City of Oakland baseball announcement today

KQED’s Nina Thorsen passed this along to me earlier this morning:



CONTACT: SUE PIPER (510) 238-7439 OR (510) 499-8933 CELLPHONE

Could it be the elusive EIR? An announcement in conjunction with MLB? To find out, I’ll be spending my lunch hour in Oakland.

Update 7:58 AM – The Trib has more on what appears to be a ditching of Victory Court for an alternative:

Quan is expected to discuss a plan for a redesigned Oakland Coliseum complex — Coliseum City — that could provide new homes for both the A’s and Golden State Warriors.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday that the Warriors have held discussions with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Giants CEO Larry Baer about building a new arena near AT&T Park. The Warriors also met with recently Quan about building a new arena at the current Coliseum, according to the Chronicle report.

Yikes. Coliseum City? What about the poor Raiders?

Update 11:54 AM – Running late thanks to a BART delay. Mobile apps not working the way I want. Unhappy Friday so far.

86 thoughts on “City of Oakland baseball announcement today

  1. Let’s hope it is something worth hearing. Thanks for being there ML.

  2. Mark Purdy is moving to the Trib! (Merry Xmas, Tony!)

  3. My prediction: Quan trashes MLB, Wolff, and San Jose and says they’ve been shut out of the process.

  4. Redesigned Coliseum? What happened to Victory Court? Hasn’t MLB already ruled out the Coliseum site? Who pays for the redesigned Coliseum? Not Oakland, I’ll bet. Sounds like an 11th-hour desperation move and that Oakland already knows San Jose is a go.

  5. Reading between the lines, one might also deduce that Oakland has gotten word the Raiders will join the Niners in Santa Clara.

  6. Will be interesting if Oakland plays victim again after all they’ve done to the A’s. Two words: Mount Davis.

  7. ML, your Raider-centric Coliseum complex post is almost exactly one year old.

    Not sure what to make of that.

  8. @Eddie – I suppose it’s “Announce something in Oakland” season.

  9. So if the Coliseum City thing is accurate, Victory Court, announced a year ago as THE site by MLB and Oakland pols, is out the window.

  10. My gut tells me this is a shot across the bow to protect backsides. That Warriors stuff makes it a possibly that Oakland could be left with a sports complex with no teams, thats definitely not leadership, so protecting themselves. My guess this proposal will be to basically throw spitballs and see if something sticks. If anything I would think that Selig would be even more concerned that Oakland is not viable given that the preferred site may be abandoned before a full EIR and feasibility study. Which would only make SJ a likelier option for the A’s. If Quan was real about this, she would push to move on the EIR at VC. Quan is lucky this is Friday and usually bad news dump days for pols.

  11. Redesigned Coliseum complex? So in other words that’s it then. Oakland has lost the A’s for good. MLB and Wolff have repeatedly told Oakland the Coliseum is not a viable site. Looks like they don’t know how to listen.

  12. There’s only one word needed to describe Mayor Quan: FAIL

  13. I think I might be going only for renderings (if they exist).

  14. Those renderings could end up being collectors’ items, ML. Like the Rangers’ 2011 WS Champion shirts.

  15. @MarineLayer – Take some pictures of the meeting if you can. I would love to see what this Kangaroo Court looks like. Whoever is her Press Secretary should be fired for sheer incompetence.

  16. Renderings will be good. Financing will be even better. Unless Oakland plans to pick up a large chunk of the complex with their non-existent cash I don’t see MLB or the A’s biting on this obvious ass-covering move. The Warriors maybe, though I’m not even sure since they seem all buddy buddy now with Ed Lee and Larry Baer.

    Guess we know why the VC EIR never got released, they never did one as the rumors stated they hadn’t. Once again they’ve blown yet another year where they could have been doing something and instead have now gone back to the map and drawn a big circle around the Coliseum. What will be interesting to hear is again the financing. Did they draw the circle and say you can build here and we’ll help pay for it, or did they just draw the circle again like they did up at VC.

  17. Un-effing-believable. This is what “respecting the process” gets you.

  18. Raiders either in SC or LA- I am more inclined to think LA- absolutely fascinating to watch how this city works- always a day late and a dollar short-

  19. Hey, at least the renderings should be cool! So no more Raiders at Coli and Niners taking on HUGE debt load in SC? Can you say “Silicon Valley! Sports epicenter of the Bay Area!”? BTW Rob, what the hell was that all about?

  20. Also- why the heck wouldn’t you focus on a downtown arena to capture all of the ancillary benefits of a facility that could be used more than 200 days per year- the definition of insanity is doing the same thing all over again and expecting a different result…. This is f’ing insane-of course with the recall she won’t be around after March or so

  21. Yeah hadn’t even thought of that. There’s no mention of the Raiders anywhere in that release or the subsequent article. One can only assume that they’re being left out in the cold this time, which means either the city doesn’t love them anymore (which seems unlikely) or the Raiders have told them they’re leaving for either SC or LA (more likely).

  22. Sounds like “we’re working directly with MLB” is a lie, or at least didn’t last very long. Wonder how many 99% will show up to protest, because you know to make this viable they’ll have to put in some money.

  23. Ya know, I’m looking forward to this.

    It could be unintentional comedy at it’s best.

    Or, if using $250 mil of redevelopment funds, and MLB reversing it’s stance on the Coli site, and perhaps some MLB money kicked in, and perhaps some money from the Gnats (to maintain their T-rights, which they should have paid for in the first place), and perhaps a completed EIR, and perhaps a plan done in conjunction with the BRC, it could be something real and viable in Oakland. After all, the Coli site has lots of space, it has easy freeway, access, it has easy Bart access. So who knows?

    Then again, pink unicorns might fly out my butt.

    Thus, it’ll probably be the first option – a pathetically funny ass covering event for the ages. 😉

  24. Unless the A’s and Warriors owners are participating in this press conference, then it doesn’t mean much. Oakland is going to be left with a stadium and arena still with hefty mortgages but no tenants.

  25. So, as others, I think are suggesting, this is just to show that Oakland was willing to keep the A’s? This is strange because Oakland has been actively getting the site ready to make a pitch for a new Stadium for the Raiders.Why would they then give up the Raiders stadium so soon at this point?The Raiders couldn’t have made a decision on Santa Clara just yet, as I don’t believe that Stadium is a for sure done deal at this moment. I think we will find out that Oakland is just throwing out an idea to make themselves look like they have tried.

  26. Jeff, you’re right that IF Oakland found 250 million dollars and kicked it in that they MIGHT be interested. However that money won’t exist in a month after the cities lose that lawsuit and redev agencies cease to exist.

  27. @robo,
    I think at this point the only real “news” this afternoon will be just that: what the hell happened with the Raiders?! Hopefully someone will ask Quan that question.

  28. Robo, actually the Santa Clara stadium IS a done deal at this point. They’ve got all the public approvals, they’ve got the funding, only thing left to do is start building once permits are issued and that should happen early next year. I think that may have been the catalyst actually. Niners stadium becomes reality, Raiders tell Quan they’re gone. Suddenly Oakland gives up the charade that was Victory Court and switches the Coliseum redevelopment from football to baseball. Only thing the fool Quan isn’t factoring in was MLB and the A’s lack of interest in a suburban site they’ve been locked into for 45 years. They want a downtown ballpark.

  29. @Dan,
    Hypothetically, the phantom $250 million would also have to go towards a new arena as well. So two new venues, site preparation (including demolitions work, infrastructure relocations/improvements)..doesn’t look like the $250 million will be nearly enough for Coli City (not that Wolff or MLB care at this point).

  30. I hope someone asks Quan what the he’ll happened at VC and why was no EIR started after the public dog and pony to approve it a year ago… Not only to approve it but fast track it- absolute bs- so let’s see if I am the A’s or the W’s- downtown SJ or SF v. Middle of 880- is she that clueless… someone is giving her bad advice-

  31. Let’s all think about this from Oakland’s perspective for a second. A football stadium will cost close to a billion bones. The NFL credit is going to Santa Clara. Redevelopment is gone soon. They can’t build a 1 billion dollar stadium without both fo thsoe sources (maybe not even with both of those sources). That also means they have no money for the VC project (no redevelopment funds). The most expensive part for the VC thing would be buying businesses. That expense doesn’t exist at the Coliseum Complex.
    I think for the first time in this whole thing, Oakland is being real about what is possible. It is probably too little, too late… But at least this sounds possible (if not probable).

  32. Thanks Dan, I thought there were some more hurdles in SC. I guess I am wondering how this Raiders shift could of moved so quickly, and then Oakland has the time to come up with this new A’s/Warriors idea, when they couldn’t even get an EIR report done for VC.

  33. Robo they’ve probably been working behind the scenes for a while. We’ve known the Raiders have had talks with Santa Clara and LA. Sounds like something came of one or the other if Oakland is giving up on the team they’ve perennially had their faces glued to the backside of… If it happened quickly it’s because they’ve been laying the foundations of such a move for months. The Warriors side of this “A’s/Warriors” idea also might not be so hastily put together either. The Warriors did state last night they’d been in talks with SF AND Oakland about new arenas. However the ballpark side has to be something Quan threw in fairly quickly to cover the loss of the Raiders. She can’t expect any realistic interest.

  34. Maybe they’ll offer an Angels-style rework of the Coliseum, which involves getting rid of Mount Davis and raises the question of what to do with the Raiders. Maybe Oakland already knows they don’t really have anything to offer and that the teams are gone, so this is a CYA move.

  35. Even if they propose something viable, why should the A’s and MLB want to continue a “partnership” with a city that keeps electing officials that have screwed them over and over again?

  36. My bet is that Oakland is about to lose all three teams and Quan is going to propose some pipe dream plan at the current site so that she can claim she tried so hard to keep them.

  37. @Jeffrey- lack of transparency throughout the process makes one question anything in Oakland. Second, both of these venues have got to be privately financed- I go back to my original question- W’s in downtown SF in a privately financed arena or middle of 880- which will have a greater return on investment and second …same comparison for A’s- in downtown SJ- bottom line is that neither of these facilities can be privately financed in Oakland- so at best this is a cya—

  38. pjk, an “Angels Style” rework of the Coliseum would necessitate demolishing the entire stadium as it stands today. Removing Mt. Davis would not repair the design deficiencies that the Coliseum currently suffers from on the rest of the stadium (the circular design, narrow underground concourses, etc…). Anaheim was built as a baseball stadium which is why theirs worked for a redesign. The Coliseum was never a true baseball park.

  39. Probably too little too late. Hard to imagine an upscale “Coliseum City.” Can you imagine how valuable the adjacent land would become? The huge Babe Ruth baseball complex over on 66th would suddenly be worth a fortune. Hell, the entire Coliseum Redevelopment Project Area would boom. That’s just too good to be true.

  40. Santa Clara may be about ready to build, but LA definitely is not. Lf the Raiders are moving than it ghas to be Santa Clara …Like Tony suggested, this is more about what is going on w/the Raiders. I have always thought that needed to be decided to get a final answer for the A’s.

  41. I for one wouldn’t mind one bit if there were a viable “plan B”.

    I’ve seeing as SJ the likely scenario, obliterating the Gnats T-rights, making the BA completely shared as it should be.

    But in case Selig doesn’t have the balls to do that, if Quan/Oak have a real plan put together, that could get the A’s a great new ballpark, with a real, viable financing plan that won’t send ownership to the poorhouse, then great.

    And some points here – The 49ers new stadium in SC being a go, I could see the Raiders jumping either that (as tenants) or hopping to LA, as pretty much automatic. So Quan/Oak are seeing that the ass kissing of the Raiders is futile, and that a new baseball venue will cost about half that of a new football stadium, then I guess there could be something “there” there.

    Bottom line is, I want the A’s to just get a new ballpark, and stay in the area. SJ has always looked like the best, most realistic option. But if there is a viable other option, fantastic.

    Let’s let them put up or shut up.

  42. And of course all of this is happening the same week that BART announces that the extension to San Jose will open in 2016 now rather than 2018. Not directly connected obviously, but still the timing couldn’t be better. Even east bay fans will be able to take all rail public transit to Cisco Field by year 3 at the latest now.

  43. @robo- disagree- issue for LA is that the AEG wants majority ownership of a team- none have been available- with the passing of AD me thinks that his son may prefer to enjoy the billion dollars that he would get from selling v. Having all of these headaches of running this team-

  44. @jeff-athletic – well said, I couldn’t agree more.

  45. You might be right. Al passing may have been the tipping point. Remember if they don’t dump the team before Al’s widow passes the his son and the other heirs would be saddled with the HUGE inheritance tax bill that would come with the Raiders ownership. A bill they likely don’t have the money to pay. And it would be just like the NFL to make the Raiders wait until after the season to announce they were selling to AEG and moving the team. (Mind you this is all rampant speculation, I still think SC is more likely).

  46. Actually, Al’s wife is still in charge. Apparently, Al owned just 40% of the team. But still, the whole ownership group might just take the $$ and run and let the team go back to LA.

  47. @GoA’s- The Roski Majestic group is still in the running for LA also, so nothing has been determined as of yet. I meant at this point the Raiders could of not made that decision, so it would have to be SC if a decision has been made to leave Oakland as of now, That could change of course later.

  48. Robo, remember in LA the team is going to come before the stadium. It’s a requirement for both Roski and AEG (ie: the want a team committed before they start building). So even though both stadiums in LA are years off the Raiders could still have committed to move as soon as their lease in Oakland expires which I think is in a year. They’d play the interim in either the LA Coliseum or the Rose Bowl while Roski starts construction or AEG gets final approvals and starts construction (remember Roski has said his project is shovel ready and has all the EIR approvals and such).

  49. by 2020 hopefully.

    a’s in sj playing in cisco field

    niners/raiders playing in “insert name” stadium in santa clara

    hornets being bought by ellison, move them to sj and playing at hp.

  50. Maybe Oakland should just acknowledge its days as a host of major pro sports is coming to an end and it needs to come up with a serious development plan for the Coliseum complex. Instead of trying to throw Hail Mary passes to keep one or two of the teams.

  51. Are there any cities in North America that have lost 4 major sports teams in its history? In Oakland’s case, if this slippery slope continues, it would be in no particular order, The California Golden Seals, The A’s, The Raiders, and The Warriors.

  52. There have been if you want to get technical. New York has lost the Giants, Jets, Nets, Giants, and Dodgers. But of course two practically still play in NY and one is coming back next year. And St. Louis has lost two NBA teams, the Browns, and the Cardinals (and possibly the Rams in a few years). However I can’t think of a city that lost 3 in under 5 years like Oakland is poised to do. And unlike those two cities I mentioned above, they won’t be getting replacements.

  53. Let’s not forget the Stompers…

  54. I forgot the Oakland Invaders, but I did say MAJOR sports teams….

  55. We may have jumped the gun on the Raiders. Looks like her pipe dream might be including them as well. So not only would she have to find ways to fund a ballpark, but also the arena, and potentially an NFL venue as well…

  56. @Dan what do you mean about the Raiders, are reports coming in that the she is going to propose an NFL stadium as well on the complex?

  57. She made some comments that didn’t make the original news reports that she’s going to announce plans for new homes for all the teams that currently call the Coliseum home. So that should logically include the Raiders.

  58. I do not see the A’s anywhere near this.

    This has to be about the Warriors and Raiders.

    I am stunned the Raiders have not jumped in with the 49ers already in Santa Clara. SC is light years ahead in financing and putting a shovel in the ground.

    Oakland is 8-10 years away from a new football stadium. They do not have the $$ to pay for the Warriors and Raiders much less the A’s to stay.

    They have to pick their poison……I say go with the Warriors. Arena’s are cheaper and have better mixed use. Let the A’s and Raiders go to the South Bay where private money can build them facilities.

    Put their eggs in the “Warriors basket” since the Bay Area only has 1 NBA team.

  59. I’ll bet it’s another joint A’s-Raiders stadium. That’ll work.

    • @pjk-

      I’ll bet it’s another joint A’s-Raiders stadium. That’ll work.

      Bahahahah! That would be so funny, I would fall out of my chair.

  60. For the Raiders, if “Coliseum city” can become a reality they should move to SC on a 5-10 year lease with options to leave if they can get their own stadium.

    Then if Oakland comes through….They can move back and 49ers nor the NFL will care.

  61. I wonder what will happen to the Coliseum site after the A’s, Raiders and Warriors are all gone. That land will be valuable.

  62. I’d focus on the Warriors as well. Still I wouldn’t hold out hope. While an arena in SF won’t be easy, the rewards would be huge. She claims SF can’t offer them a “Coliseum City” which is true. Rather SF can offer and ACTUAL city around their new arena. Faux city development not required. Same goes for the A’s.

  63. New arena: $400 million. New baseball park: $500 million. New football stadium: $1 billion. Anybody think Oakland has $2 billion laying around for sports teams? Prediction: We’ll hear about “partnerships” with the three teams that would, of course, expect the teams to pay for all of the facilities while Oakland does nothing but provide the Coliseum parking lot. These teams will be asked to “work with the city of Oakland.” Translation: Pick up the tabs.

  64. pjk, the joint Raiders/A’s stadium thing was the first thing that came to my mind as well. She offers them that I may shit my pants laughing. Still, part of me hopes that is what she offers. Then we can put this whole thing to bed and just say goodbye to Oakland now cleanly without a long drawn out “we still have a shot”

  65. On 95.7 this morning, they were talking about how a Frisco move would make the Warriors more attractive to free agents. Hard to deny.

  66. @ Marine Layer – good one, I think that’s what the “Ghost Ride My Volvo” kids said about Fremont. I really wonder what Oakland will ultimately do with that site. It’s inevitable that it’ll sit empty but it’s still a good site for something (near 880/BART/Amtrak/Future Airport Connector/Oakland Airport.)

  67. Anyone know if the presser will be available on line or on TV?

  68. Here we go, mayor just walked in. Follow on Twitter at @KQEDNewsLive

    Quan: we are sending a letter to Commissioner Selig to let him know Oakland wants the A’s and we have two viable sites.

  69. Ideas for alternate uses for Coliseum land:

    – World’s largest swap meet
    – Medical cannabis plantation
    – Giant rehearsal studio complex for punk rock bands
    – Official Family Radio rapture launch pad
    – BART-themed museum and amusement park

  70. @developer: You watch KOFY Creepy Movie too?

  71. Whoa, baby. Oakland’s sending a letter to Bud Selig. That’ll save the day.

  72. My friend is on that show. I should probably watch it?

  73. So far nothing of interest. They have two sites VC and Coliseum (which everyone knew). No word yet on the EIR for VC, no word on funding.

  74. @gojohn10: That’s my “it’s 11:00pm and there is nothing else on TV” go to.

  75. Now I feel like a schmuck. I’ll have to check it out. My buddy is the professor dude. We go to A’s games together sometimes.

  76. Presser over, on to Q and A. Nothing about the EIR, nothing about financing, nothing solid about the plan at either site. They did take the time to attack San Jose and to claim they could build it by 2016 (while ignoring the fact SJ can build it by 2015). So far zippo.

  77. The professor is funny. Stays fairly “normal” most of the time until the end of the segment where there is usually the punchline of the entire joke.

  78. Bringing it full circle, the professor on KOFY Creepy Time Movie thinks the A’s need to move to SJ.

  79. Ok now they talk financing. No general fund money to be used. And of course redevelopment money will be gone after the court rules next month. Which means it’ll be a private ballpark in Oakland too. Which means it’s not happening.

  80. The question about the EIR was asked and I quote Blackwell, “havent moved forward aggressively with it for Victory Ct but think it would be fast after MLB okay.” In other words, they haven’t done jack with it. As we all suspected.

  81. Pujols must be rethinking that deal right about now.

  82. Man, this changes everything. Finally Oakland has a mayor who…wants to screw the A’s while pretending not to. Quan just doesn’t want the empty Coli to become a permanent “Occupy Oakland” site.

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