Merry Christmas

Update 11:18 AM: I’ll be on Athletics After Dark with Dale Tafoya Tuesday. You can guess what we’ll be talking about.

I’m embedding a couple few of my favorites. Consider this an open thread.


Enjoy the day, everyone.


14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, everyone. Happy Holidays, etc.

  2. @ML, Jeffrey and everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all. Peace

  4. Merry Christmas to all A’s fana out there. Hopefully see you all there on FanFest!


  6. Thanks so much ML for all the work you do, giving people a forum where we can gather to talk about our favorite team. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas with your family and friends. I look forward to sharing brighter times ahead for our green and gold.

  7. Merry Xmas to all my fellow A’s fans! And a big thanks to ML and Jefferey for all your hard work and contributions, we really appreciate it. Be safe!

  8. This is the site for becoming an expert on the whole A’s ballpark situation. Thx, ML

  9. @ML is there a specific time you’d be on?

  10. Thanks, Marine Layer, for this blog. You do great work.

    It’s really really looking like SJ is a go.

    Even so, please do keep it up, even after Selig’s announcement in Feb. There will be lots to cover – after all, the real work begins (buying up remaining parcels and/or eminent domain), clearing vote for selling below market value, demolition, and then actual construction.

    But that’s all exciting stuff. No more Giants nonsense, or MLB taking 3 years to figure it out (although, in hindsight, that 3 years was probably crucial for building concensus).

  11. @MS – I’ll be interviewed at 11. The podcast is usually made available later in the day.

  12. @ML thanks. Good luck!

  13. I wanna guess what you’re talking about – Glee?

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