The Game is on the rebound

We wondered if rebranding of 95.7 and the hiring of new hosts would help. It sure looks like it has. September ratings are due next week, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at how the stations performed in August.

It’ll be interesting to see how the offseason shapes up. Not having the Giants on the air should prove an equalizer, which should provide The Game plenty of opportunity to gain in the ratings. The Game’s football coverage is already tons better than KNBR, with Greg Papa and Eric Davis providing credibility for both local teams and a dedicated college football show on Saturdays. Chris Townsend will have Gio Gonzalez picking football games regularly, which will hopefully lead to a regular A’s hot stove show to keep fan interest going. Slow and steady, it looks like progress.

15 thoughts on “The Game is on the rebound

  1. 95.7 did get a bounce that was expected to have with all the hype of the new lineup for about month. do wonder if they will hold onto this rating during the offseason or will it get worse or better. why does the sj market always done better than the sf/oak market in regards to the a’s station. when the ratings were going down from may-july up here, sj was holding stead and improved. even on 860 last year the sj # was higher than it was in sf/oak.
    i still don’t think the entire south bay gets a clear signal from 95.7 and have wondered if there would ever be dua am/fm 95.7 stations but entercom doesn’t have a am station here in the bay area which would maybe help those who can’t get the fm signal.

    still upset they haven’t talked as much non sf sports talk. for example don’t think they’ve had brazil yet on the station as their sharks insider even when news broke last month on a couple of big signings and with preseason starting up. course at this time the only guy who could seriously talknhl/sharks hockey would be townsend and possibly tittle as i hear he’ll have a weekend show. guess it’s better than nothing at this point.

    even best case i still think 95.7 will never beat 680 in the ratings. but if they can get somehow in the mid to high 1s and it may take them acquiring another pro team in the area to be on it’s air and also getting imo better hosts down the road to get those ratings, that’s the best 95.7 should realistically expect and being the #2 sports radio station in this large of a market isn’t all that bad.

  2. I agree that for the foreseeable future they’ll be second but they’ll be right there clipping at 680’s heels. Also, I think Brazil was on today, you might want to check their site for an interview.

    Thanks for the charts ML, nice to see the contrast between the two entities. Pretty cool to see the South Bay as a high mark for the station and they haven’t even gone into Sharks talk yet.


    ^also according to this site above sj’s july’s # was a 1.0 so i don’t know which was is the right #.

    680 def has a ton of power here. i do find it amusing how many moves they’ve made both on and off the mic that you gotta believe is a reaction to 95.7 and although not been a huge fan of 95.7 programming as a whole, at least those idiots at 55 hawthorne finally have some competition. but even in the offseason 680 with a crap lineup other than a few talents still pulls in the mid to high 2s which shows you that sports fans still recognize them as THE SPORTS STATION in this area although that was before 95.7’s arrival in mid april as a sports station but i don’t see how 95.7 will ever overtake 95.7. bruce said it best on 1050 a long time ago that you could put chickens clucking on air on 680 and they’d still pull in good ratings.

    also reading that knbr could be jettisoning some of their talents, even the big names have been mentioned as possibly on the chopping block mainly to their bloated salaries.

    still hope in the end 95.7 could steal away a talent like bruce.

  4. Please, no Damon Bruce on 95.7. The guy is an obnoxious, loudmouth. I think the hosts they have now will continue to improve once they become more familiar with the market. Tierney and Davis’ show is already much better than its initial stages.
    I’m just glad there is an alternative to the Giants’ mouthpiece, KNBR. The most unrealistic aspect of Moneyball was the talk show banter about the A’s. During that run the A’s were almost never mentioned on local sports talk. Even the Raider’s playoff run earlier in the decade was almost excluded on 680. 1050 was the only crappy option.

  5. i’m sorry but i don’t even listen to the station from 10am-6pm, maybe turn on for a few minutes but switch it to another station or listen to music soon afterwards because it’s the same stuff i heard those first few days and even the first week where those hosts annoyed me to the point where i had enough of them. really townsend’s show is the only show on 95.7 that i’ve listened to on a consistent basis. am glad as i mentioned before that title is gonna have a weekend show although don’t know if it’s just sat or sat/sun. be great if he could be on sunday night after raiders games to take phone calls as his show on 860 was really the only place raiders fans could call in last year.

    as for bruce, yeah he is obnoxious at times but so are a lot of sports talk radio hosts. imo just for the draw on what he’d said about knbr as a whole if he were to land on 95.7 and let loose would be enough to draw my interests thru out the week. we already heard townsend in 2010 when he was still on 860 rant ingagainst the true agenda for 680 was which was to control the sports radio market here in the bay area and why 1050 was bought up and changed into 680 jr. they like the sfg want total and full control of this area and hopefully now with 95.7 and possibly the a’s move to sj, the “monopoly” will be broken sometime in the future and both 95.7 and the a’s can get a established and strong following if/when they move to sj.

  6. I keep hearing that tierney & davis’ show has gotten better. I haven’t heard anything good about lund’s show. I stopped listening to 95.7 about a week into the new lineup and I, like many other A’s fans complained the whole time. I listen to A’s games, pre & post game shows and a little of townsend. I only check in from time to time on the morning and afternoon shows, but never for very long. I just take it as it is. This station is a little better than the other station. It just happens to play A’s games on it.

  7. I don’t know, maybe I’m easy to please, but I like the new lineup, with the exception of Tierney & Davis. I still have not warmed up to them yet.
    I commented back when 95.7 moved to an all sports format that it would be a mistake for them to become an “East Bay” station. With all due respect to A’s and Raider fans, there is no way a station could go to an all sports format and fill 14 hours with A’s and Raiders talk. I believe Entercom’s strategy is to give A’s and Raider fans an outlet, but at the same time try to draw away some Giants and Niner fans from KNBR. The success of the various teams will dictate programming.

  8. @fc: I have to agree. I couldn’t stand the old lineup, but I think the new lineup does a good job touching on each team. Sure they talk quite a bit of Giants, but they ACTUALLY talk about the A’s. They have A’s players on the radio. The Raiders get attention. I’m really liking the direction of the station. I hope it keeps it up. I’m looking forward to some Sharks talk!

  9. The lineup on 95.7 is great. The coverage of the As and the NFL is especially good.

    I personally find the Razor and Mr T unlistenable. Razor has probably the worst voice for radio I’ve ever hear. High-pitched and scratchy. And Mr. T is likeable enough, but doesnt come across as a great authority (other than on NBA, which for me ranks below NFL, MLB, NHL, CFB and NCAA BB in interest.)

  10. sure the hosts from 6am in the morning and 6pm have a’s guests but they themselves do not talk about the a’s team in general. it’s like they talk sf sports then spend the next 10 minutes with an a’s player/coach and basically go back talking sf sports the rest of the hour or rest of their show. the only guy who consistently talks a’s baseball during the weekdays is townsend and that’ll likely continue into the offseason as he’s said he’ll have a hot stove talk which is something he said he’d have last fall but we all know what happened with 860. unless something big happens like the sj decision maybe then the hosts on 95.7 will talk about the a’s for more than a 10-15 minutes at most.

    even i didn’t think 95.7 would be the east bay version of knbr even though i had hoped it would be when the news first broke about the station switch in mid april but to have totally ignored the east bay sports scene as the station did is what killed me and even worse they made fun of the fact that they did that., again other than townsend when he was on air. first days of the aug 1st relauch and the follow weeks following didn’t help either when hosts would say the a’s are the “b record” and why turn to it or when one particular host would mock a’s fans by ringing a bell anytime the org was mentioned during the show.

    i guess any small crumb the station gives us east bay sports fans with townsend/tittle is better than nothing which is what we’ve had for 20 years now with knbr being the butt kisser of all sf sports but i still believe the station as a whole needs to talk more about the oakland teams in the future and still would like to see it split 50/50.

  11. i’d love for tolbert to go solo. he’s been going solo more so recent than he has in the past without a guest co host and he’s talking more sports too and not the off the field stuff that maybe took up a lot of the show in recent years. maybe is this knbr trying tolbert out for his own show? if anything i’d rather see tolbert with a new cohost but ulitmiately i think ralph will be back at a reduced rate.

    tolbert basically saved ralph’s career on knbr as they were looking to pair him up with somebody fresh as ralph’s own show was basically crap and tolbert was almost the exact opposite and it worked well. but really tolbert is carrying the show most o the time and i’d guess if you put tolbert on one station and ralph on the other, the strong majority would much rather listen to tolbert.

    agreed about ralph in some of the post made in that link above. the guy cuts off his guests when they’re in the middle of answering a question. he is too close to the team’s “power people” to say anything controversial, those interviews he had for those many years in nellie’s second tenure as the head coach were a joke. imo he’s the typical sf sports fans i can’t stand who in this area think they’re better than everybody else probably both on and off the field because they’re associated with the city of sf and looks down at oakland especially whenever he gets a chance especially to both the a’s and raiders.

    imo tolbert is the guy who probably brings in the biggest ratings to knbr as a whole. he may not be as knowledgable about all sports but he’s by far the most entertaining and many many times in past years made me laugh the hardest while listening to anything on radio.

  12. Barbieri is close to the team’s power people, but that didn’t stop him from getting into some rather heated discussions with Sabean, and he was often times been very critical of the Niners during the Noland and Singletary years.

  13. it’d help too for 95.7 to get the chance to broadcast some of these national games be it the nba, nfl, or mlb. knbr well really 1050 airs ALL the big sporting events on it’s air, granted the ratings still aren’t great although the world cup back in 2010 did help boost 1050’s ratings during that 2-3 time frame. a’s aren’t a big draw, hopefully that’ll change in the future once they get a new park and maybe will start winning consistently. there’s always the chance somebody like the raiders or even w’s move to 95.7 down the road, more likely with the first one.

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