News for 10/7/11

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to wear shades before viewing the redesigned Miami Marlins logo:

Not enough warning? My bad.

Don’t think that’s crazy enough? Then try on this animatronic sculpture that will go a*****t when a Marlin hits a home run. (Miami New Times/SB Nation)

Did we enter a ballpark or a casino? Or the inside of a pinball machine? (Image from SB Nation)

Bad news for Mariners fans: the team’s general suckitude may continue well into the future, as long as minority owner Chris Larson’s divorce puts a freeze on spending. (Seattle Times)

San Antonio is looking to build a downtown ballpark after all. Too bad it’s only for the college team (UT-San Antonio) and the AA Missions. (SA Business Journal)

Business owners near NBA arenas are frightened about the impact of an extended lockout. (USA Today)

The NBPA rejected an owners’ offer of a 50/50 split of revenue (after expenses). The players wanted 51%. Bad move, players. That was the best offer you’ll get. You could’ve made it up with more guaranteed years or other concessions. (CBS Sports)

After getting slapped down by the Tigers Mets in their request to have their AAA affiliate play in Newark for a year, the junior team will play a barnstorming season in six different cities all of New York state. Nearly half of the schedule (37 games) will be played in Rochester. (NY Times)

Detroit citizens continue the good fight to save what’s left of Tiger Stadium. (ESPN)

Fitch withdrew its BBB- rating of San Jose Redevelopment Agency’s tax allocation bonds series 2006E and 2006F because the bonds weren’t actually sold. Fitch also put a Negative Watch on the NBA’s $1 Billion revolving credit facility, rating it a BBB+ in the process. (Marketwatch/Reuters)

Youth ballfields near the new Yankee Stadium won’t permanently open until 2012, a full three years after the big stadium opened.

September radio ratings are out. Looks like things are stabilizing a bit.

Dan Hennessey is stepping down from doing delay recaps at the Baseballin’ on a Budget blog (ESPN SweetSpot network). He did a pretty good job. If anyone’s interested, apply within.

BREAKING (2:30 PM): Union Pacific has decided to sell 167 acres of land near NUMMI. The land was supposed to be developed as a new railyard. BANG’s Matt Artz also got from the news that the northern parcels, 94 acres in all, would be available for only 12-15 months. The southern 53 acres (near the 880-Mission interchange) apparently would not be subject to such a deadline. San Jose mega-developer Barry Swenson has expressed interest. 

35 thoughts on “News for 10/7/11

  1. re: new logo
    …the new Marlins stadium – the ballpark that got a mayor recalled from office.

  2. That sculpture is like that cartoon that caused Japanese kids seizures back in the 90s.

  3. Good god that’s one fugly logo and color scheme. How many rounds of decision making did that have to clear before it became finalized? Rule of thumb for a good sports logo: 1) No more than 3 colors and it should be something a 5 yr old can draw.

  4. All they need are the elastic waste band pants and pull over jersey from the 70’s—I thought that the Astro’s uni’s in the ’70’ s would always be the worst of all time—leave it to Florida to try and trump them with this color combo

  5. When did I fall back in time to 1982? Next you’ll tell us that the official concession of the Marlins is cocaine…

  6. How about the news of the NFL turning down the Downtown LA site? Maybe they go back to the City of Industry location; does either of these significantly alter the Angels possible move?

  7. They didn’t turn down the downtown stadium site. They just expressed some concerns and reservations they have about various aspects of the plan. Probably a negotiation tactic more than anything (assuming AEG wants to negotiate). If not Roski’s plan is still active and waiting.

    As for the Angels, they have no plans to move.

  8. When A’s get into new home it will be a good time to reintroduce the old blue Philadelphia Athletics uniforms; the mechanical rabbit that used to pop out of the ground and deliver balls for the ump at the coli; and Charley O The Mule.

  9. @Dan–agree with what you said on LA/NFL–most likely a negotiating ploy–but also read that Moreno was making waves that he needs a new ballpark and downtown LA is one area of consideration–does it make business sense–who knows–but interesting in that there is nothing the Dodgers could do to stop him

  10. that logo was spreading a few weeks ago, i had hoped it wasn’t the true leaked logo but looks like it is. i can only imagine how the new unis will look like. i actually lke the current logo and unis especially since they got rid of the teal and used more block.

    if the a’s move to sj i want the a’s to stay with the green/gold. the a’s are the only mlb team that uses green as a primary color now in their scheme. would love to see alternate “vest” unis though with a gold cap. they’ll probaby have an alternate interlocked “SJ” cap though they would wear.

  11. Dan, right, it’s likely a negotiating ploy, but they did turn it down. And as GoA’s said, the Angels have been looking at a possible move to either downtown or somewhere else, I want to say it’s the same CofI site for a new stadium. I think it was last offseason Moreno started talking about how limited they were in generating stadium revenue and that it wouldn’t raise ticket prices to compensate.

  12. Wow, what a hot neon mess! All of a sudden I feel like getting a slap-on wristband and watching some Max Headroom Show.

  13. Btw, I think the A’s should go back to kelly green, make the cap all green with a white A and take Athletics off the jersey and just go with “A’s” on the breast. The gold alternates should stay, they’re awesome.

  14. The animatronic sculpture looks a bit under-done. It’s missing the Virgin Mary in the middle.

  15. Hey RS,
    I say keep the current “green” and gold, as the “green” now appears to be more of a Pacific Teal similar to the Sharks Teal. “Teal City” has a nice ring for the future Diridon area.
    I don’t see the Angels moving out of The OC, but perhaps they’ll develop the parking lots into retail/entertainment for greater revenue. Has anyone ever been to Angels Stadium? If so, how is it?

  16. By the way, were those Marlins logos a joke RM?

  17. OT: probably doesn’t mean anything at this point in the game, but it looks as if UPRR will be selling its 164 acres of NUMMI/Warm Springs land, and San Jose’s Barry Swenson is a potential buyer for the property. If, and probably a huge if, Diridon South became to difficult to deal with, I could see BS working with Wolff on either a) allowing a ballpark at North San Pedro/Brandenburg in downtown SJ or b) accommodating a ballpark at WS/Fremont to go with housing/TOD (NIMBYS be damned).

  18. @RM,
    Thanks and yes, I do remember.

  19. going on with the teal/green theme, how about if ellison buys the hornets who many feel can’t survive in no long term and move them to sj as i doubt ellison is just going let the screw job of the w’s sale be his final say in acquiring a pro sports team.

  20. Have any links on what you’re claiming Moreno has been saying? Last I’d read he just stated some minor dissatisfaction with Angels Stadium which could be rectified with some small renovations and repairs. Remember Angels Stadium may be 40 years old, but after the mid-90’s upgrades the park is on par with any of the new stadiums.

  21. It can also pass as a Maroon 5 logo

  22. In this article,, he talks about how increasing ticket prices would be the way for him to gain more revenue. And the Angels have an opt-out in 2016 and he’s said they’d need 4 years to plan if they were going to move in this article, Note that at the end it mentions that there would be an issue about who pays for the renovations.
    Can’t speak to direct acknowledgment of wanting to move the team, but I know I read in a few places that there was interest if LA was going to build downtown or to take the alternate site.

  23. Those are the same articles I read. Seems to me you’re reading more into what Moreno was saying than is actually happening. He just wants a few upgrades to Anaheim Stadium, preferably at the city’s expense since they didn’t pay for the upgrades last time around.

  24. Moreno knows the political temperature. No one is going to give him much (if any) money for a ballpark anytime soon, especially with the NFL cloud hanging over the area. He talked about a new venue a few years ago, but the recession has forced him to table it.

  25. Some “smart” commenter over at BANG stated that this news regarding UPRR/NUMMI has made Bud Selig “fire up his paper shredder.” LOL! Yeah, huge difference of having the San Jose A’s play in downtown Silicon Valley or northeastern Silicon Valley. And don’t give me some strawman crap about the “integrity” of the Giants territory and avoiding a conflict, lawsuit. Warm Springs a good fall back just in case SJ were to fail miserably.

  26. @TonyD–i thought MLB wants an urban/downtown setting? Warm Springs is far from that. Might as well stay at the Coliseum and wait when and if the Raiders move to SC and start from scratch from there with a new Coli. Fremont would totally blow. I’d pick SJ over that, but really dont like either locale for a new yard.

  27. ML, I think the situation is fluid; when the A’s get their new revenue stream, the Angels are going to want to match it. They may not want to pay out of pocket for renovations when they have a site that already has an EIR done.

  28. I’m with you Tony–solid back-up if necessary–and maybe even an additional leverage to push downtown SJ–meaning why have the senseless argument that 5-10 miles away from downtown is ok but downtown isn’t because of arbitrary TR–

  29. If the A’s change the color scheme in anyway when they move, it’s a deal-breaker. Exhibit A as to why a franchise should not change their color scheme when moving into a new building: the Miami Marlins.

    If it were up to me, they’d have the exact same unis including the gold alts… just replace “oakland” on the road grays with “san jose”. simple.

  30. Totally OT…But Al Davis is dead!!!! Ahhhhhh!

  31. Saw the Davis thing this morning. Wow, talk about someone you expected to live forever.
    I wonder how the ownership thing shakes out and the impact if any with the whole stadium issue.
    God, weird to think of football or the Raiders without Al Davis good or bad.

  32. R.I.P. Coach Davis.

  33. If anyone doubted that was the Marlins new logo, check out the seats at the new marlin’s stadium…

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