add much comic relief to this often very serious board.

  12. Holliday, DeJesus, and Willingham weren’t free agent signings. They all came over in trades.

  13. The problem is obvious: Free agents don’t want to play in a football stadium for a team ranked dead-last in attendance. It’s time Selig listens to Beane and Wolff and lets the A’s have San Jose. There is no mysterious Knight in Shining Armor ready to buy the team and donate a $500 mill ballpark to Oakland. Any buyers will move the team far away.

  14. Free agents only come to the A’s as a last resort – when there’s nowhere else to go.

  15. @A’s observer – All of the “free agents” you listed were acquired via trade, except Crisp, who had severe injury issues the prior year. The stadium is a significant hindrance, but lack of funds is main issue with attracting free agents. Can’t outbid or match other teams’ offers.

  16. At least my “crazy ass comments” are grounded in reality, and reality is that the stadium situation is now hindering the A’s ability to sign free agents. That’s it! Cry foul all you want, that’s you’re right. But I doubt Beane and Wolff are going to change course on free agents at this point based on CRAZY ASS COMMENTS stemming from some Oakland-only folk. Any questions?

  17. I think this confirms it.

    The agents of both Willingham and Crisp have stated that they were told by Beane that re-signing is contingent on the a decision on the stadium.

    Last year’s off-season, or towards the end of the season, there was nothing like that. Beane was just going about the business of trying to make the 2011 A’s as good as he could (with his limited resources, and terrible stadium, and the fact that no top free agents are willing to come to Oakland).

    But now, the agents of their best players are saying they’re being told “before we negotiate re-signing, let’s wait and see what happens with the stadium situation”.

    For me, this confirms that a decision on SJ is imminent, and Beane and Wolf have been told this. Otherwise, Beane would be going about his business normally, without telling the agents “wait for the stadium decision”.

    And I think the decision is coming before the November meetings. Beane would not want to sit on his hands that long before trying to negotiate re-signing his top players. If he did indeed want to keep them, and he had to wait until after the November meetings, they’d be gone – swooped up by other teams.

    Yup, Selig’s decision on the SJ stadium situation is coming very soon.

  18. @A’s Observor- gotta get your facts correct man- others just corrected your last post and we are still waiting for some facts to support one of your recent posts that Oakland has done quite a bit to keep the A’s- when pressed for specifics you said look it up- still looking and can’t find anything of substance- 16 years and counting since Oakland ruined the A ‘s ballpark- they are the only team still in a dual purpose stadium- Houston, Cincy, Pitts, Philly are just a few who got it done during this same time- so what really has Oakland done?

  19. Why are some getting on Phoenix Muni?? That stadium is perfectly fine for the A’s.and Spring Training.It’s in a great setting and has a little history and character.This arms race to get these new giant ST complexes irritates me.Yah, they are nice,but so what.This is Spring Training! The games do not even count.
    A lot of these shared facilities except for the main stadiums look the same.when you walk around.Just practice fields.

  20. Wolff has had the opportunity for over 2 years (Feb 2009) to engage with the City of Oakland on a new stadium. Sure he met with Mayor Quan but that was protocol b/c she asked to meet. Had he truly engaged back in 2009 with Dellums and Brunner, and fully explored the potential to build at Victory Court, I believe he would have found a City very willing to listen and work with him to get that ballpark built including a City that would have acquired land, and provided the necessary infrastructure, according to Dellums and Brunner.

    Had he done that over 2 years ago, the A’s very well could be close to breaking ground today on a new, baseball-only, waterfront ballpark. If this were the case, free agents signings, according to folks here, would be happening now as the team would be facing the reality of no longer be playing in a “football stadium” past 2014 (assuming three years to build).

    I can hear the arguments now: He can’t make money on this, he’s not going to finance a $500MM stadium in Oakland. Why not? I realize Oakland isn’t as “rich” or doesn’t have as many big businesses but Alameda, Contra Costa and SF have enough large businesses to make it work. I know you all don’t want to hear it but Wolff never fully analyzed the Victory Court option with the City’s contribution, a naming rights deal, pouring rights, signage (ballpark a stone’s throw from I-880), potential EB5 financing, etc. It can work.

    Finally, enough with the “there are no billionaires to buy the team and keep them in Oakland.” Wolff has said repeatedly the team in not for sale and that his son Keith will be running the show on the stadium front in the coming years. What is the upside for anyone who has an interest in owning the A’s come out publicly to say that when Wolff says the team isn’t for sale?

  21. re; engage with the city of Oakland.

    …Engage about what? Work with the city on what? Hasn’t Oakland made it clear it will spend no general funds on a new stadium? Which means the stadium has to be privately built – doable in San Jose, not in Oakland. End of story. As it has been stated in here before, the Giants effectively “own” the East Bay when it comes to corporate sponsorships for baseball. What’s going to be left for the A’s? Which East Bay corporations have stepped forward expressing willingness to spend $120 mill (or anything at all) on naming rights for an Oakland ballpark? None….Now, it looks like Oakland doesn’t even have any redevelopment money left to pay for site acquisitions and infrastructure. The lucky owners have to pay for that, too. … A study about 10 years ago found a site near VC to b the “least feasible” option for a ballpark…

  22. Can we have a thread where some real proposals for Oakland comes forth or at least a petition to Quan for status? This same ol’ rhetoric is getting old while the crickets keep getting louder and louder…..

  23. Slightly off topic but if ML is right in that the Earthquakes and A’s stadiums are linked (I agree) than the pro- SJ crowd should be happy to hear that the EQ stadium groundbreaking is expected to happen in the near future- at least according to Keith Wolff who held a public forum last night to discuss the stadium

  24. To Go A’s: fair enought but remember I said I wouldn’t list what Oakland has done because it’s in the record and it wouldn’t change minds.

    To Anon: great idea re: emailing Quan. Copy the City Council, Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the A’s and Bud Selig.

    I think asking for the status of Oakland’s efforts is a fair question.

    To all: clever argument re: free agents/stadium and many will fall for it hook, line and sinker but it still doesn’t make it true.

    A’s observer.

  25. PJK —
    1. “Engage with what?” The City of Oakland. The City, as reported, has spent two years working with the MLB panel to review and analyze options for a baseball only park at Victory Court. Real work has been done.

    2. General Funds. You are right, Oakland will not spend General Funds. But other monies are available (Redevelopment) plus new sources could be tapped that aren’t on the books at this point. You make this conclusion ,”Which means the stadium has to be privately built – doable in San Jose, not in Oakland. End of story.” Huh? Enlighten us all on the financing plan for SJ? Have you seen it? Or are you just concluding that it’s easy to put together?

    3. Redevelopment Money. Oakland has a tremendous amount of capacity in it’s redevelopment agency. SJ’s has been disbanded. Obviously, there is a lawsuit pending. Redevelopment is not going away. Oakland has expressed it’s intent to make the ransom payments to the state to keep it operating. If lawsuit is decided in favor of the cities, Oakland has a good amount of capacity. If the Cities lose the lawsuit, it’s more of a challenge.

    4. Corporations with naming rights. Step forward? It’s been reported that Clorox would consider a naming rights deal. When MLB or Wolff decides to stay in Oakland, there will be corporate entities that will support a stadium. I’m sure the Committee has done it’s diligence on this.

  26. I deal with mental health cases as a profession, so at least for this post, I’ll cease responding to the outrageous thinking of some Oakland-only posters. WOW! enough said.

  27. @ Tony D. I deal with juvenile’s for a living and they show more maturity and respect to people than you do. All you do is insult Oakland A’s fans who want them to stay in their home. If you disagree, fine, but please stop personally insulting people who have a different opinion than yours, brah.

  28. @Tony – you repeatedly suggest that “pro” Oakland A’s fans are somehow not good at what they do, e.g, (teaching like me), now we are mentally ill?
    @ML – I threw a little joke out there about Peter Gammons and you and others got your panties in a bunch. Mental illness is nothing to joke about, right? Also, ageism is unbecoming as well. I noticed on your twitter account you made fun of Al Davis’ age (something about a crypt keeper). Let’s keep this consistent fellas. Traumatic brain injuries are not more precious or sacred than metal illness or alzheimer’s(sp?) and dementia.

  29. It is a startling likeness, is it not?

  30. Tony D. If what I say is so outrageous and Oakland is so impossible to ever, ever get done, then why hasn’t MLB told Oakland to pound sand?

  31. @Stanley Stanson – Actually I have a theory. The reason is… Moneyball the motion picture. Think about it. How much bad pub would the A’s and MLB get if a decision to move to SJ was made and then Moneyball was released? It wouldn’t be pretty. Now they can let Oakland have its moment in the sun with the premiere, officially say the whole thing is still undecided, let Moneyball rake in its $100 million in box office, then make the decision when the movie is out of the theaters.

  32. @TonyD–please, PLEASE grow up. You’re getting like Anon now.
    @ML–Yeah, real classy…SMH. Is that pic really necessary? I thought you were better than that.

  33. @jk-usa – I have no sympathy for the man who helped destroy the Coliseum.

  34. re: Oakland redevelopment funds. Isn’t Oakland using its redevelopment funds to buy the Kaiser convention center? Oakland simply has no $$ to spend on a ballpark. San Jose’s ballpark already has a $120 mill naming rights sponsor, for starters, and San Jose has a completed EIR and most of the land assembled. Oakland? Zip on both counts

  35. and I have no “sympathy” for Ol’ (dumb@$$) Gammons. He hasn’t been “correct” about anything in years… i wonder why?

  36. @ML – Your biases have been coming out more of late. Thanks for making it plain for all readers. Also, enjoy your initmate movie night tomorrow. If more than 50 folks show up, i’ll be surprised. Brad Pitt won’t be there, but i’m sure the carpetbagger will be there his flock!

  37. @David – Awwwww, u mad?

  38. Well, hasn’t this been an all around crappy season. On the field and off.

  39. @ML – taunting? That’s real mature. No, I’m not mad you. I have what you want …


  40. @David – I’m amazed that you don’t get it. Oakland and Alameda County bent over backwards for the guy, which is great because you got your precious football team back, and in the process screwed over the A’s. Did you not think there wouldn’t be a price to pay? That this stasis couldn’t continue forever? I’ll quote emperor nobody’s front-pager at AN:

    Let me be very clear: Jean Quan lied to my face, and I’d suspect I was not the only one. The day before she was elected Mayor of Oakland, she canvassed me personally at the West Oakland BART for my vote. I grilled her on the topic of doing what it would take to keep the A’s in The Town and she seemed to have all the numbers in her head and all the facts-n-figures about the Victory Court site all lined up, so I voted for her the next day. Honestly, I thought she had no chance against one of the most corrupt and powerful politicians in the Bay Area, Don “Don” Perata. It was only the tiered voting system that got her elected in a huge upset. Nearly two years and one still-uncompleted Environmental Impact Report later, I am singing the same old Stevie Wonder song: If Mayor Quan really wants to hear my views, she hasn’t done nuthin’. AKA Jack shit. Memo to the Mayor of a city about to lose one of its most prized possessions, with the Raiders and Warriors soon to follow: if you want something, you fight for it. You proactively pursue it like you’re Malcolm fucking X: By Any Means Necessary. You don’t equivocate, for he — or she — who hesitates is lost. You take your case to the people and create amongst them the political will to be able to see what will be lost if it goes and what will be gained if it can be convinced to stay. That is what people pulled that little lever for you to implement and it’s called leadership. You don’t, for instance, disappear and play bullshit scheduling games when the owner of one your most prized possessions comes calling to talk things over, after years of silence towards your city and diffident dismissal towards your alleged cause. You don’t deflect calls — multiple times — to your office from prominent Bay Area sports media personalities like Chris Townsend when they offer you a forum to discuss your plans for one of your most prized possessions, or the opportunity to do so on the airwaves opposite the Mayor of the other city vying for one of your most prized possessions. A man who, for his part, always sounds like he would literally crawl buck naked over freshly shattered glass coated with anti-coagulant rat poison to have one of your most prized possessions. In short, you make it seem like something of a priority, or at least attempt the illusion of such. Seriously.

    Amen, Josh. AMEN.

  41. @ML – Objectivity is key to all journalism.


  42. ML, while I’m no huge proponent of Al as of late nor am I against dark humor, however you posting is just mean spirited. Mocking a man in his 80’s may be fun to you, but make no mistake, even with his shortcomings Al has accomplished more in his life than you ever will. He has also done more for minorities/women than you ever will. Maybe you’re just doing this because David hit home with his comments, but in the end it just looks petty.

  43. damn–that nails it perfectly—replace “Quan” with “Harris”, “Brown” or “Dellums” and the same article applies

  44. @eb – Actually, I just haven’t had lunch yet and it’s getting to me.

    I do not care nor will I ever care about Al Davis. I don’t care what he’s accomplished. I know that the “Team of the Decades” motto no longer applies. My feelings on him run way back to 1995. I’m equally angry at the powerbrokers in Alameda County, but Al’s a more visible target. You guys can defend him as much as you like. I will take shots every time. This is a lightly moderated comments thread. I dish out and take equally. That is the price of having perspective. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. It’s always your choice.

    One more thing – I am far more critical of my own work than any reader will ever be.

  45. …interesting theory, ML, re: Moneyball and timing of the A’s ballpark decision. Was Wolff setting the table for the announcement with his interview the other day? (BTW, I’m going to try to make it to tomorrow night’s Baseball SJ event. Will try but might not succeed.)

  46. ML, taking shots and pointing out Al’s sometimes destructive behavior is one thing, making fun of his appearance because he’s old/in bad health is something completely different. Also, for not caring about him apparently he’s gracing your twitter and your focusing on him now. Now I’m as sad as anybody the Coliseum was butchered as a baseball stadium, but do you really think Al was going to stop the construction of Mt. Davis because it was not aesthetically pleasing for baseball? If that’s the case Wolff should be held accountable for not making the moral stand in regards to stealing a team away from Oakland. Wolff is defended on here as being an objective business man, doing “what’s right” for his franchise. Wasn’t Al doing the same by that logic?

  47. Al Davis: 3 super bowls titles and 5 appearances… commish of the AFL before the merger. Bill Walsh thanks Al Davis for helping him get started in football. Hired first Latino and Black coaches in the NFL. His record is massive. Beyond any petty vendettas.

  48. @eb – What does that have to do with anything? Al has played Oakland/Alameda County, LA, and Irwindale in his quixotic quests. Wolff is trying to self-finance a stadium. You really want to talk class or the right way of doing business? If Al had a land deal in Camp Parks in Dublin (which he tried to do last year), he’d be out of Oakland faster than you can say “Mayflower.” He’s the guy who called Oakland “a depressed area” earlier in the year. Al Davis may command loyalty from his followers, but that doesn’t mean he deserves anything more than begrudging respect from the rest of us. And yes, we can lampoon him if we see fit. If it makes you angry, tough.

  49. Al tried to go to Dublin but the mayor said something to the effect of no way did she ever want the team there. Al’s used to cities bending over backwards trying to get his precious team (LA, Oakland, Irwindale, can’t remember the others) and the had the door slammed on him (or more accurately, it was Al’s son who made the presentation) in Dublin….

  50. @ML- You just negated everything you said about your football injury in high school and the seriousness of brain injuries. Consistency is key to objectivity!

    • @David – I’m not too worried about a guy calling me biased when he has clearly an agenda of his own to color his opinions. As for my own injuries, they occurred when I was broadsided by a car. On Christmas Eve. My head hit the windshield at 30 mph. I was lucky to be alive, and because of that I couldn’t play football. Now if you still want to quibble about that, go ahead. Be that guy and keep digging.

  51. I am with ML 100%. Al Davis is just as bad as the Alameda County/Oakland officials are for screwing the A’s and forever killing the relationship between them.

    In the end you need a public-private partnership to succeed in building any stadium, Oakland/Alameda County chose sides years ago and there is nothing that will ever repair that relationship.

    The A’s, have only gone above the median in attendance 7 times in 43 seasons in Oakland. That includes 15 playoff teams and 4 title teams, even 2 who lost in the WS.

    Look at the 49ers, they have had 1 foot out the door in San Francisco for Santa Clara since 2006 yet they sell out every game in that dump known as Candlestick Park.

    So for those of you Pro-Oakland fans always getting mad at Wolff for having “one foot out the door”, look at the 49ers and you will see your argument is flawed since they are moving to Silicon Valley as well and have made it public for 5 years almost.

    SF voters in 1997 agreed to 100M bond of public money for the 49ers which is unheard of in SF. They shot down the Giants 3 times for public handouts….It shows how much “the city” loves the 49ers.

    You don’t think San Francisco people are mad at the owners that the 49ers are leaving 30 miles south to Silicon Valley? Of course they are but they still support the team despite 8 years of losing in the worst stadium in the NFL.

    They know the freeway goes both ways and the team is not leaving the market. They are simply moving to a different location 30 min away….no big deal.

    They will still support the team in Santa Clara but like San Francisco there is no place to build in Oakland period.

    San Jose like Santa Clara has room to build in a good location, has a corporate base that is untapped (only 25% do biz with the Giants) and it is only 35 miles from Oakland. In other parts of the East Bay going to San Jose is opposite commute.

    Although I still have no faith in Selig to ever see the A’s in San Jose it is the logical choice…..Wish logic ruled MLB’s world.

  52. I will say as a “football man” Al Davis is a legend and he helped bring my 49ers to existence. Too bad he has made several bad business decisions in the past.

  53. ML, I was addressing your main issue, which was that Al ruined the coliseum as a baseball venue, thus he should be the target of insults that make fun of his appearance. I never said Al is the picture of a moral business man (if such a thing exists), but you really believe he should have halted construction of Mt. Davis because it would ruin the aesthetics of a baseball venue? All I’m saying is that if you are playing the moral responsibility card, Wolff is just as guilty, privately funded ballpark or not. Believe me, I’m not a Al Davis “follower” but to see someone who has done so much being mocked because of his old age/poor health just seems classless. As to being angry, I’m far from it. If you want to continue calling elderly people ugly that’s up to you. Al’s wife Carol had a heart attack, maybe you could make fun of that too.

    • @eb – I had no intention of going there until David brought it up. These things are called jokes, satire. Are you going to take him to task for making light of head injuries or those with mental issues? I can point to Al Davis as being partly responsible for putting the A’s future in jeopardy. I can’t think of what Peter Gammons has ever done to David. Call me mean if you think it helps. I’ve been called much, much worse.

  54. @ML–i’d figure you’d go to the Baseball San José showing of Moneyball, passing on the Oakland version. TonyD will be camping out in line all day and night in his Cisco Field logo tent, making sure he gets a good seats. Have a good time and give us a full report on what came down.

    As for the Coliseum: if Al never came back and there was some improvements to the place for baseball, i can just see Schott or Wolff bitching a few years later that it’s still antiquated compared to the newer parks, that they need a completely new venue to maximize profits, where fans are closer to the action, in a better area, blah, blah, blah, and SJ is the only logical place to go, even though almost every other team has built their new parks in almost the exact same area, next to the older park, IN THE SAME CITY.
    Wow, what a concept? Seems to work, and it could work here.

  55. re: As for the Coliseum: if Al never came back and there was some improvements to the place for baseball, i can just see Schott or Wolff bitching a few years later that it’s still antiquated compared to the newer parks, t

    …but that’s NOT what happened. Oakland agreed to do baseball-only improvements and did football-only improvements, instead. Oakland wants its Raiders, we get that. But don’t keep a leash on the A’s when the city can’t accommodate them. Let them go 30 miles south so Bay Area A’s fans can keep their team. Unfortunate that to Oakland-only folks, A’s to San Jose = A’s to San Antonio or A’s to Vegas…A move to San Jose means the games are played in San Jose, and “San Jose” replaces “Oakland” in the published MLB standings and on the road jerseys. That’s it. Everything else about their identity – even the baseball cap – stays the same.

  56. Robo, like it or not that is the reality of spring training in Phoenix these days. Everyone wants or has one of the new mega complexes that started with Peoria and have not evolved into the monster that is Salt River Fields. The Cubs are jumping on the bandwagon next in 2014. Odd thing is the A’s and/or Breweres are now rumored to be the beneficiaries of the Cubs moving out of their current home HohoKam (which was built in the early 90’s). The Phoenix city council expects the A’s and Brewers will be leaving their respective homes in the future either into a new complex (which would be possible on the Gila Reservation as the Gila have offered up land for such a project) or into Hohokam Park which would be an upgrade for either team.

  57. @ jk-usa : “TonyD–please, PLEASE grow up. You’re getting like Anon now.” This coming from an old senile delusional guy who lives in the past and is all talk? Yes, please grow up and do something about the situation in Oakland and living pipedreams where unicorns will save the a’s to stay in Oakland…/yawn. I guess that’s the main difference form us SJ “suburbaners”….we talk the talk and walk the walk. EIR? Check. Funding? No problem. Land acquisitions? Almost completed. Support from the owner. Absolutely. I get it that you’re a union guy and expect everyone to give you everything for free as an entitlement, but seriously you need a reality check. As I stated before, your time as an A’s fan will be up shortly….for me, regardless of city, players, or decrepit venue, i’ll still be a fan….

  58. @ Anon – “Support from the owner. Absolutely.” I would rephrase that as agenda by the owner since inception.

  59. @ Anon “you’re a union guy and expect everyone to give you everything for free as an entitlement”
    Christ, it never ends. Feel free to tell the next firefighter, police officer, teacher, nurse, construction worker etc. you run into this opinion. Give us an update on the response you get, I’m sure many of us would be eager to hear about the outcome.
    @Ml, I think we have both made our opinions known. I’ll give you credit for at least not censoring posters. And if it makes you feel better I don’t think you’re mean.;)

  60. yes, i am biased. But i’m not trying to make a name for myself as a journalist. I told you a long time ago that you do a good job as a journalist. Your biases were hard to detect, until recently. I am a musician. I have chops. If i didn’t – no one would listen to me play. Journalists with no credibility, tend to work for the tabloids. Also, I made no fun of the mentally ill… Tony did that. My wife is a therapist. I would never make fun of the mentally ill.

    • @David – That’s where you’ve misread me again. I have no designs on turning this blog into a permanent, professional gig. I’ve had talks with friends recently about wanting this to be over so that I can go on with my life. Frankly, you have no place calling me biased. You have no idea who I am or where I’m coming from on this. Spare me the hollow patronizing compliments. I used to think you had an open mind. Now I know I’m wrong on that count.

  61. @ eb – ask me about my feelings about government motors any day….

  62. you are “spared”. I don’t throw compliments around without cause… anyway, have fun with ol’ man Lew tomorrow.

  63. @Anon Not interested. I’m sure most people aren’t. Thanks though.

  64. @eb – thanks for asking and caring…. ❤

  65. Damn this getting downright silly. Al Davis? I am not a Raiders fan (mainly because Al made the great decision to go to LA and win his last Super Bowl and left menwith only one choice for a local football team) but I think it is very debatable to say that he “did what was best for his football team” by coming back to Oakland. I don’t blame him, just the folks in Oakland/Alameda County who brought him back.

  66. Hmm, some posts were removed, and the Al Davis pics remain. Whatever?’s not my site.

  67. So, A’s Postgame show just said there will be a major announcement on Thursday at 1pm, with Billy Beane and Bob Melvin.
    Could this be it?

    • So, A’s Postgame show just said there will be a major announcement on Thursday at 1pm, with Billy Beane and Bob Melvin.
      Could this be it?

      I sure hope so, LS, if for no other reason than to just put an end to it all.

  68. Wow – a meta-thread. BTW, I’m a big Raiders fan, love Al Davis for what he’s done in the past, and still thought ML’s pic post was hilarious.

  69. Those aren’t the two people you’d put up front if it was a stadium announcement, Selig would have to make it with Lew Wolff standing by proudly.

  70. @baycommuter – You’re right, but they can always change who the people are at the announcement table.
    It’s probably about Japan, but again, that would probably not be Beane and Melvin by themselves either.

  71. That’s true, it could be a red herring. But if MLB was involved, they wouldn’t put the announcement on Thursday, in all likelihood there will be at least one wild-card one-game playoff that day.

  72. Yeah, I think it’s about the Japan opener as they’ve been teasing that all week as coming soon.

  73. if anything the announcement would after the world series

  74. yeah i heard that press conference too that they announced on tue’s telecast that will happen the day after the season ends. doubt it will be anything big, isn’t the speculation some sort of announcement could be made during the winter meetings. if i had to guess it’d be the status of the team on the field.
    wonder when cisco field gets built what will happen to this blog? been a visitor since probably the same year it started so i’d be mostly reading until maybe in the past year and will continue to do so for potentially close to a decade.
    will it end come opening day 2015 or the months following so us a’s fans can talk about such and such about the new park. course even if the decision is a go for sj, pretty sure there will be fights and arguments thru out the next 3 or so years before the park officially opens.

    hopefully it deals with the park itself instead of where the parks should be built.

  75. ….f the A’s get the go-ahead for San Jose, even under the best circumstances I don’t see the ballpark opening until 2015. The A’s lease in Oakiand expires after the 2013 season. Could be a tense situation, figuring out where to play those two years if Oakland is not interested in a lame-duck baseball team. Although the NJ Nets have been in NJ something like 6 additional years since announcing their planned move to Brooklyn…San Jose Muni seats about 4,000 people. if it’s even that much

  76. @letsgoas, I can’t wait for the day when we can start debating the specifics of the ballpark, regardless of where it is built.

  77. @pjk, Perhaps negotiations surrounding a lease extension will not be as tense as many would expect. If the City of Oakland realizes they were never in a position to get a ballpark built, I don’t think they would hold much resentment against the A’s, at least not as much as most fans would think. If that time comes, you can bet the A’s will make it known that they were very much interested in signing a lease extension, thus putting the ball squarely back in Oakland’s court. By refusing to negotiate, Oakland would be cutting of their noses to spite their face.

  78. @pjk – Money talks. The logical conclusion is that the Coli authority would take an extra few million from Wolff or MLB as a sort of Golden Parachute for the A’s leaving. If not, unfortunately, the Giants would probably be coerced into taking the A’s in for a few years.

  79. When did acknowledging reality equate to being bias? @David, I never made fun of the mentally ill. I stated I work with many who have MH issues; committing awful crimes yet blaming everyone for their ills, problems except themselves. That’s the problem I have with many Oakland-only folk who blame everyone for the A’s eventual departure except for the main culprit: the city of Oakland itself. They also constantly ignore the financial, economic realities on the ground and constantly harp on super secret ballpark plans that will save Oakland’s day. Alas, everyone is entitled to their own opinion; no matter how outrageous or detached from reality. I’m now choosing to ignore such posts from here on out. In other words, I’m not bringing my work home. That is all.

  80. @fc, agree wholeheartedly.

  81. Negotiation of a lease extension at the Coli will not be a problem. No way the city and county leave millions of dollars in lease payments on the table out of spite. The vast majority of people in Alameda County who are not big baseball fans and not that emotionally invested in this would have the politicians’ heads, and rightly so. You’re going to fire a few hundred extra cops and teachers just to try to inconvenience Lew Wolff?
    If they’re smart, the city/county will use their leverage to try to up the lease rate, but that’ll be noise in the big picture.

  82. Dan, Thanks for the link on the A’s and Brewer’s spring training situation. I would consider Hohokam Park and Phoenix Muni to have about the same setup. Of course I don’t know about the differences in locker rooms/team offices/weight training facilities etc..They have similiarities though.They both have practice fields that are down the street a little bit from the main stadium. Papago Park for the A’s appears to have a few more practice fields than Fitch Park does for the Cubs. Of course the Papago complex is in a very scenic area as well.So I am not sure why HoHoKam would be an upgrade.
    I am not against the A’s moving there or having a new complex built. I guess my real concern, in general, is that some of these older ST parks continue to have baseball played in them for many years, as they are pefectly fine ballparks. Idle ballparks tend to bring out all kinds of wacky ideas at City Council meetings.

  83. Moneyball has no real affect on this situation and the Giants owners changing hands I do not think does at all.

    I will say this, if the Giants owners changing hands needs 75% approval I would like to think MLB would vote for the T-rights to be shared first in the Bay Area and then approve the Giants new owner in that order.

    With Neukom out, he probably does not care what happens anymore with San Jose or the A’s therefore he might just sit there and let it happen to spite the Executive Committee who “shunned” him just recently.

    Then MLB would approve Larry Baer but it would too late for him to do anything about it.

    In the end I just do not see Selig even calling for a vote unless he feels all options have been exhausted with the A’s before he lets them into San Jose.

    I have no faith in Selig but if Neukom going down gets the A’s to San Jose that would be awesome.

    That is the only way I can see them moving forward on the A’s in San Jose.

  84. i doubt neudom wold spite the team he grew up rooting for. everybody knows how much of a goldmine potentially sj is for the a’s. i’ve said it before but those who run the other team across the bay want the a’s gone or if not gone at least remaining to be irrelevant here in the bay area which they’ll continue to be while playing at the coliseum for as long as they’re here. as much as i would like a brand new oakland park on the waterfront or near downtown, i’ve come with the realization as an somebody who was born in oakland and lived all his life here that a park most likely will never get rebuilt as i don’t think the oakland citizens have the stomach to yet again fund another sports venue here when they’ve see the city spend close to 400 million on both the coliseum and arena and a decade from now could see both empty with no pro team playing in either of them.

    if the a’s land sj then they’ll be on somewhat of a equal footing here financially with all the corporate sponsors that will allign themselves with the a’s and although there was that letter set by svlg, that’s still a lot of sponsors who signed that would only support the a’s because they’re in sj and sf wants none of that happening. if they can’t get into that silicon valley money, they sure in hell don’t want anybody else especially the a’s who could put somewhat of a dent on the monopoly they have here in the bay area where at this time the a’s are struggling at the coliseum and everybody knows it.

  85. Robo, I think the reasons HoHoKam would be an upgrade have to do with both things we can’t see like locker rooms and plumbing, etc… But also things we can see such as having a bit more flair, a roof, a jumbotron, a grass berm, 5,000 more people capacity, more practice fields on site, etc… Most of its advantages come from being a 30 year newer design than Phoenix Muni and it would bring the A’s or whomever moves in more in line with the rest of the teams in the region.

    Don’t get me wrong, Phoenix Muni is quaint, but it’s quaint in the same way the Coliseum is quaint in that it’s a basic concrete stadium whose time has past without some major upgrades.

  86. @LetsgoA’s- I agree with you. I just think Neukom is out 100% that may play into him “caring or not”. If I was fired the way he was and forced to sell my shares back and be gone would I care anymore?

    Probably not, I would just sit there and let things happen and keep my mouth shout.

    Neukom is still the head guy until Jan 1st 2012. So it will be him at the owners meeting in November. I just cannot see him arguing much or caring much at that point being a lameduck owner.

    Of course the Giants want the A’s out of San Jose period and want them to leave. That is why the A’s are not in San Jose already. Any other sport it would have happened years ago.

    I am just expanding on the theory put out there about the November meetings and the Giants being forced to take a deal to approve Baer from MLB to let the the A’s into SJ.

    Otherwise I just do not see anything else happening around this until the Dodgers/Mets messes are resolved.

  87. Look at it this way…. Phoenix games have pretty much become a big money maker in the economics of today’s baseball. If the A’s get a new stadium built in the Bay Area, have a successful rebuild and start selling out… that will also translate to bigger gates in their Cactus League games. They’ll need a bigger/better facility. While I would prefer Phoenix Muni to get another remodel (the views are awesome and the location isn’t great), I can see the team wanting to take advantage of higher capacity and the more modern additions, like a picnic berm or outfield bleachers. Seriously, Phoenix Muni has zero outfield seating, and no way to even just walk past the outfield. No HR shagging at all.

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