Reminder: Athletics After Dark interview

I just finished my interview with Athletics After Dark‘s Dale Tafoya. It lasted a little less than a half hour, which is how long AAD’s episodes usually run. The episode is up. Enjoy.

Update 12/27 5:40 PM – A report at has Lew Wolff saying there is no movement on the stadium front yet. Yet.

Update 9:58 PM – Susan Slusser gets Peter Magowan’s take take on the matter. There’s also a poll.

Results of the poll so far:

37 thoughts on “Reminder: Athletics After Dark interview

  1. Quick Question Marine,

    If the Diridon Ballpark becomes a reality for the A’s, will the SJ Airport of air traffic be considered a problem with fly overs during games?

  2. Also, is the Coliseum City proposal just a pipe dream?

  3. I think the airport thing already has been looked at. Planes will certainly fly right near the ballpark (like what always happened at Shea Stadium). RIght over it? I’m not sure…Yes, Coliseum City appears to be nothing more than an 11th-hour, unfunded pipe dream. Draw up some fancy paintings and invite the three pro sports teams to pony up billions of their own money to make it happen.

  4. FAA issues already addressed by 360 Architecture and City of Saint Joe. Flight path just to west of ballpark. Ballpark playing field will be below grade so light standards will not come into FAA restrictions. Fireworks nights will have to be coordinated with Airport.

  5. Planes fly roughly 650 ft above downtown San Jose, flying directly above Santa Clara Street and Hwy 87. So they’ll definitely be visible above right and Center fields, but not directly above Diridon.

  6. 3-4 days since the nightengale tweet and neither bbsj or bbo blogs have mentioned it.

  7. There’s a new Chronicle article written by Susan Slusser titled “Giants May Block A’s Move to San Jose”:

    “I think it’s wishful thinking,” said Peter Magowan, the Giants’ former managing general partner. “I don’t think they’ll get anywhere with it. I’d be surprised if a different result were to come about.”

  8. baer-nuekom-mccrying(still laugh at him after the 02 world series)…all slimeballs who all can take a long walk off a short pier as i wouldn’t even take one word they say regarding the sj issue with any kind of credence.

  9. so even though it looks as sj is done, we’ll still have to wait anywhere from 4-6 weeks most likely before any decision is made public by selig so i’d expect to hear more stories about from both sides of the aisle up until then.

  10. but Magowan, who still owns a small stake in the Giants, said that he “…is entirely up to date on the issue…”

    Really? Pete is fast friends with the boys in the Lodge? He has all the latest freshest scoop?

  11. Ironic that while they deny that SJ is in play they are spending money with their AstroTurf group suing SJ-

  12. They’re even talking to so-called “Better Sense San Jose,” which thinks more empty office buildings would be a better idea. Same bunch that opposed the arena, I believe. Oops. People don’t like to admit when they’ve been proven 100% wrong.

  13. Brilliant, Stacy Slaughter trots out old man Magowan to do their spin so Baer doesn’t have to make MLB mad and because Neukom comes off like a dead fish.

    For Magowan, “I’d be surprised if a different result were to come about,” really means “I’d be upset if Bud screwed us over.” Of course, in the real world, it’s the Giants who have been screwing the A’s all along.

  14. Maybe they’ll just wait until the FanFest is over to announce something. Ward off the Oakland-only protestors with “no decision has been made” if they show up to protest the fanfest.

  15. ..,..looks like we’re just going to have to sweat this out with back-and-forth, “yes it is,” followed by “no it isn’t” reports for the next month or two. We’ve put up with it this long. Does anybody really expect Magowan to say anything else than what he did?

  16. The Giants must be pooping in their drawers right now, about to be cast back into the pit of eventual irrelevancy and 2nd-class status once the A’s move to SJ and become a competitive force again. This is why they’ll do and say anything to stop it, because they operate their business out of pure fear of the A’s surging past them to rule to Bay Area once again. I used to be an Oakland-only partisan with deep sentimental ties to Oakland and the desire for the A’s to stay there, but now that seems essentially unviable and besides, moving to SJ would make the Giants’ executives’ heads explode and after all they have put us through blocking this, I wanna see them suffer as much as possible when the A’s hook up to those Silicon Valley revenue streams. I’m no big fan of Wolff and Fisher but the Athletics are more than just their ownership and someday someone else will own it… and whoever that is I want them not to be looking at San Antonio or Portland because they are still stuck in Oakland with 6,000 a night. I hope Selig stabs Magowan right in the back on this, and soon.

  17. >>>Ironic that while they deny that SJ is in play they are spending money with their AstroTurf group suing SJ-<<<

    Bingo! While much of the media won't call them on it, this is a point worth repeating. Consider the sentiment from the Giants that the A's to SJ is a pipe dream and it has no chance to come about (did they not hear the powerful White Sox owner's words? I would think that in itself makes it less than a pipe dream) . Then contrast that with their clandestine operation to submarine the process within the city of SJ. Truly hilarious and a bit slimy. NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING reps of the Giants say should be given credence. They want to be the only game in the bay area and will do just about anything to get it. That is business and it is understandable on that level. However, they have traded their reputations for a business victory. They don't deserve the esteem the MFG (Media Friends of the Giants) have and will give them as this process unfolds.

  18. Interesting that when an article is against a ballpark coming to fruition in SJ, and the article has some importance (Whether spin or not) it receives barely a mention on this blog. Front page of the Chronicle means just one line here.

    Guess I’ll wait to see what kind of attention front page of the chronicle brings next time if it’s pro San Jose.


  19. Great job on the podcast ML. I think you summed up the situation perfectly – the whole realist-idealist bit was particularly good!

  20. Who’s Peter Magowan? RunRickey, don’t like it, don’t read this blog (FWIW, Magowan has no relevance in this matter anymore, hence no full/dedicated thread to his bull shit).

  21. By the way, I wonder when was the last time Magowan spoke to Reinsdorff…

  22. Last Magowan: just for the fun of it, Slusser should have asked him why he offered to sell Schott/Hoffman the T-Rights to SCCO back in 2000 for $50 million, and why he totally denied the offer in later interviews (Got Integrity?)

  23. If MLB wants the A’s off MLB welfare by 2015 or 16, then the SJ ballpark is the only way to go. Denying that leaves the As where they are now: Stuck in an empty football stadium for years and years until investors from some other city move the team…And once again, why ask for more seats at the San Jose ballpark if it’s not going to be approved? What a waste of time.

  24. Looks like the A’s have the votes for the move, but the amount they have to pay the Giants is still up in the air. Also, Sounds like Magowan is in a state of denial. Much like politicians such as Herman Cain before the facts came out.

  25. I love how the Chron online put Susan Slusser’s article referenced above, “Giants Fight A’s Move to San Jose”, just below an article with the title “Oakland Worse than Iraq?” talking about how Oakland is actually worse than Iraq from the perspective of Iraqi refugees.

  26. @Dan – I read that article a few minutes ago. Wow. At least Fruitvale doesn’t have IED’s.

  27. Guess not being blown up is a plus. Still, I bet that guy who found his car riddled with bullets in the morning would trade the streets or East Oakland for Baghdad any day. There’s a reason the area just east of the Coliseum is called among other things, “Baby Iraq.”

  28. That is so unfortunate. Oakland is a really great city, it is heartbreaking to see what is happening to a small segment.

  29. Once again, the Giants are somehow painted as crusaders for Oakland baseball….

  30. @daveybaby-Blame the Oakland politicians for the A’s leaving.

  31. I have not an ounce of sympathy for the politicos, they screwed this up, and screwed it up good. If Oakland can get a ballpark done, great. I don’t mind driving from my home in SJ, I do it all the time for the Warriors. But there is no political will to get this done, and it looks like South Bay is the last option for the green and gold in the bay.

  32. Peter Magowan laying a guilt trip on Bud Selig through the Chronicle is front page news?

  33. 290 F’n jerks (as of this posting) can go screw themselves.

  34. See answer #2 in the SFGate poll.

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