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Tony La Russa was at The Game’s studios in SF this afternoon with Brandon Tierney and Chris Townsend. Tierney asked about the state of the A’s, and here’s what TLR said:

Well, I think economically it’s not a fair playing field. That’s (the A’s) the glaring example. It’s not the Cardinals at $100 million and the Yankees at $200 million because $100 million is a lot. You can win with that.  So what you hope is that it becomes more economically fair, and I know there’s some noise that it could be built in Oakland – the new ballpark – around Jack London Square. I don’t know if that makes sense, I mean I don’t see the corporate support. So it’s about San Jose and I don’t know what MLB is going to say.

You know, the Giants have been great to ARF (TLR’s Animal Rescue Foundation), I want to make (it) clear about that. I don’t want to get Larry (Baer) and the Giants upset at me, but they got the San Jose territory because Mr. Haas was just really nice. Unless it comes –  something where the A’s can make some money – they can’t compete.

Listen to the interview. It’s fantastic and has more about TLR’s desire for the A’s to be able to compete economically, fairly. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again: the guy is plugged into the economy. Why? Because companies are huge benefactors for ARF. When corporate giving goes down, ARF can suffer just like any good cause. So yeah, he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Speaking of ARF, TLR came on to promote a series of ARF events happening in the new year. There’s a Comedy Night on January 6 hosted by Dana Carvey, a concert called Stars to the Rescue on the 7th, and a 2011 season retrospective on the 8th. All of the events will be held Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center for the Arts.

3 thoughts on “More from TLR

  1. Tony’s right: The corporate support simply isn’t there in Oakland. Especially when the ballpark has to be built with no public funds. And yes, the Giants have proudly rubbed the A’s noses in Haas’s generosity.

  2. TLR is a very logical guy and he sees the best opportunity for the A’s to compete in this market is San Jose.

    If Oakland had to get their ballpark done years ago. The moment Pac Bell broke ground they needed to get something done so the A’s did not fall behind the Giants. Now it is too little too late, they need a stadium in San Jose just to compete with the big market teams in their division.

    By not doing anything Oakland set themselves up for the A’s to leave one day. Oakland I think thought since San Jose is off limits anyways that the A’s would have no choice to eventually build it themselves in Oakland with little or no public money.

    TLR sees San Jose has changed and now is the money center of the market in general. San Jose did all the work with no guarantee of ever getting the team but were brave enough to try anyways.

    TLR sees all of this and knows the history of Haas’ gift to the Giants to help them survive.

    Funny how the A’s are in a big market overall but yet are considered small market because they are in the wrong sub-market….the irony.

  3. If there were no MLB at all today and somebody decided – “Hey, let’s form Major League Baseball. We’ll have 30 teams in different cities.” does anyone think Oakland would make that list of cities? Didn’t think so.

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