News for 10/24/11

We’re still three weeks from the winter meetings, at which the A’s situation is not guaranteed to be resolved. Until then we wait and stay informed.

Features to come after I finish a few things.

8 thoughts on “News for 10/24/11

  1. It is about time on the CitiField Fencage Bringing Inage. I think the giants and padres should both consider something similar. Fill in Triple’s Alley with some sweet premium seats simar to the Virgin Loft thing inside Right Field at the phone booth.
    I watched the Diamondbacks and Padres take BP back in May and I saw 3 (3?!?!?!) balls leave the yard between them. That is the equal (and opposite) kind of redonkulousness when compared to band boxes all over the place. Why not strive for a neutral yard?

  2. With all the bandboxes out there it’s nice to have a park or two like PETCO to off set the bandboxes. Plus at PETCO at least they’ve already brought the fences in once.

  3. Wow…go SuSlu! Well deserved! Also, I’m surprised that park dimension modifications don’t have to be okayed by the MLB/COmmish…seems like you can continually tweak it to your liking. =/

  4. The Mets realized they actually have a pretty good hitting club, so it makes sense that the stadium should support that aspect.

  5. The idiots over at San Jose Inside are going to have a field day with this one. Better Sense San Jose; Open up the land to see what else the city could get? Stupid would be an understatement. Yeah, let’s get more empty offices or condos at Diridon instead of an economic altering Crown Jewel of a ballpark.

  6. Tony I don’t know why you worry about the 5 people that read Inside San Jose. They’re a fringe site at best. As for the ballpark plan itself, now it makes sense that they’re going to need a referendum. But given that the land is only being discounted $7 mil off market value as the city’s total contribution to the stadium project… that’s a deal. Even SF had to throw more into the land for the so called “private” Pac Bell Park.

  7. Good news for a change in Oakland. Due to strong public feedback, the Oakland Tribune will retain it’s masthead along with the Hayward, Fremont, San Mateo and CoCo papers. Strong public feedback also worked for the A’s bleacher debacle last month. Selig’s office has received 1000’s of petition letters from LetsGoOakland to keep the A’s in Oakland. Not sure it’s enough to make a difference, but it sure hasn’t hurt, along with the impassioned letters from the local/federal politicians.

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