More broadcast notes: Spanish broadcasts, opening series

Out of Joe Stiglich’s report about Lew Wolff’s dismissal of Bill Madden’s column, there’s a tiny nugget at the very end that’s more relevant than anything else that happened on Saturday: Spanish broadcasts of A’s games are on their way back! “A large majority” of games will be carried among three stations: KIQI 1010 AM (San Francisco), KATD 990 AM (Sacramento), and KWRU 1330 AM (Fresno). KATD rebroadcasts KIQI, and all three are owned by Multicultural Broadcasting.

Update: As mentioned by Stiglich and in the comments, Amaury Pi-Gonzalez and Manolo Hernandez-Douen will call the games.

Susan Slusser has an update on the opening series in Japan: the games will be on tape delay on MLB Network. Nothing has shown up on the MLB national broadcast schedule so far. The two games are now listed on the A’s April schedule as MLB.TV broadcasts, though those could be subject to blackouts. Slusser also mentioned that the A’s were able to scrounge up a repossessed, brand new scoreboard to use at Phoenix Muni this year. Not bad.

8 thoughts on “More broadcast notes: Spanish broadcasts, opening series

  1. Of course it’s a repo, just what the A’s needed, another reason to mock them. And while it has a video board (a first for Phoenix Muni) they can’t make it work for this season.

  2. Who would lead the broadcasts? Amaury is with Angels. Man so excited Fresno actual has a’s radio again!

  3. Sorry like a pendejo I didn’t read carefully was on the bus. Awesome.

  4. 990 comes in a lot better here in Vacaville than 95.7….maybe I’ll brush up on my Spanish.

  5. mlbn i’ve read would likely take over sea’s tv feed to show the game live on air since the a’s aren’t. why isn’t espn broadcasting the game? they did it last time out in the morning hours when the a’s faced bos although that there maybe a reason why since it was bos that played there. still think in the end if the a’s and maybe another pro team here locally moves to 95.7 that not only will their signal need to be boosted but they may need to simucast on another am station like many other sports stations also do across the country.

    nice to see the a’s getting back on spanish, if/when the a’s move down to sj and yes i still think they’ll move down there despite of what was written yesterday, they’re gonna need to cater to the latino base down in the south bay where in sj alone the mexican population is near 30%.

  6. I’d love to hear Pi-Gonzalez’ thoughts on the Cespedes signing. I hope Townsend or Fosse interview him early this season.

  7. I believe this is the best possible spot for the A’s on AM in Spanish. 1010 AM is a good station in that it has a long history of being a Spanish language talk station. It used to be affiliated with Radio Unica. It gets much better ratings than 860 KTRB (now Spanish language sports and the new Spanish radio affiliate for the Giants.) I believe the other major Spanish talk station on AM (KLOK 1170, which at one time had an affiliation with the Giants) turned into a Hindi station a while back. The other option would be KZSF (1370AM), which does have a local evening sports (97% Mexican soccer) talk show and broadcasts Earthquakes games. However, it’s hard to take that station seriously when it plays a lot of garbage like paid programming for real estate and life insurance during the days.

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