At FanFest

I’m in, credentialed and good to go. Line wrapped from the arena entrance down through the north VIP parking lot. Gates opened at 10 sharp. I’m heading to the clubhouse tour right now. At 11 I’ll meet folks inside the entrance and to the right, where the Warriors inside ticket booth is.


Update 12:50 – The retired player panel (Rudi, Tenace, Blue, Hatteberg, Justice) fielded a question about a move to San Jose. Many boos rained down. Rudi spoke up, saying that the Coliseum was ruined by the return of football (followed by applause) and a plea that the A’s need a ballpark, whether it’s in Oakland or not. Very diplomatic answer.




24 thoughts on “At FanFest

  1. There are 4th Grade plays with better state production than that. Thanks, A’s.

  2. I’m a slave to my kids’ demands. Not gonna make the meetup. Sorry.

  3. be interesting to see the pro oak and pro sj a’s fans react to one another and to those receiving the qs&as. pretty sure many questions will be asked about that topic from both sides.

  4. There is a picture of Lew Wolff with fans at fanfest over at Facebook. The comments there were ridiculously horrible – “kill Lew Wolff” type of stuff.
    I tried to make some counter posts, bring rationality to the discussion – that they’ve tried for years in Oakland, and nothing has worked out, and SJ is the best option, and that they tried to acquire talent and go for it last year and got 74 wins, etc etc. But the Oakland only idiots just flamed back. Oh well, some people just don’t want to listen to reason.

  5. Oakland-only folks have their story and they’re sticking to it.

  6. A large portion of those anti-Wolff commentators aren’t from Oakland. Although I understand it’s easier to paint all dissatisfied A’s fans as being merely “Oakland-only.”

  7. For the record Jeff, you nailed it, and in true pro-Oakland fashion, no one actually refuted a thing you said, just insults. I’m glad you did that, and one of your posts got four thumbs up, which seemed like the most of that whole strand. You would think that the 48 thousand Facebook fans could get some of those genius posts at least 10 thumbs up.
    The little dogs are doing a lot of the barking, but I’m sure plenty read what you said and agreed.

  8. I saw the posts Jeff and man! Those folks are very emotional and irrational. No posts actually trying to counter your posts.

  9. Can’t blame Lew Wolff for the current situation with the stadium issue. He tried, Oakland’s politicians didn’t. Neither did Oakland’ business community.

  10. Just back from Fanfest. Pretty good crowd. Got a chance to meet up with ML and Jeff. As expected, there were a lot of fans wanting the A’s to StAy in Oakland. Didn’t see any fans who were outwardly pro San Jose. Just as well, Fanfest would not be the place for fans to get into an open discussion of where the A’s should be playing.

    After walking around Fanfest one thing is certain, there are a lot of very passionate “Oakland” A’s fans. If they move to San Jose, the A’s will have to work hard to try and mend fences.

    • Susan Slusser reported a crowd of 7k or more, very impressive. The Oracle Arena concourses were packed. If I were in line for autographs I might be upset as those lines were long and had very limited time for each player.

  11. @jeff-athletic Which Facebook page/group was that?

  12. @FC,
    The fences will never mend for the Oakland-only, and a “vast majority” of 7k isn’t representative of the A’s entire Bay Area fanbase. I’m sure most of us will rejoice when Cisco Field is a sure shot reality. For the record, working today so couldn’t make it.

  13. Sooner San Jose move is confirmed the better it will be for everyone

  14. @MB – The official Oakland Athletics Facebook page.

  15. 7k? is that the average? i think i remember where one fanfest in the last decade drew over 20k. if true why as it so small this year? smaller venue, the whole a’s to sj topic, and the trading off again of well known stars i’d guess played a huge role.

  16. @Tony, true, mending fences will be be diffcult. But as a business you never want to intentionally ignore your past customers. The fight for fans will be on, and the A’s will need to make every attempt at securing their fanbase, both old and new

    Looking down the road, if San Jose is approved, it would really be great if the ballpark could be completed (somewhat) by February 2015. Having Fanfest at the new ballpark would no doubt draw a lot of interest. Certainly more than 7k.

  17. marine layer- lines were way too long…I don’t think they expected that many people…..

    heard the questions you referenced….thought the veterans points were valid, despite boos!

    …took pics of concourse down to clubhouse and how dumpy it was with wires and old pipes for friends that say coliseum is a viable option…..

    all in all fun day!

  18. and fc- I’m an A’s fan, Oakland or San Jose….from my house it is 6 miles difference to the coliseum or diridron station in san jose…..I am the voice of indifference…..

  19. Wolff absolutely needs the older East Bay/Bay Area fans, even if the San Jose move happens. As it stands, the A’s are probably the least relevant team in the Bay Area, maybe tied with the Sharks (although during the playoffs the Sharks get a noticeable bump.) The future success of the franchise is extremely dependent on an interest in the A’s from the whole general region, not just SJ. I can guarantee that the A’s don’t want to end up as only a niche Bay Area team.

  20. @eb…. agree completely….as well as keeping their sacramento and central valley fans happy too!

  21. Did I read my Merc correctly this morning? Opening Day Cisco Field now 2016!? Perhaps the later opening part of a deal with the Giants; plus only two year difference from when Giants pay off AT&T Park mortgage. Since there’s apparently now a little more time, if Diridon acquisitions remain difficult, Wolff should give Barry Swenson a call and inquire about North San Pedro/Brandenburg (just my opinion).

  22. eb: On what basis do you say the Sharks are probably the least relevant team in the Bay Area? Is it all the years and years of sellouts? Is it all the people coming from all over the Bay Area to see them year in or year out? Or is it Bay Area columnists who won’t write about the Sharks because they can’t be bothered to learn about the game?

  23. tittle on his show today show said the payed crowed was 7k but there was 3k that bought tickets so the attendance yesterday was probably over 10k.

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