What We Know About Oakland…

Ken Korach is awesome. He is professional. He is erudite. He is classy. As my Quasiuncle Lester always says, “Ken Korach just sounds like summer.” It was nice to start the off season with some good news for us A’s fans, Ken Korach is staying put. It was good news because the move brought some semblance of continuity to a fan ecosphere that has become increasingly chaotic and unstable. It was also good news because Ken Korach is among the best in the business. One of my favorite aspects of the Ken Korach broadcast, just behind “The lights are on but not yet taking effect,” is when, at a critical juncture, he brings total clarity by “resetting” the game. He explains the situation, gives the count, and explains how the game got to whatever critical juncture it had arrived at.

With all the speculation in the media lately, it seems it is time to reset the stadium game a bit. No?

What do we know? I was reading through the comments in a recent thread (one that had devolved into another San Jose v. Oakland steel cage scaffold match) and this question came to me. In particular, “What do we know about Oakland, still the A’s home city of record, and it’s efforts to keep the team?” So, what has Oakland done? The answer is, more than San Jose boosters will admit and less than Oakland boosters believe. There is nuance here.

Let’s start with the stuff we know for certain:

Nine months ago the Oakland City Council authorized up to $750k for an EIR to support the potential development of a MLB stadium just south of Jack London Square (depicted below and outlined in green and red):

Prior to the authorization of the EIR, Oakland met with Bud Selig’s committee and the City was asked to provide potential ballpark sites. They listed four potential sites for the committee. The Coliseum, Howard Terminal and JLS West as well as the Victory Court site depicted above.

Additionally, the City was asked to provide a plan for acquiring the site, relocating businesses and making necessary upgrades to the surrounding infrastructure. Oakland’s plan was to tap RDA funds to carry out this task.

Let’s Go Oakland, without prompting from MLB’s committee, collected $500k from around 30 potential suite owners.

Publicly, that is all we know. MLB asked for some specific things, Oakland delivered (at least a concept in the case of financing site acquisition while RDA works its way through the legal system). Oakland boosters also took an extra step to show there is a premium ticket market in Oakland and the East Bay. These things above have been confirmed by Doug Boxer, co-chair of Let’s Go Oakland.

What else have we heard? Well, we heard Bryan Grunwald’s 980 Ballpark concept had been tabbed as an alternative to be studied in the EIR. We have heard that maybe MLB had floated a potential loan of $150M for a ballpark in Oakland. We heard that Clorox might be interested in naming rights. We know that Jean Quan and Lew Wolff met recently and we heard they talked about the Coliseum and Victory Court.

None of these things are verifiable. Therefore, we don’t know these things.

This leaves us waiting for one thing: the completion of the aforementioned EIR. What’s troubling about this is that when the EIR process was being discussed, it was mentioned by Oakland Boosters that the whole process could be done within a year. As ML outlined at the time, it could have been done in a year, provided the Draft EIR was completed within 3, or so, months. This week we heard rumblings that the EIR hasn’t even begun because of ongoing negotiations between the City and the firm doing the work.

To be clear, we don’t know anything about the EIR at this point. We don’t know when it will be delivered. We don’t know that it has started. The Draft EIR could almost be done.

Just like we don’t know anything about stadium construction financing in Oakland. There could be a neatly sewn up package of naming rights, sponsorship deals, a loan and charter seat sales just waiting for Larry Ellison, of Mark Cuban, to pry the team from Lew Wolff. There could be back room discussions with the local State legislators to work out bonds backed by the income taxes of the Athletics players to help finance construction, as was pitched in Portland when they were trying to get the Expos to come to town.

And this is the challenge with Oakland’s strategy of saying nothing and waiting out Lew Wolff’s time as an owner… It leaves all kinds of room for wild speculation and wrong assumptions. The question for me, which admittedly leads to more speculation, is “Why isn’t Oakland sharing the path they see to a new stadium being built in their fine City?”

I have heard and read many different versions of why they aren’t being open. They don’t want Wolff to know the plan so that he can’t poke holes in it. They are working around Wolff with MLB and MLB wants them to be quiet. The sponsors they have lined up don’t want Wolff to know they support an Oakland plan because they want to have sponsorship opportunities in San Jose should that be the eventual choice.

Here’s another potential reason for the strategy: they are hiding the fact that there are no answers to the tough questions everyone wants to hear answers to.

There could be any number of reasons for the tight lipped approach. Until someone speaks up, we will all be left guessing.

52 thoughts on “What We Know About Oakland…

  1. re: This week we heard rumblings that the EIR hasn’t even begun because of ongoing negotiations between the City and the firm doing the work.

    …I’m speechless.

  2. pjk, we are trying to get clarity around these rumblings. I wouldn’t take it as true at face value.

  3. re: They don’t want Wolff to know the plan so that he can’t poke holes in it.
    …so Selig knows the plan but is keeping it from the owner who would need to know? An owner who he’s been friends with for 50 years? I’m not buying it.

  4. Jeffrey, can you elaborate a bit more on the “rumblings?” I accept the possibilites of Oakland getting lots of work done on this front. But is it likely? For the sake of any good A’s fan, this has got to go further than the black and white simplicity of Oakland vs. San Jose. If San Jose is ruled against, I want to go to a beautiful, new ballpark in Oakland. And if the BRC says Oakland it is, I sure as heck hope that Oakland is ready to go. But based on the last 16 years, I’m not terribly hopeful. Either way, it seems cruel for baseball to treat both of these great cities with the contempt and disrespect that it has to this point. It would suck if Oakland proceeded on an EIR if the BRC already has its answer sewn up. To quote Gary Radnich, “Who does that?!”

    • @daveybaby – Both Jeffrey and I received the rumor at the same time. You may be onto something in your last thought. Although Oakland authorized the expenditure it’s possible that they won’t actually spend the money until they get the green light from MLB. I can understand this stance in light of constant budget woes, but if true it makes City look less than committed and with limited political will to get it done. On the baseball side that would set a bunch of other things in motion, such as a sale of the club (my guess).

  5. I love Sonic Youth

  6. LeAndre, ditto. My favorite song is probably “100%” though they have so many that are awesome it’s hard to say.

  7. I’m pretty speechless as well if there is any truth to that the EIR wasn’t started.
    @daveybaby obviously at face value if it’s true they already decided San Jose with EIR being worked wouldn’t look right. But then you have to look at everything. Oakland knew the chance they were taking when they started to do EIR. They showed it with the part of the deal with the firm doing the EIR that they could vacate the EIR at anytime and only pay for work that was done while forgoing the total cost of the EIR. Also Oakland knows the position they are in is because they took so long to get to that point. Then consider finishing the EIR could mean nothing if the reports findings aren’t good. MLB can’t go off the fact that they tried. Answers matter.

  8. daveybaby, I can’t really elaborate on the EIR thing. I was sent a couple of tips that both said this was the case and one of them was form someone I trust enough to at least investigate it. My hope is much like your hope… I hope that it is just noise and the Draft EIR will be ready to roll shortly.

  9. As I recall Oakland agreed to invest $4M in a design/EIR for the Raiders back in July—this is more than they have done for the A’s in the 16 years they have been talking about a new ballpark—actually really pisses me off that it appears….could be wrong if other facts come out but none are available to date… that all Oakland has done is try to stall and wait out LW—

  10. Oakland doesn’t have to worry since Papa on 95.7 said there is no chance a’s can go to San Jose since Giants will just sue. They have told him so. Went on to nothing at all for San Jose hopefuls to get happy after Beane statement because there is no chance MLB gives the A’s permission.

    He just ignores the fact Giants can’t sue over rights. It’s just a show. MLB could lose their anti trust with a lawsuit. Guess what happens with no antitrust, then there is no territorial rights. Plus all owners would be pissed with giants if they threaten the anti trust. San Jose actually has a valid lawsuit against the giants for holding them back from growing, a’s have asked San Jose not to sue at this point. So that’s not likely to happen either.

    Each day Papa rips the A’s in some way, he really comes across a disgruntled ex employee of the A’s, which he is. It’s funny 95.7 males fun of KNBR for having to follow Giants team rules, but obviously there reach affects giants employees on 95.7 also. When he talks about the raiders, he has become 95.7’s fitz with the warriors as the team can do no wrong. Personally I feel Papa is a great announcer and one of the best in the bay. But he’s horrible as a talk show host.

  11. @ml. Just wondering when you and Jefferey heard it at the same time. Was it from the same source or separate sources?

  12. Originally from the same source.

  13. just listened during the 12 o’clock hour and agreed about papa being almost fitz like with his praising of the w’s. funny thing is the one pro a’s to sj knbr employee is fitz who said the a’s should move to sj. he better watch what he says. although who knows if the w’s do dump fitz as their play by play man and the reports are the franchise pays his salary at knbr, then he maybe out of a job soon.

    • @all – I wouldn’t worry about Fitz. He’ll do fine wherever he ends up.

      As for Papa, I understand he wants a permanent gig as the Giants’ pregame host and is tired of Chronicle Live. Maybe that means something.

      Also, the Coliseum Authority is paying for the EIR work for the Raiders, so it’s a level removed from the City.

  14. @ Jeffrey …. your rumors, if true, are just baffling. I wonder if the reason has to do with the shortage in general fund and uncertainty with the whole TR issue. $750k on an highly optimistic endeavour would severely be frowned upon, especially in such a politically sensitive city as Oakland in these time of a recession.
    @ pro-Oaklanders …. as i have stated before, instead of concentrating on other cities, i think there is a lot of housecleaning that needs to be done internally within Oakland. If this rumor isn’t a call to action to get more transparency out of the Oakland powers that be, i don’t know what is. You can continue to berate the owner, support the gnats in the TR, and deliberate the authenticity of support in another city, but i think that investigating your own dirty laundry should be the first thing on the to do list, instead of hoping for perpetual purgatory in the coliseum.

  15. @Anon–I would suspect that the 750k was redevelopment dollars—but how do you rationalize agreeing to spend $4M on design/EIR for the Raiders and not be willing to invest 750k in determining if VC is doable? There are as many questions, if not more, around the viablity of the R’s remaining in Oakland–so to say they are waiting for a decision from MLB makes no sense–

  16. meant to post papa was praising the raiders in my last post, not w’s. i would think papa would like to keep the chron live job during football season as he would have nothing to do during the week for the most part.

    he obviously isn’t very pro a’s at this point. even has said he’s watched moneyball during the premiere at the paramont a few weeks back and said he’ll only watch it once so his opinion on the anything a’s related i could give a damn about.

  17. @ML–what am I misinterpreting in this article–it says Oakland Council approved redevelopment funds—also indicated that they have been buying land–

    “The clock started ticking on the plans when Gov. Jerry Brown threatened to commandeer redevelopment money. But the pace really picked up when it looked like the NFL deal sealed this week could help deliver money for the project. The city had already begun to buy up land to “control the destiny” of the area, which is part of the Coliseum Redevelopment Project district, said Oakland City Councilmember Larry Reid.

    “But to get there, we have to spend money to show there is a vision,” said Reid, whose Elmhurst-East Oakland district includes the Coliseum area.

    The aging complex is co-owned by the city and Alameda County. But the city now controls all the land between Coliseum Way and San Leandro Street except several parcels occupied by, among others, Denny’s, a church and a trucking company.

    Then the council authorized $4 million in redevelopment funds this month to pay for a design plan and an environmental impact report.

  18. Papa can’t stop putting down both moneyball the movie and the book saying their both horrible. It’s beggining to be nails on a chalkboard when he talks about it.
    Today he said A’s fans were sent out renewal packets but no way should anyone renew with all their limbo and not knowing where they will go. Of course he ignore all texts but I told him I already renewed as there is no limbo for next season, they will be in Oakland for at least 3-4 more years so stop making things up. Season tickets are for only one season, I’m not deciding anything beyond that right now.

    Funny yesterday they kept advertising a segment of ask Papa anything calls or texts. Won’t dodge anything. They took one plant like call about about great the raiders are and that was it. They spent longer advertising the segment than doing it.

  19. papa can’t stop putting the a’s down anytime he can get be it the fan attendance where he’s taken shots at it many times when he’s been the host of chron live.

    which is why i hope the a’s do get a new park and although they may not sell out the park every game even if it’s on the smallish side with the smallest capacity reported to be 32k, what is the bay area media gonna make fun of if the a’s are drawing well at a new park in sj?

    same could be about the raiders who if you look at actual butts in the seats, will probably two legit sell outs while the niners first two home games least the season opener the park was at best 70%-75% filled and we all know how cowboy fans took over the stick two weeks ago. over the last 3-4 years especially, really you could argue since the “dynasty ended” in 1999, no way are all these home game for the niners sold out. this coming from a niners fans too.

  20. I don’t think Papa is anti-A’s. I often hear him defend A’s fans, past A’s players such as Tejada, Art Howe, etc. I just think Papa doesn’t like the current Oakland A’s ownership group. I have never heard him say a positive word about them and he often criticizes their plans for the organization. Really, he’s not the only one who feels this way. He’s a great play-by-play guy, although he can get carried away with his strong opinions on the radio show.
    BTW, informative write-up, Jefferey.

  21. …FWIW, while San Jose has become the largest city in the Bay Area and a big part of Silicon Valley, the news media in the Bay Area is still dominated by folks in Frisco and Oakland who under no circumstances want to see the A’s move a wee bit south. So the Wolff/Fisher ownership is bashed regularly by these folks. Very few Bay Area media support the San Jose move outside of the Mercury News. And these media folks don’t really understand the economics of it, either. Can’t tell them that San Jose works for a privately built ballpark but Oakland doesn’t because they simply don’t want to believe it.

  22. Papa is bitter about the A’s for a variety of reasons. Three weeks ago he inexplicably exclaimed, “the A’s to San Jose is dead.” Today, his rant on 95.7 spotlights his ignorance on the subject of Territory Rights, and more importantly, his advocacy for the Giants’ public position —- Like his co-conspirator in irresponsible journalism Ray Ratto, when A’s are in their new south bay digs he will be sucking up, eating crow, and hanging at all of Diridon hot spots between Sharks, A’s, and (TBD NBA Team) games.

  23. yep ratto doesn’t have a clue in regarsd to the a’s and sj issue as he been as made it know more than a few times over the past year that his opinion is that if the a’s had a financial plan for a park in sj they would’ve built the park it already.

  24. It’s possible that Wolff had to get his financial ducks in a row in order to provide a feasible plan to Selig before the OK would be given. Hasn’t Maritz-Wolff Co. sold of various interests in the past year?
    Something else on the EIR, IDLF has constantly stated that there should be no funds used to pay for the EIR until they are given the OK so I am inclined to believe this is the case. There are too many data points that lead to the conclusion of inaction for it to be unlikely.

  25. If it was Oakland was waiting for MLB first, do you really think MLB would come out and say ok you should stay in Oakland. Even though they don’t even have the first step of getting an EIR done, which very likely could say Vicorty Court is a bad idea or would need so much work done for it to feasible. Why would MLB wait this long to give in to a longshot like that?
    Even if MLB thought for a second. Yes your broke we understand you waiting. They would turn around and say look what your doing for the NFL without any guarantees, we’re not going to let you walk over us and make us look bad. If we said stay in Oakland then it fails even at the EIR stage.

  26. I thought that the EIR wasn’t just for a baseball park, but rather a doughnut that could have other things in the hole anchor the development as well. Why would they wait for the OK from MLB to do an EIR that has greater use than just for a baseball park?
    If Oakland has not started the EIR as rumored, I feel real sorry for the fans who put their faith in the city to do everything possible to keep the team. I’m offended that it appears to be a stalling tactic by the city to wait for a magic solution while letting the team rot. It’s classic passive-aggressive behavior. Perhaps it’s designed to keep the team in the Coliseum for an extra year or two, guaranteeing a few million more into the city coffers?

    • @LS – The EIR is only for the ballpark. As part of the study, effects on the surrounding area would be covered. To do something broader in scope would require a much larger initiative, like the JLS transit study or neighborhood planning.

  27. Good piece Jeff. I’m thrilled that Ken Korach is coming back, but I have to say there is one part of his broadcast which really bothers me.
    When listening to a baseball broadcast, you sort of pick up a rythme to the broadcast. The rythme would go like this:

    “Gio looks in for the sign, he’s into his wind up, and the 2/2 pitch is swung on and missed strike three”
    With Korach though, he takes a rather long pause after giving you the count. His call would go like this:
    “Gio looks in for the sign, and the 2/2 pitch………here it is – he turns and delivers, ring him up called strike three.”
    That pause really throws me. I love his voice, his pace, but his call of the pitch is something I just have not gotten used to.

  28. @ML–My understanding is the VC Court EIR was for a ballpark, a parking garage for 2,500 spaces on the Laney parking opposite the VC site on the north side of I-880 and about 1.5M s.f. of commercial and residential development in and around the VC site. See the Notice of Preparation–http://www2.oaklandnet.com/oakca/groups/ceda/documents/report/oak023358.pdf

  29. @Bryan. Since your plan was supposed to be an alternate in the EIR. I’m guessing they wouldn’t be doing this without you. So my question to you is, have you heard from the firm doing the EIR? Has there been any involvement on your part getting it done or are you in the dark at this point also?

  30. To anyone regarding the Raiders ‘EIR’:

    Has the city started on an EIR for a new Raiders stadium?

    If so, this is huge news and I think it would have been on the front page and mentioned in broadcasts.

    I’ve heard nothing about this.

    Has anyone else emailed the city/county officials for a status report on both the Raiders and A’s? I believe someone else on this board did so regarding the A’s?

    I think at this point the city and county officials owe fans a statement on the record about what is exactly going on.

    I think I know but I won’t speculate here.

    Go Raiders!

    A’s observer

  31. according to this article dating back to 7/29/2011 the Oakland city council authorized $4M of redevelopment funds for a design/EIR for a new Raiders stadium—next step was to go out to bid for someone to do it—also mentioned that they have been acquiring land around the current Coli—and of course—they gotta figure out how to pay off the remaining $145M hangover from the last remodel before they can —odds of the Raiders building a new stadium in Oakland—zero to none—bottom line—this is way more than has ever been done for the A’s by city of Oakland—http://www.insidebayarea.com/warriors/ci_18578965build

  32. raiders will be playing in the new stadium in santa clara. oakland shouldn’t be wasting their money on any kind of football stadium. pretty sad that a decade from now the city of oakland will probably not have any of the current 3 pro teams playing at the coliseum complex.

    a’s to sj
    raiders to santa clara
    w’s to sf

  33. @letsgoas – “pretty sad that a decade from now the city of oakland will probably not have any of the current 3 pro teams playing at the coliseum complex.” Would not the Raiders still be called the Oakland Raiders and would they not still have their HQ in Alameda? Unless, of course, you think both teams will change their names to San Jose, SV, or Santa Clara Niners and Raiders and move all of their operations in that area. I know the Niners currently practice in Santa Clara but I don’t think they’d change their name; same with the Raiders.

  34. they’ll be called the oakland raiders still just as the niners will be the sf 49ers. my point is no team pro team will likely be playing at the coliseum or arena a decade from now. was there ANY TALK that the city of oakland and the raiders would’ve built a serpate football stadium when they came back in the mid 90s, 95 to be exact. in the end it would worked out for both the a’s and raiders if such a project did take place instead of ruining the coliseum for baseball and creating a mediocre football stadium with it.

    a few nfl teams/cities built football stadiums around that time in the early to mid 90s were building brand new football only venues and cost just a bit more than the coliseum and even in one venue’s case it was cheaper than the reported 200 million the renovation cost for the coliseum.

    car(242 million)-construction began in spring of 1994 and opened in 95.
    bal(220 million)-construction began in summer of 1996 and opened in 1998.
    tam(194 million)-construction began in fall of 1996 and opened in 1998.

    easy to second guess now but all those stadiums are still more than adequate while the coliseum is widely regarded as the worst or second to worst stadium behind only the stick in the league right now. imagine if the raiders and the city of oakland built a seperate state of the arm football venue for the raiders when they came back rather than renovating the coliseum. nothing fancy like what dal built but they raiders probably still be playing in it right now and no threat of moving to santa clara which they probably will or back to LA. who knows maybe the niners during this time would’ve been playing in this new stadium built probably next to the coliseum itself especially when the new stadium next to the stick was never built after the 97 vote to approve it.

    meanwhile the coliseum itself could’ve seen some upgrades but still been a good mlb venue but i still firmly believe the a’s would’ve looked to build a new baseball only park somewhere in the bay area if the coliseum wasn’t ruined by mt davis.

  35. Oh boy, Oakland doomsayers. It’s unlikely that both the Oakland A’s and the Oakland Raiders will both get new stadiums in the Town. However, I also see it extremely unlikely that they would lose all of their franchises. Oakland would not let itself be humiliated, unlike any other city has been before, by losing all three teams. I also really don’t think the Raiders want to play second fiddle in Santa Clara and unlike Wolff, Al is more than willing to get something done in the O. I also don’t understand why people aren’t skeptical of the 49er stadium getting done. Don’t they need close to 900 million?

  36. the nfl wants the niners and raiders to share a new stadium just like the nyj and nyg do. why spend an uncessary another 750+ million on a second nfl venue when you can just share one in the same area? nfl wants this one single project done to satisfy two teams just as they want an la stadium to solve the issues of two other nfl teams one being likely the chargers and the only possibly being the rams or jags most likely although i don’t see a ton wrong with either of those two venues. stl dome isn’t as nice as lets say these retractacle roofs venues built recent by az and dal but it’s still an adequate venue. jags problem is market size and they can’t sell out their stadium.

    i’m an oaklander all my life and even i can see the writing is on the wall that the a’s will move to sj most likely, w’s have set their eyes to sf and the raiders in all liklihood will share that sc stadium which is a long ways in their process compared to oakland’s reported plan for an nfl stadium.

  37. Oakland got all these teams by building a joint baseball-football stadium and an arena in the ”60s at ’60s prices. Now, the stadium needs to be replaced with separate football and baseball stadiums, at a cost of about $1.4 billion. Oakland simply doesn’t have the money.

  38. Interesting question: what matters more, the city of residence or the name on the road jersey?

  39. …Remember when Eddie DeBartolo wanted to take “SF” off the 49er helmets in recognition that very few Friscans actually went to the games and the team was better known as the 49ers than San Francisco? A lot of uproar. But I think it was more because the replacement logo wasn’t any good.

  40. Go Raiders! Get TB and avenge for that ridiculous call, i.e. the tuck rule. We were “tucked” over big time. While some might disagree, I think the Raiders would have won the SB that year.

  41. If you can stop TB you can stop the entire offense. Get after him. Force him to make mistakes. Be the bullies you are purporting to be. Tatum, Brown, Atkinson, Thomas, the Soul Patrol. Get it done. I went to the Raiders SB in San Diego and, boy, what a f*king embarassment that was. I knew the night before that Robbins was in Tijuana having a manic episode. I never thought one player could make such a difference but the center and QB have a symmetry that cannot be defined. I’m not making excuses for the Raiders collapse but it should be noted that this was a huge thing that occurred the night before the game.

  42. Screw the Raiders… Done nothing but cause trouble for the A’s since they came slinking back into town destroying the Coliseum. Lets end this latest attempt at revival so Raiders fans can go back to not showing up to the Coliseum and blacking their games out. Go Patriots!

  43. OT: looks like Sid got blown up by The Merc (IA). ALOHA!

  44. “It seems this guy is trying to get his five minutes of fame by making it seem like he has the inside scoop on the A’s situation”

  45. Seems to me that Sid didn’t have his five minutes of fame until the reporter posted about it. LOL.

  46. What the Oakland should do to keep the A’s (and what pro-Oaklanders can do about it) – by an A’s fan (me):

    #1 – Stop with the penis envy: You are not as popular as SF, you do not have the corporate support as SJ. Recognize this first of all as this drives all other decision making.

    #2 – Seek public support: And not to just a small minority of A’s fan, but to the greater population at hand. State history, marketing opportunities, etc. The economic impact report was a good start. Take it and run with it through the entire city, county, and east bay region populace.
    # 3 – Be open and transparent – If you are going to require public funding, state as such. If you haven’t started the EIR because of x,y,z reasons be open about it. It may be not be politically correct to sensationalize an A’s hearing, proclaim an EIR afterwards, only to see it fizzle or in limbo, but it is the right thing to do for your constituents. If your plan revolves around private financing as well, state so. Are you there to serve the public or to serve your own career gains?
    # 4 – Reconciliation with the A’s owner – Sure, you think LW is a carpetbagger or needs to spend his own damn money on the stadium, but threatening with lawsuits and / or coliseum lease holdback isn’t going to make matters better. Perceptions of secret deals with MLB also won’t get you anywhere when the final say in the matter is with the owner himself. It is a business deal, so act professionally and business like, even if you think Haas would turn over in his grave if he knew the situation.
    # 5 – Present the business ramifications for the A’s to stay. Discuss a possible joint venture with the Raiders, however feasible it may or may not be. Keeping in mind #1, entice the owners with attractive lease rates ($1 / year), guaranteed 20k seats for x number of years, or showcase a Santana Row East Bay Entertainment hub with development rights granted. Get signatures out in public supporting Oakland.
    A call to arms for Pro-Oaklanders:
    – Demand more government transparency from financial impact to city funds, EIR process,etc. Write to your district rep / mayor / etc. everyday seeking answers
    – Take the enthusiasm and emotions to the public with fundraisers events, sellout a day exclusively for pro-Oakland folks, organize petitions for referendum on public ballpark funding, etc.
    – Stop with the nonsense namecalling, put downs, comparisons, etc. Emotions are great, but when projected negatively usually has the opposite impact intended. State the case for Oakland and not “why others don’t deserve it”.
    – Drive up the Coliseum attendance. Yes, this goes against the very backbone of your hatred for LW, but if you have already accepted that LW doesn’t want or care about Oakland, then you are in fact not supporting Mr. “Oil slick”, but instead making the case for Oakland itself. Showing business that they made a wrong decision leaving by presenting monetary loss is much more of a statement then continually berating the owners and the team itself. You show 22K average attendance in an antiquated venue like the Coliseum due to the phenomenal support of the Oakland/East Bay community, and I’m sure both LW and the corporations surrounding will listen much more profoundly then libeling and slandering with banners and columns. Go out with a fight. If LW still chooses other cities in the face of the overwhelming support then it only reinforces your notion that he had made up his mind a while ago and you tried his best. Feel free to go “carpetbagger” loco on him…

  47. …Oakland takes the contradictory positions of really, really wanting the A’s to stay and then insisting the A’s pay for their own ballpark.

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