49ers release club seat license prices

Apparently the bye week is only for the players, because the 49ers front office has been busy. Aside from hammering down lease terms and dealing with newly energized opposition to the stadium project, the team has also taken the time to release pricing (via the Merc’s Mike Rosenberg) for their club “seat builder licenses.”  And boy, the prices are a doozy. Not as bad as what the Cowboys charged their fans, but considering the same Cowboys-owned company that market the Cowboys’ licenses was hired to sell the 49ers’, it stands to reason that the pricing models would be somewhat similar. Lower club seats on the 50 yard line will carry a $80,000 license fee along with a season ticket price of $3,750.

Ticket price based on 10-game season ticket package

In 2009 I took a stab at SBL pricing. I couldn’t have been more off. Prices for prime seat location licenses are more than five times what I guessed. Whether the market will actually bear those prices is up for debate, though the marketing firm must have done some research over the last six months to determine pricing. Mike Rosenberg’s article doesn’t mention financing for the licenses, but I expect that financing will be available. It’s just another way for the 49ers to make money on the stadium. At 9% over 20 years, the $80k license would cost $8,040 per year, or $795 per month.

Timing has to be taken into consideration. Would the 49ers be able to charge these prices if the team had racked up another sub-.500 record? Probably not. Because they have home field advantage and at least a decent shot against either the Saints and Packers, the fanbase is back – which means demand is back.

As is customary with ticket sticker shock, many fans will be priced out of the prime seats. The 49ers haven’t yet announced pricing for regular seats, so I’m curious as to how many of those will carry SBL fees. This pricing model could imply that the premium seat buyers will carry much of the freight for construction, which could drive down the ticket prices for other locations. On the other hand, it could mean that rising costs and debt have to be passed on to the public in the form of SBL prices. We’ll have to wait to see the prices on non-club seats to know for sure. I don’t think licenses will come with 80% of all seats like Cowboys Stadium, but I’ve been wrong on this already once.

8 thoughts on “49ers release club seat license prices

  1. Wow, that’s some serious scratch. Gotta believe a lot of the current STH won’t be able to afford similar seats in the new stadium, which is really to bad.
    The A’s cannot be happy with the fact that the Niners are getting a jump on nailing down sponsors and STH. Chalk another one up to MLB’s delay.

  2. @eb – I read it about a half-hour ago and am writing a post about it.

  3. 49ers fans are richer than Cowboys and NY Giants fans. Therefore these tickets and SBLs will sell all day long even at these prices.

    The 49ers fan base resides in the 2 richest metro areas in the US., SF-Oak-Fremont and San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara.

    These fans have been waiting for years for a new stadium to put their $$ into. I am on the waiting list and should be getting a call soon….No way I am going to buy a 80k or a 20k seat.

    I am looking to invest 10k-15k for seat licenses with a couple of buddies for 2 seats that we will split up. Still need to see the locations of the seats and understand the perks of the different sections.

    As for the A’s, there is plenty to go around with corporate sponsors and rich fans in the South Bay. Plus baseball is far cheaper because there are more games.

    It is about time the 49ers got a new stadium! 5 Super Bowls says it all.

  4. The key is to get the seat on the 9-yard line. Just like A’s games, I always got tickets in the Plaza Outfield section right next to the first Plaza infield section. The guy sitting across the aisle paid more to be three feet closer to home plate. I’m cheap.

  5. There’s a lot to be said for second level end zone seats. I actually like the “Madden” view, and am convinced this is the value sweet spot in many NFL stadia. People overpay to be midfield.

  6. … and also to be in the Club. Generally speaking, there are equivalent or better views to be found elsewhere. In most NFL stadia, the difference in cost amounts to a $100-200 cover charge to get into a giant sports bar you’re not even going to hang out in while the game is going on. (At least, I’m not).

  7. The prices are fairly ludicrous. The NY Giants didn’t have a single PSL over $20K. Their Mezzanine PSLs were priced at $12,500-$7,500, and they still haven’t come close to selling them out. Hundreds of their Club seats wind up in the aftermarket at a discount for most games.

    Most 49ers STH will say thanks but no thanks at those prices–where is the non-club pricing?

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