Congrats to the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals

The reign of the SF Giants is OVER. (not so much the outdated Taco Bell ad campaign)

37 thoughts on “Congrats to the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals

  1. Please tell me that the stupid Taco Bell Ad is going away…I used to like going to Taco Bell…

  2. Congrats to Tony La Russa. Now, as I stated after last years WS, MLB…do the right thing and FREE SAN JOSE! My champagne on ice is pretty cold now after over a year 😉

  3. I was going for the Rangers. Oh well, Cruz is not going to live this one down, I’m sorry to say. Baseball 101 — Get to the wall, feel it with your hand, keep looking at the fly ball, make the catch. He did exactly what you’re not supposed to do. Watch the replays, it’s pathetic. Of course, I’m not blaming Cruz for the entire series but that was a critical moment. You need to dive, spread the wings, do whatever it takes to make the out and he didn’t do it. Buckner anyone?

  4. ..if a player is not going to hustle on the last out of the World Series, exactly when does he plan to do it?

  5. In my mind, Cruz lost the series for the Rangers. That should have been an out. Also, the Giants eat poop.

  6. Glad the Rangers lost. They lost any right to ever win a World Series the day they blew it and let the Giants take the World title last year. For that they shall never be forgiven. As for the Cardinals, I’m just glad the Giants reign of terror is over. Now their fans can go back to being apathetic douche bags who talk on cell phones and generally don’t care what their lame ass team is doing.

  7. Cruz is partially to blame, and he could have ended the game with slightly harder than average play… But the Rangers were in position to win it just one inning later and they blew it again…

  8. I agree with everyone re Cruz. I was thinking the same thing watching the replays. All it would have taken was a few beers and champagne to ease the pain of slamming into the right field wall. Surprised the MLB media isn’t saying anything about that one. Oh well.

  9. In the battle of ex-A’s who hit like hell but can’t play the outfield, Cruz took Holliday off the hook. He’s actually a better fielder than either Holliday or the other member of this triumverate (Ethier), it’s too bad he reacted so poorly to that ball but I don’t think it’s a lack of hustle so much as instinct.

  10. Take that ridiculous patch off your uniforms. OMG, act like you have been there before Giants….

  11. I Don’t like LaRussa (anymore), part of me wanted to root for Ron Washington, but that would mean CJ Wilson would get a ring and really, what A’s fan would wany to see that happen? This was just like last year. I couldn’t root for either team (giants or rangers). Hopefully, the A’s shock the world next season!

  12. Here’s hoping the that Rangers go from one strike from WS champs to 90-game losers next season.

  13. So,So glad to see CJ Wilson, Adrian Beltre and Michael Young come up short!! Too Good!! I couldn’t bear to see those guys celebrate a .championship. I felt a little bad for Ron Washington, but that is it. nobody else!!
    Hopefully next year niether of these teams are near the WS.

  14. I’m really happy with the outcome. I too felt bad for Wash though. Otherwise, couldn’t be happier to see Texas lose.

  15. I hardly watched any of the games; I don’t care for either team. It sounds like it was a pretty good series compared to that dud of a series last year, which I rooted hard against the Giants. Not a big TLR fan, and would of wanted Wash to pick a ring up over a 3rd one for Tony. Glad to see a-hole CJ didn’t pitch good, losing 3 games in postseason, and 1-5 from the last 2 years. Texas choked and that will eat them up all off the off season.

  16. @jk-usa – This explains so much. Not only are you not much of an A’s fan (choosing based on ownership/city), you’re evidently not much of a baseball fan either. That’s cool I guess.

  17. Someone just got ripped on….

  18. I was rooting for the Rangers. I wanted to see Wash and Michael Young (he went to my alma mater) win it. My best friend, who’s not an A’s fan, was rooting for his fellow Cal alumnus, Allen Craig. So we had a good spirited banter even though we’re not particularly fans of either team.

  19. Game 6 was riveting. Doesn’t get much better than that. A game for the ages…

  20. @ML–the continual bullying by the pro-SJ side continues on here. Please stick to your pie-charts and Cisco renderings and keep your opinions on what kind of fan you think I am to yourself.

  21. @jk-usa – I prefer to take advice on how to run a blog from someone who occasionally gets his facts right doesn’t make ad hominem attacks and cry victim in the same breath.

  22. @ML–Your clever use of strikethroughs is pretty damn impressive.
    TonyD I’m sure will give you 2 high-5’s for that one!

  23. Wtfbbqpwned! Game 5 was epic. Stanford game was legendary (I’m in SoCal partying after lol)…need sleep! 😡

  24. Back to the topic on hand, rather than these idiotic childish insults.
    The World Series game 7 was the highest rated since 2004’s game 4 when the Bosox swept the Cards. But overall this year’s WS was the 3rd lowest rated ever, just ahead of last year’s and 2008.
    FWIW, someone on here thought game 5 was epic. Hmm, I guess it was a good game with a 2 run 8th by Texas to break a tie I read, but game 6 was the one I thought was pretty epic.

  25. I was at Game 6, only about an 11 hour drive from Fort Worth, as I had to be there to see the Rangers take the Series. Unbelievable. Absolute rollercoaster. Hats off to the Cards, a class organization for the most part, with a couple of exceptions (then again, everybody has a few d-bags; I’m looking at you, Christopher John Wilson). I just KNEW we had it when we went up 7-4, when Feliz came in in the 9th, and when Josh hit the homer (I’d told my friend in the car on the way that Josh had a Gibson moment in him for that night) but it wasn’t to be. Oh well, at least it wasn’t the Giants. And good luck A’s fans on the stadium quest, you deserve one. Keep up the good work, M.L.

  26. @Joe–Cool to see your team in the WS. I’ve seen the A’s in 5 of them (couldn’t make it in 1972). Tough loss for you guys, but you had an awesome season up until late in game 6. I was rooting for Detroit all the way, but your man Cruz put a major hurt on them in th ALCS. I wish you guys would of won last year but the Giants one year dynasty is over for good now. Hopefully good riddance to CJ. He didn’t pitch well the last 2 years in post season. We hate him here in the O.

  27. Yeah, Wilson had more than worn out his welcome as the “eccentric, overrated reliever” (sound familiar?) two years ago before surprising everyone and becoming a decent-to-actually-good starter. We tolerated his weirdness and general Keanu Reeves act for that reason alone. My only fear is that he was so bad in the postseason that he’s scared off the Yanks, Sox, and Angels, and now may be more likely to stay.

    One funny note that I meant to post on here and never got around to: the last regular season game I went to was Sept. 23 against the Mariners. We won, leaving the magic number at 1, and afterward they showed the A’s-Angels on the big screen, as about 5,000 Ranger fans hung around to watch us clinch. Quite surreal to hear a big “let’s go Oakland” chant in Arlington, and when an A (Suzuki, I think) hit the big, go-ahead home run, Elvis Andrus circled the bases as though he hit it. Awesome night.

  28. @Joe–CJ pitches pretty good at the Coliseum, the ultimate pitchers park. No way in hell he’d come here, but stranger things have happened.
    That is so cool hearing the “Lets Go Oakland” chant in Texas. The sad part is if the A”s wind up in San Jose, they can’t do that chant anymore, and will have to stick to the “Lets Go A’s. ” Lets go San Jose” doesn’t sound right, just like San Jose A’s . Two syllable names/cities is the best sounding chant and most teams have it: Oakland, Giant’s, Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Astros, Cubbies, Royals, Brewers, Phillies, etc.. Only the Twins, Orioles,Mariners, Braves and Reds can’t do a 2 syllable chant.

  29. When I was a kid, going to A’s games in the early ’80’s, it wasn’t much of “Let’s Go Oakland” chant, but generally a “Let’s Go A’s.” Don’t really remember when the “Let’s Go Oakland” started. Someone else probably does.
    This thread goes back, for me anyway, to the stadium issue. What has made the last year of Giants World Series hangover so difficult is that all it did was create a gargantuan disparity of what they have and what we don’t. I would probably be even ok with the Giants winning it all if I just spent a season in a beautiful, full ballpark somewhere, instead of another non-firework sparse crowd.
    Like everyone else here, I just something happens soon. Very soon. I am more than willing to sacrifice a chant for a stadium.

  30. @daveybaby – Amen. I always thought it was a little strange that the “Let’s Go Oakland” chant is perhaps the only variant that salutes the city, not the nickname. I don’t think it’s semantic nitpickery to point that out. It’s very much a rallying cry for the city and its residents as it is for the team, though to me I don’t think the two are synonymous. If they were synonymous, more fans in other cities would be employing the same city-instead-of-nickname chant. The only other chant I recall predominantly using a city name is the derisive “Beat L.A.!”

  31. I recall the “Let’s Go Oakland” chant starting when the drummers started sitting in the RF bleachers since it has a better BANG-BANG-BANGBANGBANG part to it that the “Let’s Go A’s” chant does.

  32. The “Let’s Go Oakland” chant is amazing. When the park is rocking and that chant gets going, it’s guaranteed to bring out the goosebumps. A city and its team is a great bond.

  33. I believe the LGO chant started in the late ’90’s (primarily to drown out the same chant with Yankees and Red Sox from the visiting fans).

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